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									             South Coast
             Air Quality Management District
             21865 E. Copley Drive, Diamond Bar, CA 91765-4182
             (909) 396-2000 • http://www.aqmd.gov

                             Terms and Conditions for
             Financial Incentive Grant Program to Assist Dry Cleaners
                  to Purchase Non-Perc Alternative Technologies

    A.       Within 45 days of the approval of the grant application, the grant recipient must
             demonstrate, in writing, the capacity to finance the remaining portion of equipment
    B.       Within 90 days of the approval of the grant application, the grant recipient must
             complete installation of the new cleaning systems.
    C.       Equipment for which the grant has been awarded can not be resold for use outside the
             AQMD area within three (3) years of the reception of the grant.
    D.       Before distribution of any grant fund, grant recipient must pay all delinquent fees and
             penalties, if any, owed to the AQMD.
    E.       Grant recipient agrees to provide information on the technical performance of the
             equipment to AQMD staff upon request.
    F.       In the event that the grant recipient fails to comply with any term or condition,
             AQMD reserves the right to terminate the grant. In such case, grant recipient agrees
             to repay, upon AQMD’s request, any grant funds distributed by AQMD to grant

I                                           , being the owner of

located at                                                      , hereby agree to the above-stated

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