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									PNPM Mandiri Support Facility DAILY MEDIA MONITORING
As of June 4, to June 10, 2012

PNPM Mandiri

PNPM is sure to succeed if managed seriously (Gorontalo Pos, pg. 11, 21 May 2012)
The success of the National Program for Community Empowerment (PNPM), especially in its
Women's Savings and Loans program (SPKP), depends on the seriousness of the recipients.
Tilango District Head David Bobihoe Akib said that even though the amount is not too big, but if
it's well-managed, the effect would be great in the development of welfare.

This year, the PNPM fund allocated to Tilago Sub-district is set at Rp4.95 billion.

Book on PNPM audit launched in Denpasar Hotel (, pg. None, 28 May
The book titled "Menilai PNPM Mandiri, Audit Sosial Berbasis Masyarakat di Sulawesi Selatan"
(assessing PNPM Mandiri, a people-based social audit in South Sulawesi) was launched on
May 28 in Denpasar Hotel.

The book--published by Forum Informasi dan Komunikasi Organisasi Non Pemerintah (FIK
Ornop) South Sulawesi branch and TIFA Foundation—talks about the policies adopted in
implementing the National Program for Community Empowerment (PNPM) Mandiri and based
on an audit on people in Makassar, Barru, Bulukumba, and Luwu between July 2011 and March

Don't let politics interfere with PNPM Mandiri (Fajar Makassar, pg. 10, 29 May 2012)
Aside from bringing positive effects, the National Program for Community Development (PNPM
Mandiri) also has negative impact, one of which is the lost of the spirit and value of working
together in rural areas because every work is now assessed with the value of money.

Another concern is that PNPM Mandiri is iaffected by political practices instead of focusing on
people empowerment. The concern was voiced on the sidelines of the launch of "Menilai PNPM
Mandiri" book in Denpasar Hotel, Makassar, Monday (May 28).

Three speakers gave insights on related to people-based social audit conducted in South
Sulawesi which is the subtitle of the book. The speakers are Siwan, author of the book, Mickael
B Holmen (manager of programs on democracy and government), and Asdi Abbas (member of
the PNPM Mandiri audit team).

When difficulty opens the way for change (Lombok Pos, pg. 6, 29 May 2012)
The article highlighted the experience of Zoriah, member of the Sari Ayu women's savings and
loans, who succeeded to change her living condition for the better after she obtained loans from
the activity management unit (UPK). Her two children, who prior to the loan had to quit school,
now are studying in universities.

PNPM budget allocation soars (, pg. None, 01 Jun 2012)
Finance Deputy Minister Anny Ratnawati said the government allocated Rp9 trillion fund for
PNPM this year, or three times higher than that allocated in 2007. The fund allocation for
poverty eradication programs was also raised to Rp99.2 trillion from Rp46.6 trillion in 2006,
Anny said on the sidelines of the "National Working Meeting on Poverty Eradication Funding"
held by PNPM Mandiri in Jakarta (May 30).
PNPM Mandiri has been running since 2007 in 2,800 subdistricts. To date, all subdistricts in
Indonesia has been reached by the program.

PNPM frees people in Borbor from isolation ( (member), pg. None, 02 Jun
Roads connecting villages in Borbor Subdistrict in Toba Samosir, North Sumatra, has freed
people in the region from isolation. The roads--built using the fund from PNPM--can be passed
by motorcycles easing access for the villagers. Toba Samosir District Head Kasmin Simanjuntak
expects the development in the area can be accelerated now that access to the villages is

2012 PNPM Lampung budget set at Rp355b ( (member), pg. None, 05 Jun
Direct aid fund allocated for the National Program Community Empowerment (PNPM) in
Lampung Province is set at Rp355 billion this year.

Lampung Deputy Governor MS Joko Umar Said said the fund for PNPM and other poverty
eradication programs allocated from the central government or regional government's budget
should be used wisely, synchronized, and on target.

Jembrana District Head calls for prevention of povetry alleviation program
overlap ( (member), pg. None, 06 Jun 2012)
The District Head of Jembrana, Bali, I Putu Artha, has called on facilitators of the National
Program for Community Empowerment-Mandiri (PNPM-Mandiri) to make sure that their
activities will not overlap with those of existing poverty alleviation programs. Putu said program
overlapping takes place because of poor coordination among institutions running poverty
eradication campaigns. He also said in 2012 accumulated funds from the central government,
Bali provincial administration and Jembrana district administration to phase-out poverty
problems totals Rp12.5 billion.

