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					                      2002 SUMMER NEWSLETTER

                         CFMA – IOWA CHAPTER
         (The Source & Resource for Construction Financial Professionals)

Upcoming Events                             Rebuilding Together
                                            with Christmas in April
August 21 – Wells Fargo Financial
Building Tour – 3:30 PM                     The project this year was a great
                                            success! We had a tremendous
Sept. 18 – Lunch Meeting 11:30 /            turnout. In addition to stripping,
Golf Outing 1:00                            repairing, and reroofing a major
                                            portion of the house, we disposed
Oct. 16 – To be announced.                  of a lot of unnecessary clutter in
October is Membership Awareness             the yard. Thanks to all who
Month                                       participated!

2002-3 Board of Directors                   CFMA’s 2002 Annual
                                            Conference & Exhibition
Vicky Malin – President
Shane Hall – President Elect                Member participation at this years’
Jeff Charlson – Past President              Convention was very impressive.
Christine Bowersox – Membership             Attendees were:
John Kunz – Secretary / Treasurer
Brian Cox – Publicity                              Chris Bowersox Phyllic Campbell
                                                   Karen Hallagin Kathy Ladd
Lori Reed – Program                                Scott Peterson Kari Tjossem
Jay Friermuth – Social                             Christine Bowersox
                                                   Jeff Charlson   Valerie Jackson
Craig Plummer – Comm. Service                      Vicky Malin     Kevin Schleuter
                                                   Brian Worth     Dennis Cameron
Thank you to those members who                     Terry Gilland   John Kunz
                                                   Mick Nordgren Allen Taylor
have served on the Board in the
past. Thanks also to Rod Foster,            Our Chapter won several awards
Betty Schumann, and the rest of             for the year.
the people at McGladrey for their
continued support.                          -President’s Excellence Award
                                              Chapter Recognition Program
-Showcase Category Award              year and including you in some
  Christmas in April                  way.
-Renewal Recognition – Bronze
  Award for 87-90%
  Membership Renewal

Congratulations to Valerie
Jackson. Valerie won a trip to the
Bahamas in the Conference
Registration Drawing (1 of 5

Survey Results

The Board would like to thank all
who took the time to respond to
the CFMA Survey. We had
approximately 40% of our
membership reply, which is a
pretty decent response. In
reviewing the results, it appears
that you’re not unhappy with the
way things are currently being
done. There is always room for
improvement however, and as the
new board takes office we will
review your suggestions and try to
implement as many as possible.
Almost all of those who returned a
survey form said they were at least
moderately interested in serving on
a committee or taking a leadership
role – some were even highly
interested. Please be assured that
your willingness to participate is
appreciated and did not go
unnoticed! We all look forward to
talking with you in the upcoming

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