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Applied Forest Finance Registration form2011 by Tqurg9


									                                                           Continuing Education Program

                                                Applied Forest Finance
                                  Emory Conference Center Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia
                                                                 May 11, 2011
                                                        Course Registration Form
                                                           Please fill out one form per registrant

Name (First, MI, Last)                                                            Name preferred on badge

Firm or Organization                                                              Job Title

Address              (Street Address, City, State, Zip)

Phone                                                                             Fax

How did you hear about the course? (Please check all that apply.)
          Forisk News/Email      Advertisement/mailing            Other (please specify)
          Website                Word of mouth

Registration Fee Per Person                                  Before April 27, 2011           After April 27, 2011   Registration Amount
(Includes instructional materials, breaks, and lunch)
Applied Forest Finance Course only                                      $560                         $660
Master Class only                                                       $300                         $300
For. Fin Course + Master Class Package                                  $800                         $900
                                                                                              Total Amount Due:
Group discount: Register 4 people from your organization and get 50% off the 4 person’s registration fee. To redeem the
group discount, please fill out one registration form per person and send one payment per group. Please send all
registration forms and payment at one time.

Method of Payment:              Check (made payable to Forisk Consulting)
                                Credit Card (Phone and fax registration accepted with credit cards only)

Card Number                                                                       Cardholder Name
Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express accepted

Cardholder Billing Address (Street Address, City, State, Zip)                     Expires                    Security Code

Cancellations and money-back guarantee:                                                  Three ways to register:

Cancellation policy: Cancellations received by May 2, 2011 are                           Fax:   Fax this form to 770.725.8448 (Credit Card Only)
subject to a 25% service charge. Cancellations received after that                       Phone: Call 770.725.8447 (Credit Card Only)
time will be charged the entire registration fee.                                        Mail: Mail the completed form with payment to:
                                                                                                        Forisk Consulting
Money-back guarantee: If an attendee is dissatisfied with the                                           P.O. Box 5070
program, Forisk will refund the registration fee.                                                       Athens, GA 30604

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