No Charge Contract For Equipment Evaluation At Supplier Request by Tqurg9


									                                         ATTACHMENT A


I.       Identification

         Be it known that in this transaction ___________________________ is identified as the
         "Lender" and Carnegie Mellon University is identified as the "University".

II.      Purchase Order Use

         The Carnegie Mellon Purchase Order # ____________ is for record keeping purposes only,
         and issued at no charge to the University, and incorporates this Attachment A.

III.     Purchase Order Purpose

         This purchase order is being used as a vehicle to allow the Lender to demonstrate, and the
         University to evaluate the practical use of the specified item(s) or service(s). Upon
         completion of the demonstration and evaluation, University will decide if the specified
         item(s)/service(s) shall be purchased/leased for use at University's facilities or returned to
         Lender. University is under no obligation to purchase, lease or rent item(s)/service(s)
         beyond the expiration of the specified demonstration or evaluation period.

IV.      Indemnification

         It is mutually understood and agreed that at all times hereunder, title is owned by and shall
         at all times remain with the Lender. Upon termination of this Agreement for any reason,
         University shall return the item(s) used in the demonstration to Lender in “as is” condition,
         unusual damage (defined as damage resulting from willful misconduct or negligence of the
         University) excepted. In the event University is not able to return the demonstration item(s)
         without unusual damage, University shall be liable for the cost of repair or replacement
         only. However, University's liability hereunder shall, in no event, exceed the market value
         of the demonstration item(s) at the time University returns the item(s). Lender specifically
         agrees to assume the risk of all other losses, whether on University’s premises or being
         transported to or from said premises.

         Notwithstanding the above, Lender shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless University,
         its trustees, officers, employees and agents against any claim, damage, liability, injury,
         expense or loss, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney's fees and costs, by reason
         of any suit, claim, demand, judgment or cause of action initiated by any person, arising out
         of or in connection with this transaction, or University’s use of the
         equipment/product/service, or any act or omission of Lender including, but not limited to,
         claims of negligence, infringement or product liability regarding any
         equipment/product/software lent hereunder.
V.    Equipment Valuation

      The item(s) specified on the face of this no charge purchase order has (have) an "estimated
      sales value" of $______________.___.

VI.   Location & Responsibility

      The item(s) specified on the face of this no charge purchase order shall be located in
      ____________________________________________________________ but, shall be the
      responsibility of Lender. For notification purposes regarding maintenance or operating
      issues, contact Borrower’s M__. ___________________.


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