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Draft Recommendations
       May 1, 2012
            The Members

Bernard, Sheilah     Liebschutz, Jane
Bolotina, Victoria   McGovern, Wanda
Center, David M      Morin, Lisa
Coviello, Andrea
Ellner, Jerrold      Patch, Felicia
Farrer, Lindsay      Seldin, David
                     Sloan, Karin
Jacobson, Brian

                      JOHN GUPPY
          The Charge
Review incentive and compensation
practices in DOM, recommendations
to promote equity, efficient and
effective use of the resources,
including funds distribution
methodology, fair compensation
practices, and transparency in the
financial procedures/policies
      Clinical – RVU Targets

1. Best Practices to assign individual RVU
   targets with modifiers based on
   achievable wRVUs per clinical
   assignment, teaching, required service to
   BMC, and compensation.
2. As part of “S” in CARTS, BMC should
   modify targets for essential activities,
   downstream revenue – primary care,
   hospital medicine
       Clinical – Incentives

3. If faculty members exceed target eligible
   for non-financial incentives such as
   preferential scheduling, vacations. If
   exceed target by > 5% financial incentives
   by formula includes quality measures,
   teaching, service, uncompensated
   administrative activity
        Clinical – Penalties

4. Faculty members >5% below cRVU
   targets for current year will be reviewed
   by Finance and Compensation
   Committee. Unless extenuating
   circumstances, the difference will be
   withheld from their FY13 salary. After 6
   mos, restored based on target pro-rated
   for the half year.


5. “S” in CARTS model, the DOM
   should negotiate funds to be
   allocated achievement of pay-for-
   performance quality metrics
6. No COLA for FY13
7. Academic stipends standardized
   across Sections

1. Best Practice Models to assure
   timely and sufficient grant
   submissions. Annual review
   include a 2-year prospective plan-
   when grants expire, when renewals
   and new grants submitted, timeline
   support of research staff, for
   notifying staff of potential expiration
   of support.
2. Funding of bridge and pilot grants
   should be maintained/enhanced.
   Probability of obtaining extramural
   funding for the specific studies (not
   investigator him/herself) should be
   the main criteria for bridge and/or
   pilot grants.
3. Greater centralization of
   research admin in DOM
4. Sharing of expert technicians
   between PIs
5. The DOM should recruit a
   development officer
6. Faculty compensation over NIH cap
   participate in development of
   programmatic funding and training
   grants (rapid response team as
   RFA/RFP announced); mentorship
   of junior faculty. New funding and
   REF funds should be incentivized
7. REF funds held centrally by
   Sections for research admin,
   support salaries over cap, strategic
   support of research, reward
   successful faculty with incentives
   and support for meetings, and to
   assist with bridging under-funded

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