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									      Technical Officer
      Job description, standards of acceptable performance and person specification

      Job description

      Job title                                         Technical Officer
      Hours of work                                     Full time 35 hours per week
      When duties to be undertaken                      9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday
      Location                                          Based at Darrick Wood Office
      Responsible to                                    Repair Service Manager
      Head of Department                                Repair Service Manager
      Staff management responsibilities

1     General purpose of the post
      To deliver high standards of service by maintaining the condition of the Association’s Housing
      Stock. Act as Clerk of Works on major repair/planned reinvestment programmes, cyclical
      redecoration programmes and development projects. To survey properties and prepare
      specifications for cyclical redecoration and repair programmes. To carryout annual visual
      asbestos surveys and maintain the Asbestos Register. Report to Repair Service Manager any
      major or potentially major repair problems.

2     Main duties and responsibilities
2.1   Act in the role of Clerk of Works for the Association on major repair, stock reinvestment and
      planned maintenance programmes.
2.2   Take responsibility for cyclical redecoration programme including specification and supervising
      of programmes.
2.3   Assist Repair Service Manager in specifying and defining extent of works where quotations are
2.4   Assist Repair Service Manager in the annual inspection of schemes and collate and evaluate
      the information.
2.5   Work with the Resident Liaison Officer to ensure that high post contract satisfaction is
      maintained by identifying residents’ issues which need to be resolved.
2.6   Liaise with technical consultants as necessary.
2.7   Survey the Association’s stock visually and record condition of any materials containing
      asbestos content
2.8   Assist the Repair Service Manager in identifying priorities in preparing for annual planned and
      stock reinvestment programmes and asbestos audit.
2.9   Advise and assist Housing Officers dealing with repair issues.
2.10 Cover other members of the team as necessary and undertake any other reasonable duties
      asked of you.
2.11 Inspect 50% of all invoices over £1,000.

                                                                 Job information: Technical Officer - page 2

3     Other aspects of carrying out the job
3.1   The post holder must hold a valid driving licence. It is considered essential to use a car to drive
      to sites.
3.2   You may be required to make decisions about works which may have financial implications, in
      the absence of the Repairs Service Manager.
3.3   Although the job is essentially about building maintenance, the postholder must be able to deal
      with residents and third parties confidently and appropriately, including where there may be
3.4   The Association has high standards of integrity and accountability. The postholder must
      uphold these standards and ensure that his/her conduct with tenants and contractors cannot be
      perceived as being anything but fair and without conflict of interest.
3.5   It will be necessary to attend some evening meetings.

      Last updated May 2012
                                                                  Job information: Technical Officer - page 3

3.6   Person Specification

      Criteria                                        Minimum        Essential     Desirable     Assess
                                                      shortlist                                     by:
      Previous experience in a clerk of works role                                      Y
      Able to diagnose the cause of building             Y                Y                        A/I/T
      defects and identify effective solutions
      Able to communicate effectively and                Y                                          A/I
      professionally with residents, contractors
      and consultants.
      Good organisational skills                                          Y                          I
      Ability to work on your own initiative and as                       Y                          I
      part of a team.
      Clear commitment to excellent customer             Y                Y                         A/I
      Able to deal with all people fairly and show                        Y                          I
      a commitment to Equal Opportunities.
      Able to write specifications, reports and          Y                Y                        A/I/T
      An understanding of the issues of a                                               Y           A/I
      landlord ordering work to take place in
      people’s homes.
      Working in a Repairs Department of a                                              Y           A/I
      Housing Association or similar organisation.
      Practical (other than DIY) or supervisory          Y                Y                         A/I
      experience of a range of trades.
      Sound building knowledge. If the candidate          Y               Y                         A/I
      does not have a qualification, there must be
      evidence of understanding and experience
      of building construction and responsive
      Sound knowledge of Health and Safety               Y                Y                         A/I
      issues concerning the effects of disrepair,
      Maintenance work, materials used and
      working practices.
      A full Valid UK Driving Licence.                                    Y                        A/E
                                                           Job information: Technical Officer - page 4

Chartered Institute of Builders or equivalent                                    Y           A/I

Physical requirements
Must be physically fit and able to climb            Y              Y                         A/I
scaffolding, ladders and steps; able to visit
and inspect roofs at varying heights.
Must be able to lift heavy materials up to 20       Y              Y                         A/I
Special requirements of the job
Be able and willing to attend evening                              Y                          I
meetings as required (frequency usually no
more than once a month)

Key to codes used in “Assess by”: A – application form, E – evidence, I – interview, T – by test
as part of the interview and selection process.

Other important matters
This job:                                       is open to Keniston’s residents
                                                Requires a satisfactory disclosure from the
                                                Criminal Records Bureau

The applicant:                                  may require a medical
                                                will need to provide at least one referee who is
                                                a current or recent employer
                                                will need to provide evidence of having
                                                permission to work in the United Kingdom.
Notice period                                   4 weeks
Leave arrangements/pairing                      Leave must be taken by arrangement with the
                                                Repairs Service Manager.
Probationary period                             6 months

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