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									GIS: Anytime, Anywhere,
on Any Device!

Alex Werner, Allen County DPS
        Dep. Director iMap System Administrator

Matthew Gerber, ENS Group

Matt Moran, ENS Group
         Technical Services Manager
Allen County’s GIS Challenge:
   •   Data available at off hours to
       emergencies – Anytime!
   •   Staff at facilities other than the City
       County Building or in mobile units –
   •   Ability to use older PC’s – Any Device!
ENS’s Recommended Solution:
   •   Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server
Today’s Goal

• To demonstrate a proven and cost-effective solution
  for providing enterprise applications (i.e. GIS) and
  information to a diverse workforce – using any
  device from any location including a mobile

• Single point of access from any location with
  any device
• Easy, predictable real-time access over any
  connection – wired, wireless and Web
• Delivering full functionality applications over low-
  speed networks – dial-up and wireless
• Extend length of service of older PC’s and desktop
  operating systems – most GIS systems will not
  support Win9x
• Security and centralized management
• Web and wireless enablement                              
 Citrix MetaFrame
 Presentation Server

• Quick History of Server-Based Computing
    – Traditional Mainframe Computing with ‘green screens’
    – Traditional Client Server Computing with PC’s
    – Transition back to Mainframe Style computing with Graphical
      User Interface of a PC

• The Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server delivers a
  single, secure point of access to full-featured
  applications and information that follows you where
  you work – home, office, field locations, or
  maintenance barns.                                   
  Citrix MetaFrame
  Presentation Server…

                      …Achieves CIO Objectives
User Environment                                                          IT Resources
Consistent, secure                                                     100% Consolidated IT

access to data from

anywhere                      Deliver                                     Rapid deployment
                                                                               and removal
Rapid department and
employee integration                                                   Lower-cost ownership

Utilization of existing PCs             Manage                         Single point to secure
for newer GIS systems

                 Connect USERS with INFORMATION                                                           
Similar to Satellite TV
Service Providers


                                    PAY-PER VIEW

      Any TV                       Any Show
    Any Network                   Any Program
                                   How it Works?
Citrix Access
Allows IT services to be offered as a computing utility…

                       MetaFrame              Doc Mgmt
                      Presentation            Proval
                         Server               MS-Office
                                              Finance Apps

     Any Device
                          Easy             Any Application
    Any Network
Citrix MetaFrame Presentation

• Extends the reach of Windows®, UNIX® and Java™
  applications, even over low-speed wired and wireless
• Universal client access ensures access on any device –
  laptops, tablet PC’s, handhelds, or any other.
• Personalized role-based access delivers what users
  need and nothing more
• Standards-based SSL encryption provides secure
  transmission of applications and information over the
• Shadowing for mobile support/help desk                               
Citrix MetaFrame
Presentation Server

• Industry-specific benefits for:
      – Government: allows wireless field workers easy
        access to GIS, building permit information and other
        field-based applications
      – Manufacturing: streamlines shop floor production and
        enables real-time inventory tracking
      – Financial services: allows traders to respond immediately
        to market demands without leaving the trading floor
      – Education: allows students to connect from anywhere,
        nullifying the need for hard-wired classrooms
      – Healthcare: allows doctors and nurses to securely input
        patient information on the spot for accuracy and improved
        patient care                                      
TCO Benefits

• Business and Technical Benefits
      –        Lower hardware investment
      –        Refresh hardware less often (for thin clients)
      –        Reduced power consumption (for thin clients)
      –        Greater productivity for staff
      –        Reduction of support calls and improved customer service
      –        Deploy/update software in hours, not months
      –        Centralized management of applications
      –        Improved performance and reliability
      –        Secure access from anywhere
      –        Immediate web and wireless deployment
      –        Eliminate unapproved software                                          
ROI Example*

Real-Life Example                      Personal Computers             Thin Clients            Savings
Acquisition Cost (per 1000 units)                  $550,000               $299,000           $251,000
App Server Cost (18 servers)                                               $89,960          $(89,960)
App Server Setup Cost                                                      $40,000          $(40,000)
Desktop Setup Cost                                   $29,475                $6,654            $22,932
Desktop Power Cost (per annum)                       $27,420                $5,755            $21,936
Total 1st Year Savings                                                                       $165,908

Recurring Cost Savings
PC Refresh (every 2-3 years)                       $550,000                                  $550,000
Server Refresh (every 2-3 years)                                           $89,960          $(89,960)
Desktop Power Cost (years 2-3)                       $54,841               $10,968            $43,873
Total Savings Years 2-3                                                                      $503,913

                   Total 3-Year Saving (per 1000 units) of $669,821
*As published by Visara International. A manufacturer of thin client computing devices.                                                                    
Demo Using Citrix
Perform a simple analysis of GIS data using
    several device types
    • Windows XP Pro
    • Windows 98

Analysis: Access to all your tools on the fly
   • Select all parcels greater than 150 acres
   • Create a new database and add selected
       parcels to it
   • Topo to raster Analysis
   • Show link to Application Extender
Q&A and Contact Information
Alex Wernher
 Department of Planning Services
 Rm. 630 City / County Bldg.
 1 E. Main St.
 Fort Wayne, IN 46802
 (260) 449-7607

Matthew Gerber & Matt Moran
 Enhanced Network Solutions Group (ENS Group)
 7224 Engle Road
 Fort Wayne, IN 46804
 (260) 432-1364;

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