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					                                        ALADDIN ®
                         Model ‘B’ Kerosene Mantle Lamp
                         Burner--Exploded View Parts List
R150 Lox-On Mantle               Sold February 1933 to September 1955
fits Models 12, A, B,
C, 14-English, 21,                      Lighting The World, Since 1908
21c, 23 and 23A
Aladdin Kerosene                                     R185 Model ‘B’
Lamp Burners                                         Wick Raiser.

N192 Model ‘B’
Oil Lamp Gallery
fits Models 12, A,
B and 14-English
                                                    R111 Wick Trimmer
                                                     cleans all one inch
N106 Flame Spreader
                                                    Aladdin Oil Burners.
fits Models 12, A, B,
C, 14-English, 21, 21c,                               R151 Model ‘B’
23, 23A and 23E60                                     One Inch Cotton                Genuine Aladdin
                                                      also fits Models                 Brand Lox-On
                                                      A, B, C, 14-                    Chimney is 12 1/2
Model ‘B’                                             English and 21c                  Inches Tall with
Outer Wick Tube                                       Lamp Burners.                   2 5/8 Inch Bottom
(No longer available )                                                                       Fitter.

Model ‘B’
Burner Base
(No longer                                                                     R103 Aladdin Lox-On
available)                                                                       Glass Chimney fits
                                                                               Models 12, A, B, C, 14-
                                 Shown above complete Model ‘B’
                                                                               English, 21, 21c, 23, and
                                 Kerosene Mantle Lamp Burner
                                                                                 23A Lamp Burners
                                 Assembly with Lox-on Chimney
                                                                                with Lox-On Gallery.
                                 and Lox-On Mantle.
                                                                Enlarged view of Model ‘B’
                                                                Wick Raiser Knob.
                                                                NOTE: When ordering parts for your
                                                                Aladdin kerosene mantle lamp, always
                                                                provide your burner model number.

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                                                                         681 International Blvd.
                                                                        Clarksville, TN 37040, USA
                                                                   Tel: 800-457-5267 FAX: 931-647-4517
ALADDIN and LOX-ON are registered
trademarks of Aladdin Industries, LLC                                                     March 2008

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