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									                         HOEPA Worksheet
              This Program has been designed by
           Bankers Compliance Consulting                                    Only Fill in the Areas Shaded in "YELLOW"

       APR SPREAD TEST                        1st lien      Other lien                                  Version 2012-1
            Find the Treasury Security (under Treasury contant maturities) with the same term as the loan at:
             Use the yield in effect on the 15th of the month before the month the application was received.
Maximum Spread                                    8                10            Loan Number:
Treasury Rate (see note above)                                                Customer Name:
Maximum APR                                       8               10              Loan Officer:
Loan APR                                                                   Date of Application:
Does HOEPA Apply?                            Continue           Continue  Scheduled Payment:
                                                                             Balloon Payment:
                                                                         Lgst pmt if a Var. rate:
                                                                           Total Loan Amount:

     POINTS & FEES TEST                                                                      RESULTS
Finance Charges:                                                                 If "YES" appears in cells D15, E15
  Loan Points                                                                       or D46, this loan is subject to
  Origination Fee                                                                     HOEPA. Provide a HOEPA
  Discount fee                                                                    disclosure to all people that have
  Courier Fee                                                                        the right to rescind the loan
  Life of Loan Flood Determination                                                   (including non-borrowers, if
  Tax Service                                                                    applicable) so that it is received at
  PMI (initial deposit)                                                            least 3 days prior to closing the
  Broker Fees                                                                                     loan.
  Other Finance Charges
Non-Finance Charges:                                                                  Non-Finance Charges are
                                             Paid in Cash        Financed                included ONLY if the
  Doc Prep Fees                                                                       creditor retains or receives
  In-house appraisals                                                                 a portion of the fee, or the
  Title Insurance / Examination                                                           charge is paid to an
  Credit Life/Disability Premiums                                                      affiliate (25% ownership)
  Other Non-Finance Charges                                                                   of the creditor.
Total Fees:                                                 0

Amount Financed (from the TIL disclosure):
  less total non-finance charges                            0
"HOEPA" Loan Amount:                                        0                          Refer to Sections 1026.31
                                                                                      and 1026.32 of Regulation Z
Total Fees/"HOEPA" Loan Amount:                             0                          for more information about
                                                                                           these requirements.
Does HOEPA Apply?                                        NO

Banker's Compliance Consulting                    www.bankerscompliance.com                                             800-847-1653
         Loan Number:          0
         Customer Name:        0

                         You are not required to complete this agreement merely because you have
                               received these disclosures or have signed a loan application.

                            If you obtain this loan, the lender will have a mortgage on your home.       Worksheet Data
                                                                                                                          Loan Info
                        YOU COULD LOSE YOUR HOME, AND ANY MONEY YOU HAVE PUT INTO IT,                         APR                     0
                             IF YOU DO NOT MEET YOUR OBLIGATIONS UNDER THE LOAN.                        Loan Amt.     $          -
                                                                                                        Credit Ins.   $          -
                                   1) The annual percentage rate on your loan will be: 0%                 Payment     $          -
                                                                                                           Balloon    $          -
                                   2) You are borrowing $0                                           Lgst Var. Pmt.   $          -

                                        * Optional credit insurance is not a part of this loan.

                                   3) Your regular payment amount will be $0

                   Signature                                         Date

                   Signature                                         Date


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