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									Fact Sheet:
Discretionary discounts

If Area or Group publications contain advertisements or notices showing discounts to Ramblers members it is
important that the publication states that the discount is discretionary.
Model wording, to be adapted for your local publication is shown near the foot of the information panel of the
contents page of Walk magazine.

              Model wording is:
              Discounts shown in {Name of publication} are wholly at the discretion of
              the retailer and are not an entitlement to Ramblers members.

You should not negotiate enter into an agreement or contract with a local trader to provide discounts, any
discounts offered should be at the sole discretion of the trader.
Failure to do so will affect the Ramblers Gift Aid position.

For further advice contact the Finance Officer for Areas and Groups
areagroupfinance@ramblers.org.uk / 020 7339 8587

                                                                                                 July 09

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