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									                                      Fiscal Year End 2007
                                     Teleconference Minutes
                                          May 22, 2007

ROLL CALL: (reminder that this is a silent call-in, there will be no beeps in and out.) If you
miss roll call please stay on the call and at the end, I will go back through the list of those not
present at the beginning of the call.


1. Year end Teleconference is scheduled for July 17-19 with the last day slated as break out
sessions. More to come as plans finalize.

2. Letter on Procurement cut off dates.
             memo is available in full on the website.

3. Comments from Army representative SD.
          To access the year end website please go to
        Select Finance
               Operations, and then the Year End page.
             SD will be in charge of all website postings.
             FCM will load catalog updates, tentatively scheduled to run Oct1.
4. Army issues?
             None
5. DISA issues?
             None
6. DFAS issues?
             JT had questions for SD.
             He wanted to know when the last SARS, CAPS, and IATS cycles would run,
               when the ODS regularly scheduled maintenance for Sept 30 would run since year
               end falls on Sunday, and lastly wanted to know about charge card statements.
7. Other issues?
             None

8. POC lists are still being updated. Please send any additions/deletions or changes to
XX or XX.

TELECONFERENCE Dates and call in information:

June 6, 20
July 10, 24
August 7, 21
September 4, 11, 18, 25
October 2, 9

CONUS dial in number                   1-877-612-9818
O'Conus dial in number              1-210-234-7416


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