Board Meeting Minute April 12 2012 Approved by Tqurg9


									                             Board Meeting Minutes Approved
                                    Regular Meeting
                                     April 12, 2012
                              Seven Hills Classical Academy

1. Call to Order: Chair John Rimstad called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

2. Roll call: The following members were present: Belinda Caspari, Kim Hubertus (Ex Officio),
Bryan Quevli, Heather Burfeind, Sarah Gleason, Claire Emery, John Rimstad (Board Chair), John
Thomson, Dr. Alice Woog (Ex Officio), Absent: Russell Rosckes

Other Attendees: Carolyn Farrell, Nick Taintor, Anna Knaeble, Colleen Jax

3. Motion made by H. Burfeind and seconded J. Thomson to approve the amended agenda.
Motion passed unanimously.

4. Motion made by K. Hubertus and seconded H. Burfeind by to approve March 1, 2012
minutes Motion passed unanimously
Corrections - under #6 bullet 4, to change to from
             - Bullet 7 strike in the
             - Bullet 8 Success to successful
             - Bullet 9 strike to and families to lunch
             - Under Balance Sheet bullet 5 change HAS to HSA
             - Under Finance Committee bullet 5 strike Has and add D to isputed
             - Under Directors Report, bullet 8 change normal to normed
             - Bullet 9, 1 to 2, strike 65 current, 13 openings
             - Bullet 12 and on
             - Bullet 13 add are
             - Under Governance, add Dr. Woog and strike Alice
             - Under ongoing, add and
             - Adjourn, add time of 9:15
5. Comments from Community Members
     Anna Knaeble discussed the Summer School program
Colleen Jax – There will be 6 students to 1 teacher. They will using the reading and Math Currliculum
that the school already has.

6. Report on Beacon Prep Board Meeting – John Rimstad
    Enrollment 153
    Discussion on the merger about the HS is step 2, step 1 is merging both schools.
    Purchasing a Gym divider and asking PC to help.
    Using the theater for next year as a classroom.
    Budgeting with 3 different scenarios, 170, 175, 180 students for next year
 7. Monthly Finance Report – Nick Taintor

         The working budget 2011-2012 projects revenues to exceed expenditures in all
           funds in the amount of $50,998.
         62.6% of total expenses have been spent for FY 2012 which is normal for this time
           of year. We are 66.7% and 66.7% of the way through the fiscal year and school
           year, respectively

   Balance Sheet
         The beginning balances shown on the Balance Sheet are based on the
            audited ending information as of June 30, 2011.
         Current State Holdback Receivable, in the amount of $231,205 is the portion of the
            40% holdback payment that is owed to the school from the state. 75% of the total
            holdback will be paid back on July 15, 2012. The
            remaining 25% will be paid back in October 2012.
         Shared Services due from Beacon Prep, in the amount of $105,535,
            represent amounts owed for services per the Shared Services agreement
            for fiscal year 2011-2012. There was a payment made in March to catch
            up payments from July through January.
         Accounts Payable represent amounts due for invoices received but not paid as of
            the end of the period.
         Payroll Deductions and Contributions are made up of employee related
            payroll costs prepaid at the end of February. $36,500 of that balance is
            made up of the HRA/HSA plan which Seven Hills has set aside amounts
            that the employees can use for medical reimbursements.
         The beginning Fund Balance represents the audited ending Fund Balance at the
            end of the 2010-2011 school year

Statement of Revenue and Expenditures

This report shows the budget approved for the year, the working budget, and
year to date activity (revenues and expenditures). Per review of the percent of budget column on
pages 6 through 8, no revenue or expenditure line items are worth noting, except that BKDA
staff has done a second revised budget review of all revenues and expenditure line items. Many
revenue and expenditure line items were updated for current year activity that has occurred and
projected those items through the rest
of the year. Some significant changes include –
        1. General Education Aid – increased due to a new revenue
           source for the School Trust Land Endowment.
        2. Federal Education Jobs Fund – increased due to a re-allocation
           of $600,000 from MDE.
        3. E-Rate Revenue which has not been collected for FY 2010-
          2011 and FY 2011-2012.
        4. Miscellaneous Revenue – increased due to the Cypres-
           Microsoft Lawsuit and funds to be collected from technology
           costs expended in FY 2011-2012.
        5. Q-Comp Salaries and Benefits – further review has found that
           the Q-Comp stipends paid to employees were not originally in
           the salary and benefit budgets as originally intended.
        6. Contract Services – decreased due to actual activity during the
           year and the savings for hiring a nurse, changing IT services,
           and other arrangements made during the year.
       7. Contracted Transportation – increased due to the fuel escalation
          clause and the rising gas prices.
       8. Instructional Supplies and Textbooks and Workbooks – there
            was a reclassification of expenses that more appropriately
            reports the actual activity for the fiscal year. Administration
            does not foresee any further expenditures in these categories
            for the remainder of the year.
       9. Community Fund Revenue and Expense – revenues increased
           for the inclusion of the Kids’ Club fees charged. Expenditures
           have increased for the inclusion of the stipends paid to teachers
           for overseeing the Kids’ Club program; and the addition of two
           kindergarten teachers who had been solely allocated to the
           General Fund, but after further review should be allocated to the
           Community Fund.

