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					                                   Fall 2009 Regular Session

                                        26 August 2009

                                      1st Legislative Week

I.     Call to Order
            a. The meeting was called to order by Speaker Martin at 6:37 pm
II.    Moment of Silence
III.   Pledge of Allegiance
            a. Led by Senator Lockwood
IV.    Induction of New Senators
V.     Roll Call
                 Present                              Absent                         Half

              Adams,           Alexander Badeaux, L. Bordelon,           K. Bordelon, Bourgeois, C.
              Anderson,         Bautista, Gautreaux, Hagan,              Chetta, J. Chetta, Doughty,
              Caffarel,          Chance, Johnson, Patel, Verma           Sabolyk
              Chapman,        Compagno,
              Cortez, Elmore, Ferrer,
              Fine, Fontenot, Foster,
              Free,            Gambino,
              Gammon,            Hansen,
              Harris, B. Jones, D. Jones,
              Kumar,      Laborde,      E.
              Landry,      J.     Landry,
              Leonpacher, Lockwood,
              Menard,            Mullen,
              Palermo,            Parker,
              Prestridge,           Rich,
              Schindler,          Sellers,
              Sharma, Spell, Story,
              Strong, Tusa, Verma,
              Vice,     Wells,     West,
              Widenski, Speaker Pro-
              Tem Bonvillain, Speaker

