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									                      Locations & Phones

3903 Wyoming St. Kansas City, MO, 64111        Ph: 816-531-5982
1021 Massachusetts St. Lawrence, KS, 66046     Ph: 785-832-1100

Aladdin Café
       Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine
            And Hookah Lounge

                                             Catering Available
                                               To Go Orders
      The use of fresh vegetables and herbs is what tastes so unique. Served with fresh pita.

Aladdin’s Hummus                                     Falafel   (Homemade)
A blend of chickpeas, sesame seed, tahini,           Five patties of fava beans, chick peas,
lemon and garlic garnished with sumac,               cilantro, garlic and onion blended and served
parsley and hot sauce.                               with a parsley tahini sauce.            $4.99
Feta Cheese And Olives                               Halum Cheese
Selected feta cheese and black calamite
olives sprinkled with thyme                          Delicious Arabian cheese grilled and topped
                                                     with thyme and sesame seeds and lightly
                                                     drizzled with olive oil.
 Baba Ghanouj                                                                                $4.99
Roasted Smoked Eggplant blended with
sesame seed tahini, lemon juice garlic.
                                                     Agrabah Appetizer Combo
                                        $4.99        A combination of hummus, baba ghanouj,
                                                     genia dip, falafal, dolmas, feta cheese and
Raja Dip                                             calamata olives                          $7.99
Mixture of feta cheese, Parmesan, cream
cheese, walnuts and olive oil served with pita
                                       $5.99         Cauliflower Zahra
 Krass Baked Pastry.                                 Roasted cauliflower seasoned with garlic ,
                                                     chopped tomato and cilantro
 Baked spinach, feta cheese and onion rolled         served with tahini sauce               $5.99
 in phyllo pastry                     $4.99
                                                     Zaater    (Manakeesh)
Grilled Shrimp and Feta.
                                                     Grilled pita bread brushed with olive oil and
Select feta cheese, seasoned Rosemary                covered in thyme, sumac and sesame seeds.
shrimp andFalafel and Hummus (Vegan)
Chickpea spread and                                                                             $3.99
 grilled vegetables.                                 Stuffed Grape Leaves
Gyros Hummus                                         Rolled vine leaves stuffed with rice, tomatoes
 Our delicious gyro meat served on a bed of          and herbs, simmered in tomato and lemon
 hummus. A neighborhood favorite.                    juice.                                  $4.99

 Genie Dip
 Roasted red pepper mixed with chick Pease,
 garlic and tahini sauce.
                              Salad & Soup
                 All soups and salads are served with a basket of fresh pita bread.

                                                     Aladdin Greek Salad
Aladdin Lentil Soup
                                                     Romaine lettuce mixed with carrots,
Red lentils, carrots and corn seasoned               tomatoes, cucumbers, red cabbage, feta
with saffron curry, cumin and lemon.                 cheese and olive’s, and topped with our own
rry, cumin and lemon $2.99     Bowl $3.99            delicious house dressing. Additional falafel or
                                                     gyro chicken, beef, or lamb meat available.
Tabouli Salad
Finely chopped parsley and tomatoes                                          Regular:           $2.99
mixed with cracked wheat, olive oil, lemon                                      Large:          $6.99
juice and herbs                                                              Falafels:          $8.99
                                       $4.99                   Grilled Chicken Breast:          $9.99
                                                                           Gyro meat:           $9.99
                                                                              Shrimp:          $11.99
Fattoush Salad
Chopped lettuce, tomatoes, olives,
cucumber, mint and feta cheese topped
with pita chips

                         Vegetarian Entrees
       All entrees are served with fresh pita and your choice of Greek salad or lentil soup.
Cauliflower Zahra
Roasted cauliflower seasoned with garlic              Koshary
and cilantro served with herb spiced rice             A dish of Egyptian rice, lentils, cumin and
and tahini sauce                                      Mediterranean herbs topped with sautéed
                                                      onion and cucumber yogurt
                                       $8.99                                                   $8.99
Jasmines Vegetarian Combo
Hummus, falafel patties, baba ghanouj,                Krass pastry plate
stuffed grape leaves, genie dip, krass                Spinach, onion and feta cheese in a flaky phllo
pastry, feta cheese and calamata olives               pastry served with herb spiced rice and grilled
                                       $9.99                                                  $9.99
Falafel & Hummus Combo
Five Falafel patties served with hummus
                 Vegetarian Sandwiches
    All sandwiches are wrapped in warm pita and garnished with lettuce, tomato and onion.
           Served with herb- spiced rice and your choice of Greek salad or lentil soup.

Eggplant Parmesan (Vegan)                         Veggie Sandwich
Roasted eggplant topped with Parmesan             Grilled vegetables topped with feta cheese and
cheese and our special potato garlic sauce        cucumber yogurt sauce
sacesauce                                                                                  $6.99
Falafel and baba ghanouj                $6.99
                                                  Falafel Sandwiche (Vegan)
                                                   Mixed fava bean pattes wrapped in warm pita,
Roasted eggplant spread and falafal served         seved with our tahini sauce.
with tahini sauce                                                                       $6.99
Falafel and Hummus (Vegan)                         Cauliflower and Falafel (Vegan)
Chickpea spread and falafel served with tahini     Roasted cauliflower and falafel in a warm pita
sauce.                                             with tahini cilantro sauce.

