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  Equipping and supporting managers is the route to
   business success especially in challenging times

Research by Cranfield confirms the positive impact that Investors in People can have on
management and business performance.

The study provides clear evidence of the impact of investment in management
capabilities on business profitability. The analysis, conducted by the Centre for
Business Performance at Cranfield School of Management, found a clear link between
good management and improved business performance, in spite of the challenging
economic context and the wider impact of the recession on business success.

It also showed how using the Investors in People framework has a strong and positive
impact on management performance.

The study, which combined case studies, a survey of over 400 employers and analysis
of financial performance information from Companies House, found that working with
Investors in People increases profitability by enhancing managerial skills, knowledge
and experience, improving the effectiveness of management development practices and
increasing the performance of managers. It also inspires a high-performance
management culture and an effective learning environment, both of which help to
improve business performance.

Mike Bourne, Professor of Business Performance at Cranfield School of Management
conducted the research. He found that Investors in People has a positive impact on
management performance at all levels, from senior executives through to middle
managers, and supports the development of a learning culture within organisations.
Sean Read, Director of EMB Excellence Ltd, (emb-x), the leading enterprise and
economic development company that delivers a range of business improvement
services, including Investors in People to organisations across the Central England area
comments: “This is compelling research. It clearly demonstrates that equipping
managers, so that they can perform to the best of their ability, is critical to business
success. Yet many people are expected to perform in a management role without
structured development or support. Employers should take note: effective management
at all levels improves business performance, so enhancing management capability will
deliver tangible results.”

Professor Bourne adds: “The link is clear. Build management skills and you will drive up
business performance. We had an open mind when we conducted this research but the
empirical evidence is: Investors in People is the foundation of effective management
practice and working with them is a clear route to success. Given the tough economic
environment during which the research was conducted this is especially significant.”

The findings explored the extent to which working with Investors in People affects
managerial performance, and therefore the performance of the organisation as a whole.
When investigating the key factors that determine the performance of managers the
effective implementation of Investors in People appears as a key driver.

To find out more about how the Investors in People framework can improve your own
business productivity, performance and competitiveness, contact emb-x on 0845 872
7727 email or visit

   Grants of up to £1,000 are currently available to help leaders of eligible
    organisations pay for training and development to help their businesses grow.
    Funded by the Skills Funding Agency, the Leadership and Management Advisory
    Service (LMAS) is providing advice and funding to drive skills and business growth.
    For more information, contact LMAS on 0845 894 8969.


Notes to editors

For more information please contact David Polkey
PR & Communications Manager
Telephone: 01332 826 359

The research was conducted by the Cranfield School of Management and includes an
analysis of financial performance information from 3,350 UK companies, downloaded
from the database FAME. The data in FAME is based on published financial returns to
Companies’ House and includes businesses across a number of sectors in England,
Scotland & Wales.

About EMB Excellence Ltd (emb-x)

   emb-x is part of EMB Ltd, the leading enterprise and economic development
    company that delivers a range of business improvement services.

   emb-x is a vibrant, innovative company with a proven track record in delivering
    business improvement, leadership and management services that deliver real
    benefits to organisations and as such, was awarded the license to deliver the
    Investors in People service for Central England.

   emb-x runs a programme of workshops and events that provide general information
    and support relating to the Investor in People framework. These workshops benefit
    organisations in a number of ways including information gathering, sharing best
    practice and networking with other organisations who are working towards the
    Investor in People Standard.

   About Investors in People

   Investors in People offers a practical, flexible and easy to use framework for
    improving business productivity, performance and competitiveness in organisations
    of all types and sizes through good practice in people management.

   An organisation that has achieved Investors in People has been successful in
    adopting and maintaining its three fundamental principles:

   Plan - developing strategies to improve the performance of the organisation, from
    business goals to leadership strategies;

   Do - implementing those strategies, taking action to improve the performance of the

   Review - evaluating and adjusting those strategies, measuring their impact on the
    performance of the organisation.

   The UK Commission for Employment and Skills has strategic ownership of the
    Investors in People framework. Investors in People is part of the UK Commission’s
    ambition to improve skills, employment and productivity across the UK.
   The Investors in People framework is delivered across Central England (West
    Midlands, East Midlands and East of England) by EMB Excellence Ltd (emb-x)

Leadership and Management Advisory Service (LMAS)

   The government has set up a new Leadership and Management Advisory Service
    (LMAS) to help eligible employers identify and fund development opportunities for
    their senior leaders.

   The aim of the service is to foster the leadership and management skills of senior
    staff so they can make full use of their workforce and accelerate the growth of their

To be eligible, your business must be in England and have:

   two to 249 full-time equivalent employees
   the potential for high or fast growth

If eligible, you will receive:

   A free skills diagnostic from a skills adviser. This will identify the leadership and
    management development required by the nominated leader. This is so they can
    optimise the contribution of staff and grow the business. The adviser will then agree
    on a development plan with the leader.

   A government grant of up to £1,000 for use on management and leadership
    development activity, such as any training agreed with the skills adviser. You will
    have to match-fund this grant - eg to receive a grant of £500 your business will have
    to contribute £500 of its own money.

   When the development activity is complete, the skills adviser will discuss the impact
    with you and see if there are opportunities for further skills development that would
    benefit your business.

   The SME Leadership and Management development grant will complement other
    support available to small and medium sized enterprises to support growth through
    the Business Improvement Programme, including the Solutions for Business
    products portfolio.

   Contact The Leadership and Management Advisory Service on 0845 894 8969,
    email or visit

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