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                       18th May 2012, 4.30pm

Present: Leigh Hankinson (Chair), Daniel Ridsdale (Officer Trustee), Phill Gray (External Trustee),
  Victoria Broadley (Student Trustee), George Brichieri (Student Trustee), David Findlay (Officer

In Attendance: Janet Vowles (SU Finance Manager), Chris Bateman (SU Commercial Services
Manager and Acting General Manager), Ben Vulliamy(NUS)
1. Apologies for Absence.
Louise Aiken (Committee Secretary), Simon Turner (External Trustee)
Absent without Apologies
Zoe Douglas-Judson (External Trustee)
Conflicts of Interest
There were none
2. Any Other Business & Reserved Business.
CB submitted one item
JV submitted one item
3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting (TB/1112/03/1)
The minutes were agreed.
Point 15 iv – It should be noted that PG did not present the minutes of the AGM – it was LH.
                                                                                     Action: LA
4. Matters Arising
Point 8 – DR gave update. SU to take responsibility, initially on 1 year trial basis
Point 10 – CB reported that our initiatives had been put into University format - See

LH acknowledged the work that CB and JV had put into the submission and thanked Andy Winter
for his ideas.

All other Points covered in other reports covered by the Agenda.
5. NUS Diagnostic for Staffing Structure
BV gave background of his role at NUS and explained the NUS Diagnostic process. The process
would be a consultancy process and would cover whichever area of the business, e.g commercial
services, governance reviews, long term strategy, staff restructuring, - whatever the Trustee
Board felt needed investigation. Desk based research would be collated and bench-marked against
other Students’ Unions as appropriate. There would be a 2 day on-site visit which would include
structured interviews with relevant staff. Reports would remain anonymous. NUS would provide a
report based on evidence-lead recommendations which will initially be given to the General
Manager to be checked for accuracy. The report will be from a critical perspective. BV suggested
scheduling of the Diagnostics - not earlier than July but not too far into next academic year. PG
asked if there would be any cost to the Students’ Union and was informed that there would be
none. The Trustees asked various questions and a discussion took place.

BV asked for the Trustees to agree on a diagnostic goal – Trustees would need to decide which
area of the organisation should be focused on.
LH thanked BV for his presentation of the Diagnostics process and confirmed that he would
contact BV when further discussions had taken place by the Trustees. BV then left the meeting.

CB and JV were asked for their views and were then asked to leave the meeting whilst the Trustee
Board spoke in camera to agree on the ‘Question’ .

The Trustees agreed that the Diagnostic should not take place until October as originally intended.
The question to be asked of the NUS Diagnostic review is: “Looking at the capabilities, capacities
and sustainability of our current staffing structure to fulfil our strategic plan. What is the most
suitable structure going forward in order to deliver long-term sustainability and our strategic
                                                                            Action : LH to contact BV
6. Trustee Membership on Committees (DR)
DR gave an overview of the requirements to elect Trustees to Committees as from September:
1 Trustee required for Finance Committee – Simon Turner had been unanimously elected
1 Trustee for Staffing Committee – Phill Gray unanimously elected
1 Student Trustee for Elections Committee – Victoria Broadley was unanimously elected
7. Reserves Policy (CB)l (TB/1112/03/02)
CB presented the policy which had been redrafted. The Trustees asked for the ‘cash back’ option
to be removed and any surplus to be used for capital spend or specific projects.
                                                                                 Action: CB
8. Good Governance (LH)
LH reported that we nearly have a full complement of external and student trustees. LH explained
about the strengths and weaknesses that he has encountered over the last two years. LH
explained his personal thoughts relating to structured key dates, concerns over consistency,
Trustee Board skills audit, trustee training relevant to specific trustee role, reports for Trustee
Board meetings, review Trustees roles training, Terms of Reference for each committee and the
review of representatives on Sub-Committees. LH asked for these key issues to be passed on to
Adam Skimming (President Elect).

GB expressed his concerns regarding the suggested removal of student representatives from the
Boards’ Sub-Committees. Discussion took place relating to this issue and it would be further
discussed at the next constitutional review.

GB asked if a 24 month period as Trustee (12mth extension) could be possible for 3rd year
students i.e. into Alumni period, so that the committee could capture the knowledge already
gained. LH said that this would be considered.

GB confirmed that trustee training was important. PG reported that external trustees had not
received training – LH confirmed that student trustees only had received training. In 2012/13
Trustees training had been budgeted for.                           Action: LH to follow up
                                   Action: For discussion at next Trustee Board meeting
9. SU Strategic Plan version 7 (CB) TB/1112/03/03
CB gave report to state that the newly elected Sabb officers manifesto’s had been included in v.7.
CB adjusted v.7 re the subvention amount agreed with the University.

