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Barcroft PTA Meeting_NOTES_10-04-11


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									                                  Barcroft PTA Meeting
                                     October 4, 2011
 I.    Introduction and Reports
           a. Introduction
           b. Principal’s Report
           c. Assistant Principal’s Report
           d. Teacher Report
           e. Treasurer’s Report
           f.   President’s Report:    PTA Events in October (given by Paula Levin-Alcorn for Jenny Ditta)

Mrs. Hughey-Guy, Candace Kaup, Kirk, Bare, Louise Carter, Paula-Levin-Alcorn, Sharon Armstrong, Pam
Holcomb, Susan DuBois, Sam Hafner, Helene Stebbins, Elaine Stewart, Zuraidah Hoffman, Lilli Tnaib, Janelle
Beddall, Nyambo Anuluoha (AFCU, Bus. Dev. Officer)

 1. Halloween Party: Candice will send letter to grade levels; Zuraidah will contact grade
    level teachers; Mrs. HG will look into a DJ; tickets will be given out for Haunted House
    - and bouncer; volunteer sign-up sheet went around.

 2. Grade level assignments need to be clearly communicated; room parents need to be
    identified and told.

 3. Credit Union Presentation: training of 4th and 5th grade students will begin after
    Intersession; tellers selected based on strength in math; credit union application will
    go home on Oct 27th; can sign up for online statements; PTA will sponsor $5 new
    account bonus and cash match program.

 4. Thank You from the PTA: Heather Sheire for Harris Teeter and Alissa Karton / Marel
    Sitron for Chalk4Peace.

 5. Reflections Contest Coming Up: "Diversity Means..."; workshop during Nov PTA
    meeting; fliers and info to come home in Thursday Express.

 6. BASE PTA Classes: Helene is still registering kids; classes will start after Intersession.

 7. Early Release Wednesday: there might not be a movie, maybe in December.

 8. Enrollment: Continues to increase; we had 69 kindergarteners on opening day - now
    we have 94; added another kindergarten class.
9. FLES: now on wheels.

10. Second Grade: Ms. Herman is leaving; replacement will be full-time, no more job-
    sharing; 35 kids from 2nd Grade are going to tour the White House Kitchen Garden on

11. Family Math Night: October 18th; credit union will be there to open accounts.

12. Tennis: we have 20 volunteers, and classes will start after Intersession and go from
    3:45-4:45; Tuesday - 3rd through 5th grade; Thursday - K-2nd grade; Mondays for k-5
    for kids who are busy other days; extended day will have it 4:45 to 5:45; thanks to
    Rich Jordan and Bill Schroeher for bringing the program to Barcroft.

13. Intersession is going well - 70% attendance.

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