Narumonda sub-district receives Rp1.75b of PNPM fund ( (member), pg.
None, 06 Jun 2012)
Narumonda sub-district in North Sumatra receives Rp1.75 billion fund from the National
Program for Community Empowerment (PNPM) that will be used to finance the construction of
seven facilities and the women's savings and loans program.

Some of the facilities to be built are the road and drainage system in Siantar Tonga-tonga
village that is predicted will cost Rp134.5 million, road paving work and irrigation system in
Siantar Dangsina village that will cost Rp269.8 million and Rp338 million respectively.

Drainage in Mapak to be repaired soon (Lombok Post, pg. 9,10, 07 Jun 2012)
Citizens at Mapak Belatung, Jempong Baru, requested that the Mataram Public Works Agency
(PU) would repair the drainage in the area. The request was heard by Head of PU Mataram
Mahmuddin Tura, who promised to repair it immediately. The community questioned the
whereabouts of the Rp80 million allocated budget for the drainage repair.

Meanwhile, Mahmuddin denied that Rp80 was allocated for the repair. He said the fund came
from the Regional Budget and was set at Rp100 million. He added that the repairs should have
been done by the National Program for Community Empowerment (PNPM) Mandiri, but
because this is an urgent request from the community, PU has decided to take over the project.
Government's primary program (Kompas, pg. 7, 07 Jun 2012)
Coordinating Ministry for the Economy's Assistant Deputy for Policy and Budget, also the
secretary for working committee of PNPM Mandiri monitoring, Hadi Santoso wrote a clarification
letter regarding a May 26 article titled "The interests of political and economic elites dominant"
with Siti Khoirum Nikmah, an employee of INFID as a news source.

Referring to Siti statement that said the World Bank, in implementing the program, directly
connected to people without involving the government, Hadi wrote that PNPM Mandiri is the
government's primary program that adopted people empowerment principles aimed to curb
poverty in all provinces across Indonesia through community planning that generated job
opportunites. The program invested in small-scale infrastructure projects that speed up
development in rural as well as urban areas.

PNPM Pariwisata

'Isolation prompts up to be independent' (Pikiran Rakyat, pg. 20, 05 Jun 2012)
Wandalamekar Village Head Yana Noviadi said the condition of being isolated, but wanted their
existence to be acknowledged, has prompted him to run the By
having the website up and running in 2010, the village, which most of its residents are farmers,
gained popularity in cyberspace, leading to the further development of the village. This year, for
the first time, it received Rp70 million fund from the National Program for Community
Empowerment (PNPM) Tourism. Yana suspected the website had something to do with the fund
allocated for the village.

Penyelewengan/ Penyalahgunaan Dana PNPM

PNPM facilitator charged with 1.6 years imprisonment ( (member), pg.
None, 04 Jun 2012)
Public Attorney Sri Suriyanti charged Masdur with 1.6 years imprisoned following Masdur's
misuse of the National Program for Community Empowerment (PNPM) fund in Walenrang Sub-
district worth Rp150 million. Based on the crime he has done, the prosecutor charged him with
article 3 of the Corruption Law with a penalty of Rp50 million. The penalty was given because
the suspect caused a Rp58 million loss to the state.

PNPM Lingkungan Mandiri Perdesaan (PNPM LMP)

PNPM Environment establishes pilot project for biogas ( (member), pg.
None, 04 Jun 2012)
The National Program for Community Empowerment (PNPM) Environment in Bengkulu
Province set Sulau Village in Kedurang Ilir, South Bengkulu, as pilot project for biogas. The
project has succeeded in producing affordable and green energy to local people.

PNPM Mandiri Perdesaan

Three districts receive PNPM MP fund (Bangka Pos, pg. 4, 22 May 2012)
Bangka Belitung province receives Rp23.5 billion fund from the National Program for Rural
Community Empowerment Mandiri (PNPM MP) this year. It will be distributed to 15 sub-districts
in three districts-- West Bangka, Central Bangka, and East Belitung--in the province.

The fund allocated for Bangka Belitung came from the regional budget which accounted for
Rp3.5 billion and the rest came from the state budget. Last year, the province received Rp22.8
billion fund.