Colour tracking has been included in the report. The final column added tangible target indicators.
Language had been amended e.g.’lobbying’.

LH suggested additional ‘achieved’ figures be provided as necessary. DR requested change of
green shading to help ease of reading when printed
LH thanked CB for incorporation of all the data on to one document.
                                                                                       Action: LH
                                                                            to follow up with CB
10. Subvention Update (LH)
CB gave overview of the £350k subvention to be received from the University for 2012/13. LH
explained subvention process. GB raised concerns regarding the on-going subvention commitment
for future years.
                                           Action: LH/CB to take concerns to University
11. 2012/13 Budget (CB)
CB gave report to Trustees re budgets for 2012/13.
CB went through top page and individual worksheets – this was a first draft.
VPE&W and VPSA narratives to be amended.                                           Action: CB
PG asked for e-mail copy of budget reports once they had been finalised            Action : CB
12. 2013/14 Forecast (CB)
CB gave report to Trustees re forecast for 2013/14.
PG asked for e-mail copy of forecast reports once they had been finalised          Action : CB
13. Appraisals Paper (TB/1112/03/04)
CB reported on appraisal systems.
CB completed paper with progress detailing whether actions were completed, no progress or

PG requested a copy of Flexi Time Policy                                           Action: CB
14. Joint Community Strategy (TB/1112/03/05)
LH gave quick overview. There is a talk on 29th May 2012 re availability of community funds.
YSJ leading community project.

The report was noted.
15 YSJ Sports Strategy Update (DF)
DF gave a verbal up-date on sports strategy and confirmed 57 acres of land bought locally which
has pitches, sports facilities, allotments etc. The sports facilities would be available for September
2012. The long term plans included All Weather facilities. Discussion will be taken in conjunction
with the University to discuss plans for future development.

LH expressed thanks to DF for all his work relating to the Sports Strategy review, and to CB and
the former S&S Co-ordinator for progressing this strategy in providing plans, information, analysis
etc as required.

DF confirmed that the SU will save funds from Facilities Hire etc.

The report was noted.
16. Appointments Committee
LH gave a verbal report relating to the trustee positions recently appointed – External Trustee
appointed, Senate Leader appointed but no Student Trustee. LH noted that the Student Trustee
advert had gone back out to students and the Appointments Committee will be sitting on the 31st
May with any applicants.

GB officially finishes his Trustee role on 29/06/2012.

The report was noted
17 2011/12 Audtors report TB/1112/03/06
JV gave a verbal clarification of the Auditors report and explained the schedule for the 2011/12
audit process.

The report was noted
18. SUEI report (TB/1112/03/07)
The SUEI report was discussed. PG raised the point regarding Trustee training.

The report was noted
19. Acting GM/ CSM Activity Report (TB/1112/03/08)
PG asked CB how his mentoring was going. CB explained that Martyn Williams is acting as mentor.
The Trustees Board thanked CB for his hard work and continued efforts.

The report was noted
20.Elections Report (TB/1112/03/09)
CB outlined election report and what was represented.

                                  Action: CB to review report for grammatical and % errors
21. Minutes from Staffing Committee (TB/1112/03/10)
CB to keep Trustees updated if any changes occur to staffing structure.

The report was noted
22. Minutes from Finance Committee (TB/1112/03/11)
The report was noted
23. Minutes from Union Council (TB/1112/03/12)
This was the last ever Union Council meeting!

The report was noted
24. Minutes from Health & Safety Committee (TB/1112/03/13)
The report was noted
25. Terms of Reference for Health & Safety Committee (TB/1112/03/14)
LH noted that University staff was present on this committee.

The report was noted
26. Any Other Business
26.1 Proposed Letting Agency – CB gave outline of Letting Agency plans. CB explained that a
Feasibility study had been undertaken by an external person. Further investigations are to take
place. The SU is not in a position this year to follow this proposal through.
The Trustees Board was in agreement in principal that the SU should look forward at the cost
implications of the project.
                                                                                   Action: CB/JV

26.2 Cleaning Costs – JV gave an overview of the salaries/wages costs associated with the SU
building. The Trustees were in agreement that this area of expenditure needs to be reviewed.
They asked to be kept informed.
                                                                                  Action: CB/JV
LH expressed the thanks of the Trustee Board to GB who will be leaving his
position as Student Trustee on 29/06/2012. LH thanked GB for his contribution
to the Board and stated what a terrific job GB had done whilst in office.

GB expressed his pleasure at being on the Trustees Board and how pleased he’d
been to see the Board evolve and develop during that time.

LH thanked DF for his efforts whilst being a member of the Trustees Board.

        There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.45pm.

The next Trustees meeting will be held on ………………………………………….

Signed_____________________________(Chair)                 Date_______________

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