Health and Safety Review Meeting Agenda by 15kX36D


									                     Kumkum M. Dilwali, Manager of Special Projects,
             Harvard University, Department of Environmental Health and Safety
               Special Projects: Accomplishments between June 1997- present

   Developed and implemented metrics (Hazardous Waste and Radiation Protection Programs)
    to track weekly performance of EH&S programs for continuous improvement. This is part of
    a larger vision I share towards systems integration and the development of strong
    management infrastructure.

   Achieved the desired goals of Radiation Protection Office (RPO) by effective management of
    a regulatory, financial, and management systems Audit Response Plan. Rewrote the RPO
    plan to incorporate revised priorities, new staffing, and integrated operations.

   Redesigned and implemented the functional role of key administrative services. Improved
    design resulted in streamlined services and provided for skill development. Monitored
    progress and provided ongoing management support during delicate transition.

   Mentored exempt, non-exempt, and administrative staff of RPO in project management
    skills. Monitored progress and outcomes in terms of staff professional growth.

   Revived momentum in two key department projects with measurable results:
       1. Health and Safety: Performed a gap analysis, selected/retained vendors to complete
       selected high-priority tasks, managed standardized development of training/guidance
       tools from start to finish.
       2. Emergency Response: Developed functional program matrix, established network
       drive, developed/implemented a benchmarking questionnaire, devised standardized
       portfolio system for emergency responders.

   Restructured future functional role of Environmental Health and Safety Technician to include
    multidisciplinary skills. Worked closely with Operations to design and initiate cross-training
    efforts among exempt, technical, and support staff members.

   Developed a detailed SOP to provide Hazardous Waste Operational Services for University-
    wide application in consideration of modified service delivery model.

   Successfully completed designated “impossible” tasks (with teamwork, of course): e.g.,
    removal of gas tanks in service area, efficient collection of University-wide data via student
    involvement in Pollution Prevention projects, mobilizing dormant leadership skills among

   Served as initial EH&S liaison with Applied Technologies, to bridge service needs, and to
    enhance communication during database / web-enabled product development

   Re-initiated the Records Management initiative. Established administrative structure to jump
    start the process, created a work plan with assigned staff roles and responsibilities.

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