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					            Work Order Processing System
                                           User Manual

Main page

Please open a browser and type the following link to view the main page:

The main page has links for Login, Register as new user, Display Orders, Display available services and
Invoices and this documentation can also be accessed by clicking the link Documentation.

Only services, documentation and contact us menu is accessible without login, all other menus require
user to login.

Functionality of login and registration page:


This page requires user to enter user ID and password in respective text box. There are two types of
users, Admin user and Customer User.
If user is Admin then Admin Page is displayed to the user, if user is Customer he is redirected to the
Order Page which shows all orders placed by him.

If User ID and Password don’t match user is redirected to login page again.


This page allows new users to register as a customer type user. User needs to fill the fields in this form
and click a submit button. Customer id is generated automatically which will be used when user places
orders and other customer related transactions.
Functionality available for Admin Users:

Admin Page:

When user logs in as Admin user he is lands on Admin Page. From this Page he can access the admin
functionalities by clicking the links for Backup database, Order management, Update services, Update
status, update invoices and Contact Information.
Backup Page:

Administrator can create database, Backup Database and Restore the backed up database by clicking
the respective buttons on this page.

Order Page:

Administrator can view all orders and update the properties of the order like status and end date.

Admin Services Page:

Admin can view, update and insert new services by using selecting, editing, deleting and inserting
Admin invoices

Admin can view invoices for each customer and edit any invoice.

Contact Us:

Admin can view contact information form this page.
Functionality available for Customer Users:

Order Page:

List all orders placed by the logged in user with information of start date, end date, service details,
invoice id, sample id and number of units. But user cannot update any order.

Customer can create new order by clicking the button at the bottom of order list. This will take him to
New Order form.

New Order Form:

User can select type of service using the drop down list, after selecting service type service description is
updated automatically. User can then select the service description from the second drop down list.

User may then enter sample description and origin information. This form could be updated to add new
fields in future to get more details regarding the order.

User Services:

User can view all the service with the name tags and cost price of each one
User status:

User can track his status for all orders from this page.
User invoice:

User can check the invoices and amount due by clicking on this page.

Contact Us:

Customer can view contact information form this page.

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