save on monthly bills report budget sheet by 0T0N83


									Save On Monthly Bills Report
Phone number:
Fixed Telephony

I currently have a fixed-line    Yes  No
My current provider is
My total monthly bill is approximately £
My monthly subscription (excluding calls) is£
Mobile Services

I currently have a mobile service     Yes  No
If yes, I currently have a    prepaid subscription  postpaid subscription
My current provider is
My postpaid contract expires in _month(s) _year(s)
My postpaid contract expires on _______________________________ (put exact date/month/year)
My total monthly bill is approximately £
I last upgraded my mobile phone(s) approximately:
Years ago Months ago
Broadband, TV and Phone

I currently have a package including:    Broadband  TV  Phone
My current provider is
My total monthly bill is approximately £
International Calls

I regularly make long distance/international calls   Yes No
I use one of the following for making long distance/international calls

 VoIP/Digital Phone Service  Video phone  Skype  Phone card
 Long distance calling plan  Other – please specify _________________
Monthly Cost – approximate monthly spend on long distance calls ___
Thank you for completing this budget sheet. You have taken the first step towards taking control of your finances
and making savings.

Please send the completed sheet back to me ( )and I will review it for free and let
you know if there are any immediate savings I can suggest to you and your household.

                                                                                        Regards, Pamela Odimegwu

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