VI. Public Input
        a. Amanda Gammon- Courtney Pritchard is here and if you have student aid or
             chancellor’s aid you can be transferred to work in the Senate office and if you did it
             last year you need to give her your information.
VII. New Business
        a. SGB No 1 referred to Rules-moved into Unfinished business
        b. SGB No 2 referred to Rules
VIII.Committee Reports
        a. Summer Planning Committee-Prestridge-Summer planning went very well. If you
             were around this time last year we did an overhaul of the governing documents.
             There wasn’t a lot of hands on stuff to do but there was a lot of discussion and
             planning to do. There is a copy of the minutes if anyone would like to look for them.
             The committee met with the executive branch and there was a lot of discussion
             about how to keep visible and transparent to the student. We also discussed that
             senators need to stay more in tune with what is going on with their colleges and
             constituents. They would like a greater connection between branches of
             government. There is a student retreat on Saturday. They would just like to get
             more input from the student body. They tossed around the idea of chats in the
             quad where all of the branches can be and talk to students. We want people to
             come see the new offices so they can see how we have progressed. Also looking
             into more of what students need. Everyone needs to be knowledgeable about what
             is going on and transferring this knowledge to their constituents and the student
             body. This includes being respectful to peers as well as administrators. We need to
             listen more. Administrators need to be more involved in what is going on in Student
             Government. Also that it is not the Student Body versus student government. Let’s
             show the students that we care. Don’t be afraid. Let’s do good things.
        b. Gov Rel- Gammon-While the committee did not meet we did monitor how bills went
             through the state senate from Student Government. Looking to change the red light
             at Lee and Burbank so there will be less red lights. It needs to change.
        c. HIT-Palermo-The committee did not meet but there were some meetings about tech
             things. Trying to tackle some parking issues and tech issues. He will be looking at
             the bus contract. For parking, they want to make sure students know if parking lots
             will be blocked off before school starts. Senator Prestridge talked about that people
             want to know where their tech fees are going. We’re looking at the computer labs
             and we asked ITS if there was one innovative thing to do.
        d. Rules-Rules did not officially meet but the chairs did get together and there was a
             discussion about Senate will be working this year.
        e. SRW waves
        f. Finance waves
        g. AAA waves
IX. Judicial Officer Reports
X. Executive Officer Reports
        a. President Watkins- It’s great to see everyone back. He wants to thank Martina for
             everything she has done and being there every step of the way. He is pleased to see
             everyone working hard for the initiatives that they worked on and working on new
             initiatives. Everyone will be able to spend lots of time together at the retreat this
             weekend. What he is most proud of is the night route that is making sure that
             people will not get in their car and drive drunk. He has been working very hard for
             Athletics and going to see Joe Alleva weekly and working hard to be visible to all of
             the administrators. Looks forward to working with everyone this semester. He
             comes to work knowing that he will be working and looking through the eyes of a
             student because he is a student
         i. Prestridge-Does the night bus route go by the dorms or does it go to ECA and
            WCA or what? It goes from west campus to the Rec. Prestridge-Have you
            had an opportunity to do a survey yet? No last night was the last night and
            it will only run on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights. Prestridge-It also
            says that Student Government spent 5000 dollars for recycling bins is that
            plus the five thousand last year? No it was the 5000 dollars from the bill last
        ii. C. Chetta- How are the bus routes different? Noah will tell more in his
b. Vice-President Scheuermann - There have been a ton of things going on in the exec
   staff. Other than that the exec staff has not stopped working this summer. Does
   not want the separation of offices to separate the branches. Send her an email if
   you have any questions.
c. Krista Allen-Academics department-Will be giving all reports on Academics. There
   are student friendly programs that they are working on to get things like getting blue
   books and scantrons into vending machines. They also met with Eric Norman about
   getting sick notes from the health center. Working very hard on the book rental
   program and they are really looking to see if there will be a trial program. A big
   initiative is service learning so there is going to a big push to get more service
   learning classes. Met with students on academic appeals. Met with Buddy Eldridge
   about things like Mobile Moodle and a more interactive grade book and pictures of
   professors on Moodle. Also, they are looking into the re-alignment of colleges.
         i. Caffarel-Can you explain what is involved in a service learning course? It is a
            community intensive program to help the community in some sort of way.
            A person could help places get grants, being a reading buddy or build play
            grounds or different things.
d. Melissa Hart-Director of Athletics-They have been very busy. Congrats to baseball
   team on the national championship. A group seating option worked very well for
   baseball regionals and super regionals. Brian Broussard for ticketing has worked
   very well with us. They have dealt with over 100 ticket appeals and she approved
   about 40. Dealt with the new priority points system. They’ll be working on the bus
   trip getting tickets which sold out in 3 days. They have streamlined the ticket source
   so people will be able to find tickets easier. www.lsusports.net/studenttickets She
   has been working hard with Dr. Linda Moorehouse to work with the Tiger Band to
   get some new stuff going on. Mardi Gras Mambo Court is January 28th. They have
   developed cheaper concessions in tiger stadium for students. The bus trip is going
   to be great. We don’t know when we will depart because the game time is not set.
   Magnolia Bowl is still in the works. It’s November 21st. Priority Point games-Friday
   soccer game, Friday Sept 11 soccer, Volleyball Sept 18 and Oct 9. Freshman tickets
   are going out.
         i. Caffarel-How are the packages working since there are 7 games instead of 8?
            There are packages of 3 games. 3 games in one and 3 in another and an
            option to go in Arkansas.
        ii. K. Bordelon-Would you have had to already reserved a ticket to be a bus
            captain? No
                iii. Prestridge-Do you guys have any ideas to republisize the the Oh-Wee-Oh so
                      the cheer isn’t taken away? Yes I think stickers
                iv. Compagno-Email? Mhart3@lsu.edu
        e. Director of First Year Experience LeMay-Talking about FLC. FLC has been working on
            a lot of things. The website is updated. There are quotes from last year. There are
            some bylaws in the work so that it is a more structured program. There were info
            sessions at Stripes and Orientations. We now have an advisor for FLC. There will be
            a program to shadow so FLC members can see what senators do and different
        f. Director of Student Involvement Melissa Guidry- Org fair is next week. They will be
            pushing for FLC. Will be looking for Senators to sign up. Chat with the chancellor
            will happen at the same time. Wants everyone to take part in Straight Talk. Battle
            of the Bands is underway.
                  i. Prestridge-What will the table include at the Org Fair? Our board, apps for
