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					                              St. James Missionary Baptist Church
                                       Director of Staff and Operations

Final, Approved Position Description – Purpose:

The Director of Staff and Operations for St. James Missionary Baptist Church is responsible for
helping maintain an efficiently run office and assisting the Church Administrator in the day-to-day
operations of the Church. This position includes wide latitude for independent decision-making to
obtain desired outcomes. Consequently, the individual in this role will possess maturity and will
maintain a cheerful, organized, friendly atmosphere—while disciplined and dignified – for all who
enter the office area; meeting the needs of congregational members, visitors, guests and
volunteers; and maintaining office supplies and equipment, paying of bills, and providing various
management reports for the Pastor and other relevant church leaders.

Position Type: Part-Time (up to 32 hours per week)

Work Schedule: Mondays-Thursdays, 9:00AM – 6:00PM, which includes one (1) hour of lunch
               per work day, on your own time.

Position Reports To: Church Administrator

Position Pays: $20,000- $24,000, depending upon qualifications.

Education:      Two- or Four-Year College degree strongly desired, with degree concentration in
                business, economics, finance, accounting, management or related field; three (3)
                years of relevant work experience may be substituted for one (1) year of college as
                an equivalent. For example, six years of relevant work experience may be
                substituted for a two-year college degree to meet the education equivalent.

Experience: Minimum of five (5) years of payroll, W-2s, 1099s, facilities coordination, bank
            reconciliations, and general office experience.

Applicants:     While anyone may apply for this position if he or she believes himself or herself to
                be qualified, strong preference will be given for members of St. James Missionary
                Baptist Church, Austin, Texas.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

    Communication skills (written/verbal/presentation)

    Organizational skills, including organization charts, span-of-control and appropriate staff
      evaluation/continuous improvement techniques

    Professional etiquette and demeanor, via telephone and interpersonal interactions

    Advanced knowledge of QuickBooks accounting software (recent version); some knowledge of
      database software such as Microsoft Access; and some knowledge of church management

    Comfortable knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and possibly Publisher

         St. James Position Description: Director of Staff and Operations, June 2012                   1
    Thorough familiarity with standard office equipment, copy and fax machines; and standard office
       practices and procedures
    Ability to work effectively, though firmly, with congregation members, peers, other church leadership,
      volunteers and the general public, keeping the best interests of the church organization as the
      primary goal in all business matters.
    Possess a maturity level which permits this professional to lead the office in those cases when the
      Church Administrator or Pastor is absent or unavailable; or when a clear decision cannot be
      rendered due to a desire not to upset well-meaning but outdated cultural practices, which may no
      longer be consistent with best office practices.


    Administers payroll. Prepares biweekly payroll checks and related tax payments and records.
    Prepares checks that have been approved for reimbursement, and for regular, monthly church
       expenses and obligations.
    Prepares/reviews/distributes W-2s and 1099s at year-end, and complies with all applicable IRS
    Manages the daily usage of all church facilities on the campus and related properties. Directs the
       overall maintenance program/schedule of the church and guides and manages the maintenance
       staff to fulfill the maintenance schedule. Oversees daily facility security and management of
       keys/codes by other personnel.
    Prepares a variety of financial reports as needed, but especially on a regular weekly, monthly,
       quarterly and annual basis for use by Management in monitoring the church’s financial
       position/status. Prepares any reports/forms for banks, audits, or similar outside stakeholders.
    Coordinates special projects and assists with special events and planning, as required.
    Assists Church Administrator in implementing, revising and adhering to church policies and
    Assists with the financial reconciliation of cash and credit card receipts of the Church’s bookstore,
    Performs other duties as assigned.

 Other Information: The following items are required to be considered for the position:

  1) Cover Letter

  2) Resume

  3) Professional References (minimum of 3); and, if selected:

  4) Favorable Criminal Background Check (for example, please be advised that a felony of a
     financial nature would constitute a disqualification for further consideration for this position);

  5) Favorable Drug Screening Outcome.

To Apply: Send required information via email to Position is open
until filled, but applications will be reviewed as timely as they are received. Time is considered to be
of the essence. The initial date of this posting is June 1, 2012. For questions, please contact Rev.
Jeffrey Richard at 512.431.0576. Thank you very much for your interest in working at St. James
Missionary Baptist Church!

         St. James Position Description: Director of Staff and Operations, June 2012                    2

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