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									                                                               Item 4.A-July 13, 2012
    To expedite and facilitate the PDQ review process, please send the PDQ and Org Chart electronically to for discussion and for initial review before routing PDQ for approval signatures.
                                   Questions - call UNR Faculty HR at 682-6114
     INSTRUCTIONS: See for complete instructions.
 Incumbent(s) Name (if applicable): Katherine Schleef                      Position #(s): CL 42011

 Current Title: Administrative Assistant IV                                Current Range: CL GR 29/8
 (JCC 02.210, N.E.)
 Department: Provost’s Office                                 College/Division: President’s Office

 Account #(s): 1101-102-0001
 Action Proposed: (check all that apply)
 (X) New position: Proposed Range: 2
                     Proposed Title: Specialist, Curriculum & Course Concierge
 ( ) Title Change, Proposed Title:
 ( ) Proposed Reassignment from Range          to Range
 ( ) Revised PDQ (no change in range)
 ( ) Line of Progression (show titles below)                                   JCC (Current
                                                                                or new HR
                                                                      Range:    assigned):

I certify that the statements in this description are accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge.

____________________________________________________________                   __________________
Employee’s Signature                                                                 Date

I/we have reviewed the statements in this form and they accurately reflect the job assignments.

____________________________________________________________              __________________
Immediate Supervisor’s Signature      Joseph Cline                              Date
                                      Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education
____________________________________________________________              __________________
Director/Chair/Dean    Heather Hardy                                      Date
                       Executive Vice President and Provost
Approved for Salary Placement Committee review.

____________________________________________________________                __________________
Pres / Vice Pres / Vice Prov Signature Jannet Vreeland                            Date
                                       Vice Provost and Secretary of University
              Action Approved by the President (Completed by Faculty HR):
Position #:                                 EEO Code: 3A           CUPA Code: CM3501
Job Class Code: 67286                       Exempt: Yes or No Census Code: 043
Range: 2                                    Effective Date: 7/1/2012
Approved Title:

____________________________________________________________              __________________
Employee Signature                                                                Date
(Employee signs and sends to HR for personnel file after PDQ has been “final” stamped for approval)

Rev: 6/1/2012
Position Description – Specialist, Curriculum and Course Concierge                        Page 2

1. Summary Statement: State the major function(s) of the position and its role in the
university. Attach an organizational chart with positions, ranges, and names for the division
which reflects the position in it as well as those supervised in the department. (This section is
used for advertisement of the position.)

The Specialist, Curriculum and Course Concierge, has three main functions in serving faculty and
students which include providing a wide range of duties related to the courses and curriculum review
and approval process for the University of Nevada, Reno ; supporting the University’s Core
Curriculum by assisting the Core Director with research, projects, and reports and by serving as a
resource for students and faculty with questions concerning the core; and providing assistance to
University students who have sought the help of the University Course Concierge service. The
position reports to the Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education.

2. List the major responsibilities, including percentage of time devoted to each. Provide
enough detail to enable a person outside the department to understand the job (percentage
first with heading and then bulleted information).

40% - Core Curriculum
    Resolve student Core Curriculum exception requests by researching requirements, involving
       appropriate faculty and staff, determining and implementing appropriate solutions, and
       informing students and relevant University offices of the outcome
    Explain policies, procedures, and issues to students, faculty, and staff in order to advise them
       of potential solutions to problems and courses of action
    Maintain appropriate records related to student requests
    Bring complex issues and accompanying clear and concise background and support
       information to the attention of the Vice Provost or Core Director for resolution
    Work with and assist the Core Director with various complex projects related to the Core
    Consult with Provost Office staff on administrative support needed for the Core Director and
       Core office
    Evaluate transfer credits to determine if the course meets the core requirements

30% - Courses and Curriculum
    Receive and review curricular proposals from colleges and departments and support the
       course evaluation process by contacting faculty preparers with requests for clarification or
       additional materials
    Contact Admissions & Records staff regarding proposals, process, and University Courses &
       Curricula meetings
    Present and discuss curriculum proposals with Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education;
       perform follow-up work on proposals as directed
    Assist the Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education, in coordinating University’s curriculum
       approval processes, including the New Program Preproposal Committee and the University’s
       Courses and Curricula Committee
    Attend University Course and Curriculum Committee (UCCC) meetings and document
       recommendations and decisions on proposals and ensure that proposals are routed for
       appropriate next steps.
    Work with Assistant to Provost to regarding proposals to be submitted to Nevada System of
       Higher Education (NSHE) Academic Affairs Council, NSHE Board of Regents, and the
       institution’s accrediting body, the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
Position Description – Specialist, Curriculum and Course Concierge                             Page 3

      Respond to requests and questions regarding the University’s curriculum approval process
       from faculty and staff