                      FLC and information for the entire branch. Have you asked other branches
                      for help planning? We can
                 ii. Sellers-If I gave you some apps for PSIF would you put those out there? Yes
                iii. Fontenot-Will you be telling people about vacancies in the Student
                      Government? Watkins-We’re working to send out a broadcast email out.
                      We can look into that.
        g. Director of Transportation Noah Miller-It’s good to be back. They’ve been working
            on Tiger Trails and different things. All of the buses on campus right now are
            temporary right now. The new buses will be custom wrapped for Tiger Trails. The
            routes start at 7am and end at 5:30. The night routes go from 6pm to midnight or
            3am depending on the routes. They have gotten some complaints but there have
            been some complements. There is some terrible traffic right now which is holding
            up the buses and keeping them from running in a timely fashion.
            The websites are the holy grail for information on Tiger trails. The website is
            http://tigertrails.lsu.edu There is a Google street app so you can look at where the
            bus stops are. The bus stops have changed. There will be posters out. There will be
            a guerilla campaign to get the word out. There is so much more with bicycles and
            different things. They are working on Holiday Shuttles. Bicycles pumps have been
            installed on campus. People have complemented those.
                  i. Fine-Are the bus stops signs outdated? No all of the signs out are designated
                      stops. They have gotten some complaints about buses not stopping at
                      previous stops but if there is a sign and it says bus stop then they do stop
XI. Unfinished Business
        a. SGB No 1-Martin-The chairs looked at how the committees are structured and they
            believe there is a better way that the committees can be structured. There will be
            one committee added and some will be broken up into different committees. The
            committees would be Academics, Athletics and Transportation, Campus Services and
            Development, External Affairs, Finance, Rules, and Student Outreach. They want
            this to be done for the retreat on Saturday so the committees can meet.
              Bonvillain-Things to be looked at in Academics are things like text books and
              anything else academic wise
              Parker-Athletics will be more a student based committee to do a lot of
              Palermo-Campus Services and Development and HIT will be basically the same
              committee with a different name.
              Palermo-Gov Rel is basically being changed to external affairs and they will go out to
              city, state and maybe even the national government if it comes up.
              Gammon-Sellers will be the head but not here so it’ll be about the same to give
              reports about what is happening with the money. Student Outreach is an extension
              of Gov-Rel but with an emphasis on students.
              Bonvillain-Rules will be appointing a vice-chair from the floor.
              Closing Comments-Gammon-This will make sure that the committees will be more
              productive so the senate can work harder for the students. Palermo-This is a really
              good step for Senate. Prestridge-this is just to streamline stuff. Bonvillain-If it
              passes we will be taking the top 3 choices for committees.
              Passes unanimously.
         b. LO No 1. By Martin- While it is up to the speaker to appoint committees but this was
              talked about by all of the chairs to make sure that people were in the correct spots.
              This looks different that a normal LO No 1 because your names are not on it.
              Closing Comments-Vote.
              Passes unanimously.
XII. Legislative Officer Reports
         a. Speaker Pro-Tem elections
                    i. Gammon nominates Bonvillain-accepts Senator Bonvillain by acclimation.
         b. PSIF elections-Phoebe Hawthorne-this is a committee that meets with organizations
              that are in need for funds for their events. The meetings are tentively set at
              Wednesdays at 2pm.
                    i. Nominations are open. Palermo nominates Fontenot. Sellers nominates
                       Compagno. Gammon nominates Sellers but Sellers declines. Elmore moves
                       to close nominations. A motion to move to accept by acclimation.
         c. Contracted Auxiliary Committee-This committee will work with different places to
              come to campus like McDonald’s and Einstein Bagels and stuff.
                    i. Nominations are open. Story nominates Alexander. Sellers nominates
                       Gammon. Mullen is nominated by Cortez.
                            1. Alexander-Wants to be this committee so they will meet and bring
                               other services to campus because there should be more vending
                               machines and any other organizations to campus. Please elect him.
                            2. Gammon- wants to be on this so they can listen to students to figure
                               out what they want. Worked a lot with Former President Robertson
                               so she knows a little bit about what is going on in the past and will
                               happen in the future.
                            3. Mullen-withdraws.
                            4. Gammon and Alexander accepted by acclimation.
          d. Huey P. Long Restoration Committee-Free nominates Compagno. Compagno
              nominates Free. Landry nominates Cortez. Gammon nominates Speaker Martin.
              Caffarel nominates Parker. Accepted by Acclimation
          e. Speaker Pro-Tem Bonvillain-Would like to do a lot of things as Pro-Tem.
          f. Speaker Martin-This was a very relaxed meeting but things will be more rigid from
              now on. Working out software kinks so that the TVs will be up hopefully next week.
              Need to appoint two senators for the SEC exchange so let him know if they would
              like to be on it. SG retreat -10am to 4pm Lunch is 11:30am to 1pm. Where? The
              final agenda will be settled tomorrow and you will get this through email. Reads
              Brett Jackson’s resignation letter. Make sure to clean up the chamber.
                     i. Prestridge-How’d you manage for lunch to be free? It is free for senators.
                    ii. Elmore-Is the retreat formal attire? No
XIII. Advisor Reports
          a. Michelle Eldridge-She has a new graduate assistant Kimberly. Office is 358g. There
              is a new tenant handbook which will be around the secretary’s desk. It has contacts
              in it in case you need anything. DO NOT HANG ANYTHING ON THE WALLS. Not
              everyone has keys to the offices. Please be flexible. Do have access to two new
              bathrooms once they are open. The food policy of the union is that you can only
              bring food in for yourself. There is a small storage space in the office but we don’t
              have keys yet. About the retreat we will have the senate have a presentation with
              Tim Elmore from 2-5. Meet and greet at 5:30 on Friday. The conference room is not
              Senate’s exclusively but if you want to use it you have to reserve it. You have to
              reserve it at even management.
XIV. Petitions, Memorials, and other Communications
          a. Gammon-Would like to echo the letter from Jackson and be a sponge and absorb
              everything. Orgs 2 Geaux is an organization where senators go to organizations and
              talk to find out how to better serve the students
          b. Mullen-Echo Secretary Cali. Please keep it clean. We don’t want it to look like crap.
          c. Prestridge-Talking about SEC exchange and it was great last year and we brought so
              much back from last year that was learned from other schools. Hopefully get
              everything off the ground running.
          d. Palermo-Shout out to Speaker Martin and his fiancée Ashley Free.
XV. Adjournment
          a. The meeting adjourned by Speaker Martin at 8:51pm

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