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									     RUGBY DISTRICT BRANCH No. 0574M
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                      MINUTES OF BRANCH MEETING HELD 3rd APRIL 2007

Meeting held at 28 Regent Place (The Friends' Meeting House), Rugby at 7.30 pm.
Present:     J Craig, S Cassidy, G Paterson, M Avis, L Bird, Sue Hunter, M Eversfield, N Cross.
1.     Apologies:      G Ainscough, N Zelenovic.                                                          Formatted

2.     Minutes     Minutes of 6th March 2007 were signed and accepted as a true record.
3.     Matters Arising.
       From 2.1.07
       Item 5.2 Justice for Colombia: Annual Affiliation due for renewal at £50.00. Agreed, but
                 payment suspended until the Treasurer deems appropriate.
       Item 5.3    Liberty: Affiliation fee i£47. Agreed, but payment suspended until the Treasurer
                   deems appropriate.
       From 6.2.07
       Item 5.2    National Pensioners Convention: Annual Affiliation due for renewal at £50.00. It
                   was agreed, but payment suspended until the Treasurer deems appropriate
       From 6.3.07
       Item 5.2    Hazards Magazine: subscription renewal due, 11 copies per issue cost £59.40.
                   Agreed to renew, but payment suspended until the Treasurer deems appropriate
       Item 5.3    Director of Finance: Allocation of Branch Funds for 2007 – see item 5.5
4.     Administration.
       4.1     Treasurer's Report:
               No report - Treasurer not present.
               4.1.1 Branch Expenditure: None
       4.2     Membership Matters:
               Branch membership 828, (down 19) due to HO removing lapsed members from register.
       4.3     Constitutional Matters:       None
5.     Correspondence (Items requiring decision):
       5.1     LRD Booklet: State Benefits & Tax Credits 2007. Agreed 11 copies @ £3.70 each, to be
               charged against our LRD account.
       5.2     HSE Books: subscription renewal due, £20 for first copy + (6-49 copies £15 ea). e.g. 10
               copies/issue is 20 + (9x15) = £155. This represents a massive price increase, previous
               years was £15 + £3 for extra copies (£45 for 11). Agreed therefore to order one copy
               only, to be available on request, but payment would be suspended until the Treasurer
               deems appropriate.
       5.3     Disability Alliance: Disability Rights Handbook 32nd Edition (April 2007-08) £20. Agreed
               to order one copy, but payment would be suspended until the Treasurer deems
       5.4     Rugby CVS: Affiliation for 2007/08 due, £12.00. Agreed to reaffiliate.
       5.5     Finance Department: Allocation of Branch Funds for 2007, 1st Quarter General
               Purposes Allocation of £191.28 has been deposited into Branch bank account.
       5.6     GS Simpson: Merger with TGWU. Members voting YES: 208,405 (70.5%), Members

www.amicusrugby.org.uk                              1
            voting NO: 87,044 (29.5%). Number of ballot papers distributed: 1,087,408; ballot
            papers returned: 296,436; spoilt papers: 987; valid papers counted: 295,449. Any
            member can request a copy of the report free of charge however; a copy has been
            inserted in the latest issue of the magazine sent out on 23 rd March 2007.
      5.7   Suzanna Dolata: Trades Union Councils Affiliation 2007: cheque for £102 payable to
            Rugby Trades Union Council. Handed to M Avis, Rugby TUC Treasurer.
      5.8   Glenn Cook, Director of Member Services: Amicus Exemption Confirmation/
            Membership Retention Request for member No.30241387. Secretary responded.
      5.9   Membership Dept, re letter of resignation from member No.5451463 of Pickerings Lifts,
            Stockton. L Bird has written to member, explaining that no record of this member exists.
      5.10 TUDA: AGM and Conference, 12th May 2007, 10.30am, NCVO, Regent’s Warf, 8 All
           Saints St, London. Agreed M Eversfield to attend as individual, Branch will support fare.
      Any other correspondence was circulated at the meeting and duly noted.

      6.     Reports.
      6.1     Workplace & Industrial
              ALSTOM Power, Steam Turbines (TSUG):
              TSUG pay claim for 2007 - management have offered 3.0% for those achieving at
              least a specified level (2 - meets all of the requirements of the role) in their Personal
              Performance Assessments (which covers the majority of staff). This compares with the
              Union's claim for 4.2% (based on RPI, which has since risen to 4.6%). The Union will
              wait for the disclosure of the Corporate pay guidelines before voting on the offer. The
              Works have already rejected their initial offer of 3.0%.
      6.2     Delegates & Meetings:
              Report from Sid Cassidy: Rugby Voluntary & Community Sector Forum,
              Brian Chapman & Parminder Aujla from Cranstoun Drug Services, Warwickshire
              Community Drugs Agency spoke of their work in Rugby. It is a needs based and client
              specific service offering advice and information on life choices, assisting those who
              choose to change.
              The workshop session concentrated on the 6 priorities: Stronger communities, Safer
              communities, Healthier communities, Prosperous communities, Children & Young
              People’s communities and Sustainable communities.
      6.3     Officers:
              M Eversfield – Branch H&S Officer
              M Eversfield reported that recent reports indicated that asbestosis can occur many
              years after exposure. He suggested that any member who has been exposed to
              asbestos at any time in their working life should register this with Amicus Head Office,
              even if they do not appear to have symptoms.
7.    Motions:                             None
8.    Any Other Business:                  None

www.amicusrugby.org.uk                            2
9.     Date of Next Meeting:
       Next meeting to be held on Tuesday 1st May 2007, at 28 Regent Place (The Friends' Meeting
       House), Rugby at 7.30 pm. All Amicus members are cordially invited to attend.

Meeting closed at 8.50 pm.

                                                Signed:                           (Chairman)
L E Bird
Minutes Sec.                                       Date:

www.amicusrugby.org.uk                         3
     Website: www.amicusrugby.org.uk

Dear Colleague,

The next GENERAL MEETING will take place on TUESDAY 1st MAY 2007, 7.30 pm, at 28

            All Amicus Members are entitled to attend and will be most welcome.


    1.      Apologies for absence.
    2.      Minutes of previous meeting.
    3.      Matters arising from previous minutes.
    4.      Administration:
                   4.1   Treasurer's Report
                         4.1.1      Branch Expenditure
                   4.2   Membership
                   4.3   Constitutional Matters:
    5.      Correspondence
    6.      Reports:
                   6.1   Workplace & Industrial
                   6.2   Delegates & Meetings
                   6.3   Officers
    7.      Motions (general)
    8.      Any other business
    9.      Date of next meeting (to be confirmed as 5.6.07)

Sid Cassidy
Branch Secretary,
17 Claremont Road
Rugby CV21 3NA
Tel 01788 570717
Email: kjcassidy@onetel.com

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