FINANCE ASSISTANT

Job Details

Department:                       Finance

Reporting Arrangements:           Head of Finance

Base:                             New Century House, Denton

Grade:                            Band 3

House of work:                    37.5

Job Summary

To provide support to the Finance team in collating a variety of information to
facilitate the production of regular reports and the monitoring and completion
of routine tasks.

Main Duties & Responsibilities

   Provide support to senior management accountants in the Contract Stock
    take exercise for all health and non healthcare services including the
    tracking and analysis of invoices and contracts by identifying invoices paid
    to suppliers.

   Support budget holder training in understanding the requirements and use
    of the new financial ledger system and assisting in routine tasks.

   Support senior managers within the department in organising workload
    and assisting with administrative preparatory work.

   Develop and monitor a Financial Return repository to monitor progress and
    collate output of all national, regional and local returns.

   Monitor and maintain annual price schedules in relation to all secondary
    care contracts ensuring they reconcile to costed activity plans where

   Validate patient detail and tariff prices for all Non-contracted activity

    Update and maintain the NCA database to facilitate effective ledger
     reconciliations and financial forecasts.

    Assist in the loading of secondary care SLAM files from providers ensuring
     data is received in accordance with SUS flex and freeze timelines.

    Support management accountants in carrying out GP validations of activity
     and reporting discrepancies to providers as appropriate.

    Validate and receipt purchase orders on the financial ledger system to
     facilitate prompt payments for all secondary care contracts.

    Support management accountants in the analysis and reconciliation of
     debtor accounts in the quarterly Agreement of Balance exercise.

 General Tasks

 1. To work flexibly as a member of a team and to provide cover for other

 2. To acquire a good understanding of the Finance Department’s work in
    order to be able to support the team without the need for close

 3. To deal efficiently with all enquiries to the office using initiative, diplomacy
    and sensitivity. The ability to deal competently and courteously with a
    wide range of multi-agency contacts and members of the public is

 4. To be well organised in undertaking work assigned and maintain a clear
    audit trail to support outputs.

 5. To undertake support tasks as required including appropriate preparation
    for meetings.

 Knowledge and Skills

 6. The knowledge and skills required to deliver the above duties and
    responsibilities are set out fully in the person specification. They include
    excellent communication and relationship skills.

 7. IT skills required include basic proficiency in word, excel and outlook.

 8. A good working knowledge of finance responsibilities and inter-
    organisation links will need to be developed

Responsibilities statement

This list is not exhaustive and the post holder may be required to undertake
additional duties as required.

The range of duties and responsibilities outlined above are indicative only and
are intended to give a broad flavour of the range and type of duties that will be
allocated. They are subject to modification in the light of changing service
demands and the development requirements of the postholder.


Compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and Information Governance –
the postholder is not entitled to use for their own benefit or gain, or to divulge to
any persons, firm or other organisation whatsoever, any confidential information
belonging to the PCT or relating to the PCT’s affairs or dealings which may
come to their knowledge during employment.

Compliance with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 – the postholder is
required to fulfil a proactive role towards the management of risk in all of their
actions. This entails the risk assessment of all situations, the taking of
appropriate actions and reporting of all incidents, near misses and hazards, and
a statutory duty of care for their own personal safety and that of others who may
be affected by their acts or omissions.

Compliance with PCT Policies and Procedures including the Code of Conduct,
and to be aware of and work within the PCT’s Equal Opportunities Policy and to
treat all contacts, staff or clients, with dignity and respect.

                        TAMESIDE & GLOSSOP PCT

                         PERSON SPECIFICATION


ESSENTIAL                                   DESIRABLE
Ability to use Microsoft Office Word        Ability to use the Microsoft Office
and Excel                                   package including access and
                                            powerpoint to produce reports,
                                            correspondence, spreadsheets,
                                            tables, charts and presentation
Organise own workload/time and
meet priorities and deadlines as
Able to communicate confidently and
effectively with a wide range of
people, including handling queries in
a tactful and confidential manner
Ability to determine problems and
produce solutions to work-related
Able to work effectively as part of a


ESSENTIAL                                   DESIRABLE
At least two years experience of
working in an administrative /finance

Experience of working flexibly and
switching between competing
Evidence of working on own initiative


ESSENTIAL                                   DESIRABLE
Good standard of general education          ECDL

The requirements the job demands in terms of personal commitment.


FLEXIBILITY       Able to work flexibly within the
TRAINING          Willingness to undertake the training
                  required to carry out the job and
                  further training when appropriate
OTHER             Willingness to abide by the PCTs
                  policies and procedures and observe
                  the provisions of the Health and
                  Safety at Work Act.
                  Fit to carry out the duties of the post
                  after reasonable adjustment under
                  the terms of the Disability
                  Discrimination Act 1995, have been
                  Courteous, helpful and professional

                                 Tameside & Glossop PCT

Job Title:                Administrative Support

Department:               Public Health

                                                                                       YES NO

1    Exposure Prone Procedures (EPP’s)*                                                        No
2    Manual Handling Operations                                                                No
3    Dust, Dirt, Smells                                                                        No
4    Chemicals, Fumes or Gasses (Glutaraldehyde, fixer,                                        No
     anaesthetic gases, reconstitution/handling of cytotoxic
5 Patient Contact                                                                              No
6 Babies/Children Contact                                                                      No
7 Food handling/Preparation                                                                    No
8 Driving                                                                                      No
9 Fork Lift Truck Driving                                                                      No
10 User of Display Screen Equipment                                   Yes
11 Noise                                                                                       No
12 Infestation                                                                                 No
13 Blood and Body Fluids/Waste/Samples/Foul Linen                                              No
14 Excessive Cold                                                                              No
15 Excessive Heat                                                                              No
16 Inclement weather                                                                           No
17 Radiation                                                                                   No
18 Laser Use                                                                                   No
19 Heights over 2 metres                                                                       No
20 Confined Spaces                                                                             No
21 Vibration i.e. Power Tools                                                                  No
22 Using machinery with moving/exposed parts                                                   No
23 Shift work                                                                                  No
24 Use of latex products                                                                       No
25 Physical violence                                                                           No
26 Animals                                                                                     No
27 Employment of young peoples                                                                 No
28 Any other hazards please specify                                                            No
If any hazard is identified above please give details below.
Post holder uses a display screen to carry out the majority of their tasks

*Definition of Exposure Prone Procedures (EPP’s)
Exposure prone procedures are those where there is a risk that injury to the Health Care Worker may
result in the exposure of the patient’s open tissues to the blood of the HCW. These procedures include
those where the HCW’s gloved hands may be in contact with sharp instruments, needle tips and sharp
tissue (spicules of bones and teeth) inside a patients open body cavity, wound or confined anatomical
space where the hands or fingertips may not be completely visible at all times.


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