                          Meat Sandwiches
    All sandwiches are wrapped in warm pita and garnished with lettuce, tomato and onion.
           Served with herb- spiced rice and your choice of Greek salad or lentil soup.

Aladdin’s Gyro                                     Shawarmah Taouk
Grilled lamb and beef or chicken topped with       Grilled chicken mixed with curry and herbs,
a cucumber sauce                                   topped with potato garlic sause         $6.99
Dill Chicken                                       Chicken Breast
Tender grilled chicken marinated in                Ginger garlic marinated chicken grilled and
Mediterranean spices, topped with herb dill        topped with a cucumber yogurt            $6.99
sauce                                              sauce
                                                   Turkish Shawarmah
Hummus & Gyro
                                                   Grilled beef or chicken mixed with curry and
Grilled lamb and beef or chicken slices            herbs, topped with tahini sause
topped with our homemade chickpea spread                                                    $6.99

                                 Shish Kabobs
 All shish kabobs are served with fresh pita bread, herbed-spiced rice, sautéed vegetables and your
                                choice of Greek salad or lentil soup.

  Lamb Kabob                                             Beef Kabob
  Tender grilled lamb marinated and served               Lean grilled tenderloin steak served with
  with cucumber yogurt sauce                             cucumber yogurt sauce
                                      $11.99                                                   $10.99
  Chicken Kabob                                          Kifta Kabob
  Tender cubes of marinated chicken grilled to           Ground beef mixed with onion, parsley and
  perfection with cucumber sauce                         Mediterranean spices
                                         $9.99                                                $9.99
  Shrimp Kabob                                           Meat Kabob Combo
  Marinated jumbo shrimp seasoned with rose              A platter featuring a sample of lamb, kifta, beef
  mary, gumin garlic and oregano.                        and chicken kabobs as well as our tasty gyro
                                     $11.99              meat, cucumber and garlic potato sauce
  Salmon Kabob                                                                                 $16.99
  Salmon fillet grilled and seasoned with
                                                         Seafood Kabob
  rosemary, cumin and oregano            $12.99          A combination of shrimp and salmon seasoned
                                                         with rosemary and garlic

                                  Meat Entrees

All entrees are served with fresh pita, herbed-spiced rice, and your choice of Greek salad or lentil soup.

  Aladdin’s Gyro Platter                                Petra Platter
  Grilled slices of gyro meat o a bed of herb           Tender curry marinated chicken on a bed of
  spiced rice with tomatoes, onions, and                hummus, served with onion and tomato.
  cucumber sauce.                         $9.99                                               $9.99
                                                        Aladdin’s Feast
 Sumac Chicken                                          Hummus, falafel and dolmas to start. Lamb,
 Tangy, marinated chicken with olive oil and            beef and chicken kabob with gyros. Your choice
 onions, served with warm pita.                         of baklava or halva dessert.
                                          $9.99                                               $16.99
 Shish Taouk                                            Lamb Chops
  Marinated chicken strips slowly cooked over           Seasoned and grilled to perfection, served with
  charcoal served with our potato garlic sauce.         our special sauce.
  Morocan cous cous                       $9.99         Shawarmah Plater
  Fluffy wheat grains seasoned with saffron and         Your choice of tender, curry marinated chicken
  topped with your choice of…                           or beef served on warm pita and topped wit
                                                        onions, parsley and tomato sauce.      $9.99
                Grilled Vegetable’s:        $7.99
                           Chicken:         $9.99       Curry Chicken
                               Beef:       $10.99
                            Shrimp:        $12.99       Baked chicken breast with potato and carrots in
                                                        our creamy curry sauce.               $9.99
                             Kids Menu
Pita Pizza                                   Cheese pita and fries
Grilled pita bread topped with tomato        Grilled pita filled with Swiss cheese served
sauce and mozzarella chesse                  in a basket with fries
                                   $4.99                                         $4.99

Gyros Basket                                 Chicken Strips
Strips of either chicken or lamb and beef    Grilled chicken strips served in a basket
gyro served in a basket with                 with fries
                                    $4.99                                        $4.99

Rice Blaban                                  Baklava
Rice pudding flavored with rose water with   Layers of phyllo dough, honey and
cinnamon sprinkle                            crushed walnuts
                                   $3.50                                      $2.50
Halva                                        Kunafa
Crushed Sesame seeds in piain, pistachio     Sweet Arabian cheese topped with
or chocolate                                 shredded phyllo dough, crushed pistachios
                                  $3.50      and a sweet sauce.
Cheesecake                                   Tiramisu
Ask your server for the special              Hints of cardamom and chocolate. A twist
cheesecake of the day                        off a classic

Soda:                                        Tea:
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprit, Mr. Pibb,            Black, Green, Sage, Mint
Red-Cream soda, Iced tea,
Raspberry iced tea                $1.99                                         $1.99

Rose Lemonade                                Turkish Coffee
Lemon, rosewater and saffron                 Coffee with hints of cardamom
                                   $2.99                                        $2.99

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