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									                           AFIT Student Outprocessing from NPS
You will have 3 checklists for outprocessing:
  1. AFIT Checklist
  2. AF Checklist
  3. NPS Checklist
      Air Force Liaison Officer is on your NPS checklist (see #3 below)
      All AFIT outprocessing items may be accessed via your AFIT/CIP account. Either use, or log in and click “General
       Program Information”, then “Outgoing Student Requirements”.
      Once you’re on the “Outgoing Student Requirements” page, you will see a checklist of items to
      Here is some additional guidance on Item 1, Training Report inputs:
            o   Unlike OPRs, TRs need not be top-to-bottom, left-to-right filled in;
            o   Do not need to be in OPR-type bullet format
            o   A few standard entries are on all reports.
                       i. Degree program
                      ii. Focus area
                     iii. NPS GPA
                     iv. Comprehensive exam pass results
            o   There are a few items that can distinguish your TR. Any achievement or activity beyond those
                standard lines, are up to you. If you have something and want it included, you must provide it.
                Otherwise, the standard items will be all that is included. Some examples of other achievements (with
                proper proof and/or documentation) include:
                       i. Published papers
                      ii. Participation in large school events
                     iii. Leadership positions in class, etc.
                     iv. We can also include items from your last unit that took place prior to your departure, but after
                          your last OPR if you have an LOE for it and provide a copy to AFIT.
            o   Items we cannot put in the TR include volunteer work in the local community, PME-based comments,
                fitness scores, and basically any item that cannot be placed on an OPR.

      AFIT FAQs:
       1.   Q: Do I have to send AFIT my transcript or copy of my diploma?
            A: No, NPS will automatically do this for you within about 45-60 days after graduation.
       2.   Q: When will my training report show in my records?
            A: AFIT has up to 120 days after you graduate to get those completed and out the door to AFPC for inclusion in your
            records. Usually the TR is ready before NPS transcripts are received. Once the transcript is received, and the TR is
            signed, it will be submitted to AFPC.
       3.   Q: I am meeting a board, can my report be expedited?
            A: After we get the transcripts, all reports are done in a timely manner. We try to accommodate promotion boards and
            such as much as possible. Just remember, it takes time for all updates to happen and the reports to flow through the
            system. We work all reports as quickly and accurately as possible. Check your board milestone dates at this link:
   if you’re
            meeting an upcoming board, discuss options with the AF Liaison Officer.
       4.   Q: My new commander is asking, how do I get a copy of my training report?
            A: Unfortunately, AFIT is not permitted to send that directly to you. Once we send them to AFPC, they will include
            them in your records and upload them into ARMS for instant access by you.
       5.   Q: How does my degree get updated into my records to show my completion?
            A: Once we get the transcripts here, the first step we take is to do a letter for each graduate and send it to our coding
            division here to update your official AF records...once they update your records, it will reflect on your SURF.
       6.   Q: (If applicable): How does my award/outstanding thesis/project/dissertation/etc. get into my TR?
           A: Scan/email or fax this to Capt Ray at AFIT in order to have it included. He cannot include unverified information
           into your training report, so please help me write those strong inputs for you by providing the documents to back up
           the info!
      7.   Q: What inputs do you need for the report and where do I send them?
           A: In order to submit inputs for your final training report, please input them into the student website,
  The things we are looking for primarily are: your thesis/project title, a short description of
           how the thesis impacts either DoD or AF interests, any awards/recognitions received, any inputs you feel are worthy
           that extend beyond the normal academic activity, if you took a cumulative exam instead of a thesis include if you
           "passed with distinction" if awarded, if you've been in language include your DLPT scores, class leader, section
           leader, cohort leader, etc.
      8.   Q: When do you need the inputs by?
           A: Since many awards aren't given until graduation, we don't expect them until graduation time. However, please
           submit prior to departure from NPS to allow us time to work on drafts and ask questions if we need clarification.

     Located at Bldg 616 (Taylor Hall), Rm 223A; just inside Franklin St. gate at the Presidio of Monterey (POM)
     Personnel:
          o You will receive an AF checklist The NCO assigned to handle NPS students will send you an
               Assignment RIP and all checklists/items necessary for AF outprocessing.
          o Remember to update your vRED (AF Portal/vMPF…there will also be a link to update DEERS).
     (also Finance):
          o On the day of your final outprocessing appointment with the MPS, bring a copy of your travel orders to
               Finance so they can put you in transient status.
          o For advance pay, see them 30 days prior to departure.
          o For advance travel and/or DLA pay, see them 10 business days prior to departure.

3. NPS
     Student Services Checklist:
         o Under “Graduating Students” on this page:
         o Bring a completed copy to your “Final Out” briefing w/ the MPS.
         o Make sure you update the PYTHON block for Thesis/Diploma/Certificate Mailing address.
         o Step V—only applies if you took NWC classes.
         o AF Liaison Officer items:
                  Requirements to sign NPS checklist
                        1. Complete AFIT GTC memo to transfer your GTC to your new base
                        2. Verify you have a current PT score before PCS
                        3. (THESIS STUDENTS only): Provide a copy of your green card (or extension
                           paperwork) before you can leave NPS.
                        4. Anyone meeting a promotion board after graduation please let me know, we may
                           have some milestones to discuss.
     Contact info: NPS STUDENT SERVICES
         o NPS, Herrmann Hall, Room 039
         o e-mail
         o Phone (831) 656-3815/7848

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