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                          Annual Fall Meeting Thursday, October 18, 2012
                       The Union League Club 38 E. 37th Street, New York City

                   The Challenge: Does the Nation Face Hyperinflation,
                     Crushing Deflation – Or Possibly Restoration?

The Committee respectfully announces this program for the benefit of Committee members
and for the benefit of the United States at this election time. While many issues are critical we
suggest that the Outlook for the nation’s financial well-being should not be underestimated.

Speakers include: James Rickards, author of the powerful book, Currency Wars; the
Making of the Next Global Crisis. Rickards is just returning from Asia and lectures there,
following his great success in London addressing the GATA conference.

Two distinguished economists Alex J. Pollock of AEI and Walker Todd of CMRE and
AIER consider banking reform essentially as life before the Federal Reserve. Both served as
bankers for years. Indicative of Pollock’s work is his recent introduction to the book, “The
Global Crisis of the Federal Reserve” by Brendan Brown.

CMRE’s own economist and banker, Walker Todd also understands the need for banking
reform. We have long recommended his important monograph: From Constitutional Republic
to Corporate State: The Federal Reserve Board 1931-1934. Of special interest currently was
Dr. Todd’s role in the U. S. Treasury negotiating teams that obtained the release of 52 hostages
from Iran and established a plan for claims against Iran. Both Pollock and Todd consider life
before the Federal Reserve an important element for reform.

Dan Oliver and Howard Segermark follow with their coverage of Richard Duncan’s book,
The New Depression: The Breakdown of the Paper Money Economy. (Richard Russell called
the book a “must read.”) Duncan considers the work of Greenspan and Bernanke the greatest
credit boom in recorded history and as Ludwig von Mises wrote… a credit expansion boom
must unavoidably lead to a depression.

Richard Rahn of the Cato Institute and chairman of the Institute for Global Economic
Growth joins in with his recent editorial, “Stop Global Economic Malpractice; growth in
spending requires cutbacks”

Victor Sperandeo (The Ultimate Wall Street Pro, remember?) joins the international talk
with views from his own extensive international investment world. Edwin Vieira years ago
shared ideas with Sperando to write The Crash Maker.
Now! Having covered Inflation and Deflation…as of August 2012, there is an effort for
Restoration! With the possibility of a new Gold Commission in the Republican platform, the
nation may restore its money. Howard Segermark served on the first Gold Commission. This
is an opportunity really to understand the Gold Standard.*

Finally, an additional special feature…Dan Oliver has arranged for the American Numismatic
Society to present a display of ancient coins – coins that once served a nation and then faded in
disuse. Will the Dollar take its place among such “coins”?

Join the dinner as we analyze serious problems, and quite possibly come out with solutions. A
               critical program from the Best of CMRE – for the Best of the US.


*Addendum. Howard Segermark is already at work, responding to an article in the Financial
Times, Howard corrects the authors who seemed to think a gold standard would require a
return to a fixed money supply. “Wrong” The key to a gold standard is that the value of the
unit of currency is pegged to value gold not the quantity gold in Fort Knox. Under a gold
standard the quantity of money is a function of demand for money. Supporters of a gold
standard care not how many dollars are out there, but whether or not the dollars are of a stable
value (as measured by gold) HS

 Note: Registration and Gathering start at 5:00 pm. Meeting will close approximately 10:00 PM

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