Cash Flow Statement
   Nothing significant to note for this month.

 8a. Finance Committee – Kim Hubertus

       Review February financials
       Review 2012 – 2013 budget scenarios
       Review 990 tax return
       Pay for performance proposal

Motion made by B. Quevli and seconded by K. Hubertus to approve the 990 tax return Motion
passed unanimously

 8b. Executive Director Report – Dr. Alice Woog – See Directors report

       Human Resources—as we look to the 2012-13 school year, discussions regarding the
        MDE’s Birth to 12th grade Literacy Plan entitled: Reading Well by Third Grade will take
        effect. Currently, the Curriculum Director and Literacy Specialist along with our
        Enrichment Team have led to a recommendation to post for an additional Literacy
        Specialist. This will allow us to have two specialists to serve grades K-2 and 3-5,
        respectively. Currently, Claire Emery is our Literacy specialist and she would assume
        one of the grade levels of service and oversee the Literacy Program at SHCA. The funds
    provided through the literacy initiative will pay for one of the two specialist positions.
    This position will be posted internally, on the school website, and on EdPost in early
    April 2012. Other staffing plans will be reviewed in the next 3-4 weeks as we look at our
    enrollment and needs in Special Education.

   Curriculum—the Board approved National Geographic Science curriculum was
    available for parents to view at the recent Town Hall Meeting on March 27, 2012. Julie
    Ball, Curriculum Director presented information regarding the new curriculum.

    The first Curriculum Committee meeting took place on March 22nd. Discussions
    included the history of the school’s curriculum, a curriculum review cycle, and next
    steps. The committee will reconvene on April 24th to compare Singapore Math and Math
    in Focus. A math survey went out to all teaching staff with results to be reported on the
    24th. We are looking to improve our implementation of Singapore Math, looking at
    student achievement in mathematics, as well as remediation needs.

    MCA II testing will begin on April 17th-20th, for grades 3-5 in Reading. This is the last
    year of paper/pencil tests. MCA III testing will begin on April 24th – 27th, for grades 3-5
    in Mathematics. This is the first year SHCA has participated in the online version. MCA
    testing in Science will be online for grade 5 only, on May 1st and 2nd.

   Enrollment—419 students as of April 12, 2012. An update of enrollment projections
    will be provided at the April 12, 2012 Board of Director’s Meeting. Regarding
    Kindergarten enrollment, the following was reported on March 30, 2012—

    AM = 28
    PM = 18
    Full Day = 29

   Facilities—the lease aid documents are ready for submission to the MDE by the April
    15, 2012 due date.

    An AED was purchased and is installed in the main office area of SHCA for use by both
    schools, and if necessary, should an emergency arise on the property. On, March 27,
    staffs from both SHCA and BP were trained in CPR and use of the AED.

    On April 19 we will hold the required severe weather drill along with BP. This year we
    have had a Lock Down warning drill, and it is our plan to have an actual Lockdown drill
    for by mid-May.

   Parent Connection—the PC is to be commended for the successful School Carnival they
    sponsored on March 17, 2012 at SHCA. The PC provided lunch for the staff on Monday,
    April 9th during Parent-Teacher Conferences. Plans are being made for the Spaghetti
    Dinner and Silent Auction scheduled for May 17, 2012.
     Communication—information regarding standardized testing was given to parents at the
      Spring Conferences. Through the Chronicles, the Exploratory Committee is able to
      provide families with an update of their activities.

     Technology—in early April we needed to replace one of our servers, which was done
      through Kevin King from Metistek. Bids for technology support providers for the 2012-
      13 school year have been requested. All bids received will be reviewed to meet our
      requirements and expectations. We must have a technology support provider that is a
      member of the E-rate plan in order for us to be reimbursed for technology expenses. The
      Technology Committee will hold its first meeting on April 17th.

     Transportation—all issues or problems with bus service and student behavior are being
      addressed in a timely manner by Deb Peters or me.

     Calendar—a proposed calendar will be sent to Board Members on Tuesday, April 10 for
      their review and potential adoption. The proposed calendar needs to be reviewed by the
      Calendar Committee members when they return to SHCA on April 9.

     Teacher Observations—by the end of April 1 will have observed all teachers and
      provided them with a formal written evaluation. In addition to these observations, our
      Curriculum Director, Julie Ball and the teacher mentors and peer coaches from the
      QComp Leadership Team have completed their classroom observations with a follow up
      conversation and written document about the observation.

