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									                                  WEST TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY, OFFICE OF STUDY ABROAD
                                       DECLARATION AND CERTIFICATION OF FINANCES
                               for Undergraduate International RECIPROCAL EXCHANGE Students,
                                         Coordinated through the Office of Study Abroad

Name (as in passport): _________________________________________________________________________________ Birthdate: ___________________
                             Last (Surname/Family) ,         First (Given)               (Middle)                        MM/DD/YYYY

Term of acceptance to West Texas A&M (check one):                             Fall                 Spring                Summer                ______________
Wet Texas A&M Student Identification Number: ______________________________________

General Information: In order for you to pursue a degree at West Texas A&M University, students, who will hold F-1 or J-1 visas and who require West
Texas A&M to issue them a “Certificate of Eligibility” (Form I-20 or DS-2019), must show evidence of sufficient funds to support themselves and any dependents
(e.g., spouses/children) who will be coming to the United States with them for the entire time of their study at West Texas A&M University. West Texas A&M has
calculated the following official yearly estimates* of expenses.                                         *These are only estimates and are subject to change
without notice.

A “Declaration and Certification of Finances” (this form), dated no earlier than one year prior to the semester the student will arrive to enroll at the university, is
required by West Texas A&M at the time of application for admission. Original documents showing evidence of the information stated on the form must be
mailed to West Texas A&M with this completed form. Evidence of the year’s funding may not include anticipated income, either from part-time or full-time

Because the evidence of financial resources required by West Texas A&M is also frequently required by consular officials when a visa stamp is granted
and by immigration officials at the port of entry to the US, students should either have two sets of originals or make copies of all financial documents
submitted with this form and keep one set of financial documents for their personal use. West Texas A&M must have a set of originals.

           Estimated Expenses for Undergraduate Reciprocal Exchange Students, Non-Degree Seeking, 2007-2008
All estimates are in US dollar amounts and are subject to change. Academic scholarships or financial aid from this University are not available to
undergraduate international students. All international students must provide evidence of the following financial support if they will hold an F-1 or J-1 student visa
at Texas A&M.

Estimates listed are PER SEMESTER. For a full academic year (2 semesters), please double.

                                           FALL or SPRING Semester                    Summer Session
          Room and Board                            $ 2855                            $ 1790
          Books and Supplies                           400                               175
          TAMU Tuition & Fees                            0                                  0
          Living expenses                              600                                375
          Medical Insurance                            379                                256
                                              ___________                             _____________
                     TOTAL                           $4,234                           $ 2,702

Attach the original “Confirmation of Financial Resources” form OR bank letter on bank letterhead (not an account statement) with an official seal or
stamp and signature of the appropriate bank official to verify your resources. If at all possible, please have the document show the amount in USD.
If any funding comes from a friend or relative, also include a personal letter from that person stating that s/he will be providing funding to support
your studies with confirmation as above from that person’s bank. If your support comes from a permanent resident or citizen of the US, s/he needs
to complete an I-134 form (available on-line) and send it to us with all the necessary attachments as specified in the I-134 instructions. Please note
that no one holding a Non-immigrant Visa (i.e., F, J, H, etc.) may be a source of support (except yourself). Copies and faxes of financial
documentation will not be accepted.

1.               From yourself                                                                                                             =      $
2.               From a relative: Please state relationship to you: ________________________________________                               =      $
          Printed name of relative: _______________________________________________________________
                                                                Last (Surname/Family)                       First

          Signature of Relative: __________________________________________________________________

3.               From a friend/sponsor: ____________________________________________________________                                       =      $
          Printed name of friend/sponsor: __________________________________________________________
                                                                Last (Surname/Family)                       First

          Signature of Friend/Sponsor: ____________________________________________________________

                     Total financial resources from 1, 2 & 3 (above) = This number must match or exceed the amount                                $
                     of estimated expenses listed above.

I certify that the above information is true.       ___________________________________________________________                                 _________________
                                                                     Signature of Prospective Student                                                 MM/DD/YYYY

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