PNPM tender process must be transparent (MercuSuar, pg. 8, 28 May 2012)
Procurement process of the National Program for Rural Community Empowerment (PNPM MP)
in Tolitoli District, which still in tender announcement stage, must be conducted transparently.

The details of the job put on tender must be let opened to the public, and nothing should be
hidden from the tender process to the job handover, Tolitoli Corruption Watch activist Husri said.

Self-reliance helps build kindergarten facility (Lombok Pos, pg. 6, 29 May 2012)
In 2009, with the help from the National Program for Rural Community Empowerment (PNPM-
MP) and the self-reliance shown by the people in Batu Kuta village in West Lombok, the
kindergarten TK Qur'aniyah building was renovated.

The kindergarten is known to have win a number of competitions in the subdistrict level as well
as provincial level. No less than 740 students have graduated from TK Qur'aniyah.

PNPM-MPd must focus on RTM (Fajar Makassar, pg. 26, 01 Jun 2012)
The National Program for Community Empowerment Mandiri Rural (PNPM-MPd) in Takalar
must focus on poor families (RTM). The program is expected to enhance participatory
development, transparency, and inter-village institutional capacity and cooperation.

PNPM Generasi

Upbringing pattern influences nutrition (Lombok Pos, pg. 15, 21 May 2012)
Insufficient food is not always the cause of malnutrition. There are other factors such as parents'
upbringing. One case for example is a baby in Kayangan subdistrict in West Nusa Tenggara
who comes from a moderate-income family. The problem is, since both parents are working, the
baby is under the care of the grandmother who feed the baby with food less nutritious.

Based on the National Program for Community Empowerment smart health generation program
(PNPM-GSC) data, the number of babies who suffer malnutrition in North Lombok reaches
1,360 babies. Through PNPM GSC, the figure is slowly decreasing, thanks to the counseling
given by facilitators and additional food given to the babies.

PNPM Pariwisata

Three villages receives PNPM Mandiri Tourism fund (Bangka Pos, pg. 5, 24 May 2012)
Three villages in South Bangka District receive funds from the National Program for Community
Empowerment (PNPM) Tourism to develop tourism in the region.

The three villages were previously set as tourism villages by the regional authorities, which are
the Nyeelanding Village in Air Gegas Sub-district, Pasir Putih Village in Tukak Sadai Sub-distict,
and Tanjung Ketapang Village in Toboali Sub-district. Those villages will receive a Rp75 million
budget, which will be cut 5% for administration fee.

PNPM Peduli

PNPM assists three remote villages (MercuSuar, pg. 7, 31 May 2012)
The fulfillment of basic rights of people in three isolated villages -- Porolea, Lonebasa, and Lawe
-- in Pipikoro sub-district, Central Sulawesi, had been improved with the help from the National
Program for Community Empowerment (PNPM).

Better fulfillment of the rights to have education, better health condition, and opportunities to
conduct business leads to better living condition of people in the three villages.

PNPM Mandiri Perkotaan

Poor citizens get Rp4b grant (Serambi Indonesia, pg. 3, 04 Jun 2012)
The National Program for Community Empowerment Mandiri Urban added a new program this
year, "Peningkatan Mata Pencaharian Keluarga" (household income improvement, (PMPK).
The government allocated Rp4 billion of funds for the program this year to be distributed to 40
villages. Each village received Rp100 million.

Infrastructure development boost economic activities (Lampung Post, pg. 9, 04 Jun 2012)
Infrastructure development helped bolster the economy of the people in West Pringsewu. With
the assistance from the National Program for Urban Community Empowerment (PNPM MP),
road access is now available, as well as the drainage and sewer systems, and other

In 2011, Pringsewu district received Rp3.5 billion in community block grant (BLM) that came
from the state budget. The fund had been used up to develop the region.

PNPM Mandiri Integrasi

Sleman promotes PNPM Mandiri ( (member), pg. None, 06 Jun 2012)
Sleman district administration held an event to promote the National Program for Community
Empowerment Integration 2012 on Jun 6. The PNPM Mandiri Integration has been conducted in
Sleman since April 1, 2012, in 49 villages located in ten subdistricts (Minggir, Seyegan, Godean,
Gamping, Mlati, Depok, Berbah, Kalasan, Prambanan, and Cangkringan).

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