RFP FY2011 Continuation FC:340/345 Community Adult Learning Center by Tqurg9


									Name of Grant Program: Community Adult Learning Center                                Fund Code: 340/345
                       Program Service Option 3 –
                       Family Literacy

                            PART III – REQUIRED PROGRAM INFORMATION

Please respond to the following requests and/or questions in narrative form in the Part III
Required Information section of the SMARTT Program Planning Module.

1. Describe the program’s overall successes and challenges for the Family Literacy grant program in
   FY2010. List the FY2010 activities including specific outcomes and how these outcomes:
   a) impacted/benefited the parents and children;
   b) are measured - describe qualitative/quantitative data collected on each activity.

2. Explain professional development for staff involved in the Family Literacy Program grant program.
   Professional development could include self-study, study circles, on-line training, training in one or
   more components of family literacy, cross-training with partners and other in-depth trainings for those
   not already an “expert” in teaching reading (including structured approaches), writing, and

3. Describe connections and/or relationships the program has built with K-12 and other family literacy
   related services in the community. If applicable, explain how these connections/relationships have
   helped families connect to community services.

4. Provide a description of the goals, objectives, and major activities that will be conducted by the
   Family Literacy grant program in FY2011.

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