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									                                                                     Appendix A
                      CONSULTANT QUESTIONNAIRE
                            YORK UNIVERSITY
Control Tests                                         Management         Worker
Who is responsible for planning the work to be
Who decides how much the worker is to be
Who decides on the time frame?
Who decides how the work is to be done?
Who decides the hours of work?
Who decides the work location?
Who supervises the tasks?
Who sets the standards to be met, quality,
volume and time frame?
Who decides if the work needs to be redone and
who bears the costs?
If training is involved who pays the costs?

Ownership Tests
Who supplies the office equipment?
Who supplies the materials?
Who assumes the responsibility for the
performance of the work?

Chance of Profit/Risk of Loss
Who covers the cost of damage to office equipment
or material?
Who covers the cost of liability insurance?
Who covers office expenses?
Who covers the cost incurred by the worker in
carrying out the work?

Integration Test
Is the worker an integrated part of the              Yes             No
Do they work with students or other staff members
on a regular basis?                                  Yes             No
Is the individual currently or have they been in     Yes             No
the 6 months an employee of York?
Completed By:

YORK UNIVERSITY Manager (Print              Date             Extension

YORK UNIVERSITY Manager                     E-mail
                             1                             Issued: April 3, 2000
                                                      Modified: January 20, 2010
Explanation of Key Headings in the Questionnaire

The Control Test
  The control test deals with the level of management prerogative, direction and
  control available to the service provider. If the individual/entity providing the
  service determines how, when and for what cost the services are to be
  offered and provided, they are more likely consultants/contractors. If
  University management exercises control over what is to be done, how and
  when and for what remuneration; it is more likely an employment relationship.

The Ownership Test
  The ownership test relates to who generally supplies the tools to do the work.
  In an employer-employee relationship, the employer generally supplies the
  equipment required by the employee. In addition, the employer covers the
  costs related to their use, repairs, insurance, rental and operations. In a
  business relationship, workers generally supply their own equipment and
  supplies. Individuals who work at the University are generally supplied
  computers, telephones and desks.

The Chance of Profit/Risk of Loss
  In an employer-employee relationship, the employer alone assumes the risk
  of loss. The employer also covers operating expenses. The employee does
  not face financial risk and is entitled to his full salary regardless of the
  financial health of the business. The income of the employee does not
  depend on the results achieved at the end of the contract.

The Integration Test
   Where the worker integrates his activities into the University activities, he is
   considered an employee. If the worker integrates the University work into his
   commercial activities then a consultant role is being played.

                           2                              Issued: April 3, 2000
                                                     Modified: January 20, 2010
                                                                            Appendix B


Surname:                                      First Name:

Department:                                   Location:


Supervisor's Name/Title:                      Extension:

General Information
(a)  Describe in detail the work performed for the University.


(b)      Date work commenced.
(c)      End date of assignment.

(d)      Hours and days of

(e)      When the work is performed, is it physically done at the University or is the
         work performed at another location? Explain.
(f)      Is the work confined to a specific project or initiative or is it work of an on-
         going nature?

                               3                              Issued: April 3, 2000
                                                         Modified: January 20, 2010
Personnel Authority

Does staff report to this individual? If yes, how many, what are their
positions and employment categories (full time, part time, casual, work-

Employment Category        Position(s)              Number supervised
Full time

Part time



With respect to the relationship with these employees, does this individual
have the authority to?
                                         Yes No Explain
Evaluate performance
Grant/deny requests for vacation, time
Approve overtime
Assign and direct work
Train/orient staff
Provide general guidance

                           4                         Issued: April 3, 2000
                                                Modified: January 20, 2010

In the course of work, does this individual deal with confidential information? If
yes, what is the nature of the information and the nature of involvement?


Financial Responsibility

Is this individual involved in the development and/or administration of budgets? If
yes, explain the scope of involvement and the dollar value of the budget(s).


I hereby acknowledge that the information I have provided is true and

________________________________                 ______________________
YORK UNIVERSITY Manager (Print Name)              Date

________________________________                 ________________        ________
YORK UNIVERSITY Manager Signature                E-mail                  Extension

I have reviewed the information on this form and confirm that it is a true
and accurate reflection of the work I perform at YORK UNIVERSITY.

________________________________             ___________________________
Consultant (Print Name)                      Date

________________________________ __________________                    _________
Consultant Signature             E-mail                                Extension

                            5                              Issued: April 3, 2000
                                                      Modified: January 20, 2010

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