; Book Log Entry - Gorilla - Anthony Browne
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Book Log Entry - Gorilla - Anthony Browne


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									                                               Book Log Entry

Title: Gorilla

Author: Anthony Browne

Published by and date: Walkers Books 1983 (this ed 2008)

Genre: Children’s Fiction: Picture Book

Plot summary:

Hannah’s favourite animals in the whole world are gorillas; she reads about them, watches programmes
about them, and draws pictures of them.

But all she really wants to do is see a gorilla in real life. Hannah’s dad is always too busy to take her to
the zoo, so on her birthday, Hannah decides to ask for a gorilla of her own.

Hannah’s birthday wish is granted – but differently to the way that she imagined it would be...

Could be used for:
Year 1/2 KS1 book which could be used for:
     - Part of a series of Anthony Browne books including Willy, Willy’s Pictures, The Tunnel, The Night
     - Discussion about children’s illustration
     - Discuss themes of book, family, loneliness, zoos and captivity
     - Spotting elements of the pictures which are funny or unexpected
     - Hot seating characters and how feel about story events
     - Children to write own story about an adventure with an animal – where would they go, what
         would they see?
     - Talking about how book made them feel – did they feel different at the beginning and end?
     - Whole class book
http://www.carnegiegreenaway.org.uk/celebration/resources/Visual%20Literacy%20Pack.pdf – visual
literacy resources to support picture book topics

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