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									   April 20, 2012

      New Mexico
Health Insurance Alliance
     Board Meeting

              10:00 am – Noon
        CNM Workforce Training Center
           5600 Eagle Rock Ave NE
           Albuquerque NM 87113

 Agenda                        Description        Presenter /        I = Inform            Board Action/ Suggested Motion
  Item                                            Facilitator        A =Action

1          Call to Order/                         John Franchini
           Proxy Assignments/ Review of Agenda
2          Approval of January 21, 2011 Minutes   John Franchini          A       Motion to Approve Minutes of January 21, 2011
3.0        Committee Reports                                               I
3.1          Finance Committee                    Kurt Shipley           I/A      Finance:
3.2                                                                        I      Motion to approve 2011 Audit
3.3                                                                        I      Motion to approve Sept 2012 pricing
             Operations/Benefits Committee        Carole Henry
             Marketing Committee                  Elizabeth Madden
4          Executive Director Report              Mike Nunez              I
5          Alliance/Exchange Update               Mike Nunez               I

6           Public Comment                        John Franchini          I

            Next Meeting                          John Franchini          I

7           Adjournment                           John Franchini          A       Motion to adjourn

          NEW MEXICO HEALTH INSURANCE ALLIANCE                                                                                    2

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