15% - Course Concierge Service
    Receive, research, and prioritize all inquiries made to the University’s Course Concierge
       Service via phone call, e-mail, and Web form
    Independently retrieve and compile needed background information to service students
       utilizing the University’s student information system or by calling various university personnel
       and offices
    Determine principles, practices, and policies applicable to student requests
    Where possible, resolve student requests by determining and implementing appropriate
    Explain policies, procedures, and issues to students, faculty, and staff in order to advise them
       of potential solutions to problems and courses of action
    Maintain appropriate records related to student requests
    Bring complex issues and accompanying clear and concise background and support
       information to the attention of the Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education for resolution
    Work with and assist the Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education with various complex
       projects related to the curriculum

15% - Provost Office Projects
    Work with Provost office staff on the following special projects and processes: University
       teaching and advising awards, International Activities Award and grants, Instructional
       Enhancement Grants, New Faculty Orientation

3. Describe the level of freedom to take action and make decisions with or without
supervision and how the results of the work performed impact the department, division and/or
the university as a whole.

Level of Freedom:
The Specialist is required to act independently a good part of the time in fielding inquiries related to
the core and general curriculum, in obtaining information necessary to handle inquiries and requests,
and in prioritizing requests. The individual independently works with Admissions and Records
personnel, University advisors, students, and faculty to gain information and work through problems.
If possible, the Specialist solves those issues by contacting Admissions and Records or college and
department staff and administrators and relaying information to faculty, staff, and students. However,
the Specialist must also determine those items that require Vice Provost or Core Director advice or
action. The Specialist must balance specific priorities outlined by supervisors with the day-to-day
servicing of students with core curriculum or course concierge issues.

The student support activities performed by the Specialist greatly affect the student experience.
Problems solved for students by the Specialist will not only improve their progress toward graduation
but will also improve their satisfaction with their University experience. In addition, University faculty
and staff with questions on curriculum issues or asking for assistance in creating and submitting
curriculum proposals, greatly benefit from the advice and assistance given by the Specialist. Faculty
and staff rely on information provided in proposing instructional and curricular improvements and
changes, so that the process runs smoothly and the curriculum is up-to-date.
Position Description – Specialist, Curriculum and Course Concierge                             Page 4

4. Describe the knowledge, skills (to include cognitive requirement and verbal and written
communication), and abilities (to include task complexity, problem solving, creativity and
innovation) essential to successful performance of this job (in bullet format).

Knowledge of:
    University undergraduate curriculum; University Core Curriculum and course catalogs
    Department, college, university, and NSHE curriculum approval process
    Higher education policies and procedures related to application, registration, transfer,
      articulation, and grading
    Higher education policies and procedures related to curriculum development and approval
    Student information system

         Organization and time management skills
         Coordination of multiple complex activities
         Analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills
         Excellent verbal and written communication
         Service-oriented perspective
         Interpersonal and human relations skills
         Detail oriented

Ability to:
     Work independently with ability to meet deadlines
     Work in sensitive, confidential, interpersonal situations
     Understand and interpret formalized policies, guidelines, rules, and regulations
     Understanding, and apply policies and practices in the areas of curriculum approval and
         student academic programs.

5. Describe the type of personal contacts encountered in performing the duties of the job.
Explain the nature and purpose of these contacts: i.e., to provide services, to resolve
problems, to negotiate.

Internal                              Reason for Contact
Department Chairs, Directors,         To provide information on student requests and make requests on
Academic Advisors                     behalf of the vice provost or core director
Admissions & Records staff            To request information on processes; to make requests on behalf
                                      of the Provost’s office
Faculty                               To provide information and discuss policies and procedures
                                      related to curricular proposals
Students                              To provide information and answer questions regarding the
                                      registration, core requirements, and university policies and
                                      procedures; to explain decisions or solutions related to requests

External                              Reason for Contact
NSHE Staff and Administrators         To respond to inquiries related to university curriculum, policies,
                                      procedures; to respond to requests for information
NWCCU                                 To provide information on the University’s accreditation activities
                                      and to respond to requests for information
Position Description – Specialist, Curriculum and Course Concierge                      Page 5

6. Indicate the minimum qualifications which are necessary in filling this position should it
become vacant. Please keep in mind the duties/responsibilities of the position rather than the
qualifications of the incumbent.

       a.     Minimum educational level, including appropriate field, if any.

              Bachelor’s Degree from a regionally accredited institution

       b.    Minimum type and amount of work experience, in addition to the above required
       education necessary for a person entering this position.

              Bachelor’s Degree and two years of experience in higher education, advising or
              assisting students with issues related to program progress or completion and
              curriculum development

              Preferred Licenses or Certifications: None

       c.    Indicate any license or certificate required for this position.


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