Participation Survey for Current KHSAA Offerings by 0T0N83


									                                                                                                                              KHSAA Form GE26
                                                                                                                                     Rev. 05/11
                                           Financial Aid Report – KHSAA Member Schools
                                          Return on or before October 15 of each school year

This survey is a required submission by all KHSAA member schools and must be completed on an annual basis.
Please utilize the following instructions when completing this form.
     1. All questions should be answered in their entirety.
     2. Please indicate with “N/A” if a particular question is not applicable to your school.
     3. Provide attachments if necessary.
     4. You may choose to complete this form, or you can download the form at and type in the answers
          should you desire.
     5. The final results of each school response must be be mailed or faxed to the KHSAA. The fax number is 859-293-5999.
     6. No specific information about any specific student is to be provided.
     7. Do not compute percentages or use percentages as an answer for any numerical response. Use only fixed numbers.
     8. Contact the Commissioner’s office should you have questions about the form completion.
     9. Ensure that the form is signed by both the Principal and Athletic Director.

                          FOR THE ENTIRE GENERAL STUDENT BODY
  A-1       Name of School
            Specific Public School Boundary of the Physical Plant of this School. (be
            specific as to which public school NOT the public school District or Board of
            Education. i.e., Lexington Sayre is physically located in the Lafayette (Fayette
            County) district)
  A-3       Does this school charge tuition to any student?
            If A-3 is YES, what is the full tuition amount due from any student who met no
            tuition exception, received no financial aid, or had no part of the fee waived?
            If A-3 is YES, does this school waive all or part of this tuition for any reason or
            offer other types of financial aid?
  A-6       If A-5 is YES, does this school offer need based financial aid?

  A-7       If A-5 is YES, does this school offer merit based financial aid?
            If A-5 is YES, does this school offer any other type of financial aid or relief from
            the tuition and fees required in A-4?
                                                                                                         BOYS                  GIRLS
            How many students do not live in the public school boundary as described in A-
 A-10       How many students do not live in the county where this school is located?
            How many students do not live with the custodial family in the Commonwealth of
            How many athletes transferred into your school after having represented
            another school at the varsity level?

School                                                             Date

Principal                                                          Athletic Director

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