     Classical Education Methodologies—this group has met five times and is focusing on
      learning the essentials of Classical Education and how we can move towards a true model
      of this type of education system in the future. We will provide information to families
      through the Chronicles. Members of the committee are scheduled to visit Nova Classical
      Academy on April 12 for classroom observations and discussions with teachers.

     Achieve Adequate Yearly Progress for Special Education in Reading: Interim
      assessment results were shared with staff at the end of 3rd quarter. These discussions
      provide teachers with adjustments to their lesson designs as we work towards higher
      student achievement in reading and math.

     Pay for Performance Plan—I met with Kim Hubertus from the Finance Committee and
      reviewed all teacher salaries as they relate to our pay structure. Information will be
      shared at the Board Meeting

Motion made by S. Gleason and seconded C. Emery by to approve 2012-2013 Academic Year
Calendar Motion passed unanimously

8c. Board Chair – John Rimstad

     i. Approve the Pay-for-Performance plan
             Motion made by J. Thomson and seconded by b. Quevli to approve the Pay-for-
             Performance Plan. Motion passed unanimously.

     ii. Strategic Plan (IEP plan section)
           Recommend to strike the paragraph regarding individual learning plan

             Motion made by B. Quevli and J. Thomson to approve striking paragraph page 4.
             Motion passed unanimously.

     iii. Exploratory committee update
           40% of survey were submitted
           Amy outlined what it means for both schools to merge from the MDE. If the merger
             happens one school would be able to operate for 1 year which would put a lot of students
             and families in a bad situation. If the school does a consolidation, it would be under a new
           Waiting to hear back from the MDE on the response to the expansion.

     iv. Annual Survey
          PR will take on the Parent Survey
          Will make a few minor changes on the Teachers survey
          Staff survey will go out Monday April 16, 2012

Dr. Woog sent a letter to the board stating that she would like to return for the 2012-2013 Academic
year. John Rimstad replied with a letter accepting her interest in returning.

Motion made by J Thomson and S Gleason to accept her renewal for Director for the 2012-2013
Academic School year. Motion passed unanimously

 8d. HR Committee - Sarah Gleason

           Revisit Pay for performance:
           Discussion about credits and continued education/flat amount for degrees and
            relationship between amounts paid to new higher and current highers
          1,2,3 and the 4th % would based on leadership/community involvement determined
            by Dr. Woog
          Ongoing- make sure the current salaries reflect last year’s staff education
                 -Completed Degree with transcript by certain date will increase by
            approximately 5,000
                -Finance to check on some details
                -Finance Committee to see if the 1% from last year went toward frozen staff
            working it off
           Letter Recommendations:
                - Letterhead needs to come from Dr. Woog- and she will ask to review all letters
             of recommendation based on advice from legal counsel
           Handbook-
                 -Dr. Woog will present verbiage for leave section for employee handbook
           Surveys-
                -Staff/Parent Survey
                -Survey Monkey- Sarah will look at last year’s
                -Exit Surveys- Kim will look into other examples
                - Parent Exit Survey will go to the PR committee to create
           HR Committee Charge-
               -Contracts ready for board meeting on May 3rd
                -Dr. Woog to get education experience to Kim- HR will follow-up prior to May

    8e. Governance Committee - Claire Emery

    3/1/12 Board Meeting Update

           Review Board Planning Calendar document-Committee reviewed Board Planning
            Calendar document; document will be sent to board members for review;
            Governance-specific calendar will be created
           Establish/review policy review schedule-Annually-reviewed policies will be
            reviewed at 4/19 Governance meeting ; “3 year” policy review schedule will be
            created at next Governance committee meeting
           Add to Board Planning Calendar
           Governance Committee transition
           Materials for new and existing board members-Committee will prepare materials
            for new board/committee members
           Board planning calendar
           Job descriptions
           Committees/chairs/members, etc.
           Future meeting schedule
              June?-No meeting scheduled; meetings will not take place over summer

8g. Public Relations – Heather Burfeind
         Nothing to report

8h. Election Committee
         Voting Guide will be going out to families on April 13, 2012
         2 Teachers and 1 Parent seat open
         2 Teachers nominees and 2 Parent nominees
         Finding volunteers for the election day
8i. Facilities committee - Dr. Woog - Nothing to report

9. Upcoming Events:

Beacon Preparatory Board Meeting. Belinda Caspari will attend the May 15, 2012 board meeting as a
representative from the SHCA Board.

10. Next Meeting: May 3rd, 2012 6:30 p.m.

11. Motion made by B. Caspari and seconded B Quevli to adjourn the meeting at 9:13
p.m. Motion Passed Unanimously.

Submitted by Debbie Peters Office Manager

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