The Purpose of the The Center of Academics for Business by X1C2SF7


									     Palm Harbor University High School                                                Opening 2012-2013

                  Center of Academics for Business Administration and
                              Sample Four Year Curriculum
                           FRESHMAN SCHEDULE
 1     English I                            English I                          The Center of Academics
 2     Math                                 Math                              for Business Administration
 3     Science                              Science
 4     World Language*                      World Language*
                                                                                    and Management
 5     Geography                            American Government                    is a career/college
 6     Elective                             Elective
 7     Computing for College & Careers      Computing for College & Careers
                          Certifications: MCAS Word                                     program.

                            SOPHOMORE SCHEDULE                                 The Center of Academics
 1     English II                          English II                         for Business Administration
 2     Math                                Math
 3     Science                             Science
                                                                                   and Management
 4     World History                       World History                      provides students with the
 5     HOPE                                HOPE
 6     World Language*                     World Language*
                                                                                  opportunity to learn
 7     Major Course I                      Major Course I                       practical business skills
       Certification: MCAS Excel or ACA Photoshop or ACA Dreamweaver               and earn industry
                                 JUNIOR SCHEDULE
 1     English III                          English III
 2     Math                                 Math                              The Purpose of the The
 3     Science                              Science
                                                                              Center of Academics for
 4     American History                     American History
 5     Legal Aspects of Business            Legal Aspects of Business         Business Administration
 6     Major Course II                      Major Course II                   and Management:
 7     Psychology – or - Sociology          Elective                          This program offers a sequence
                   Certification: MCAS PowerPoint or ACA Flash                of courses that provides
                              SENIOR SCHEDULE                                 coherent and rigorous content
 1     English IV                          English IV                         aligned with challenging
 2     Math                                Math                               academic standards and
 3     Science                             Science                            relevant technical knowledge
 4     Economics                           Elective
                                                                              and skills needed to prepare for
 5     Business & Entrepreneurial          Business & Entrepreneurial
       Principles                          Principles                         further education and careers in
 6     Business Directed Study             Business Directed Study            the Business, Management, and
 7     Major Course III or Elective        Major Course III or Elective       Administration career cluster;
        Certification: MCAS Outlook or Access & NRF Customer Service          provides technical skill
 *College-bound students are required to take 2 credits of World Language     proficiency, and includes
**Students are strongly recommended to choose elective credit                 competency-based applied
           from the Business electives available                              learning that contributes to the
                                                                              academic knowledge, higher-
                                                                              order reasoning and problem-
                   BUSINESS ELECTIVES                                         solving skills, work attitudes,
           Business Education: Directed Study                                 general employability skills,
           Business Internship                                                technical skills, and occupation-
           Marketing Essentials
           Workplace Essentials/Practical Arts (TA)
                                                                              specific skills, and knowledge of
           Finance                                                            all aspects of the Business,
                                                                              Management, and
                                                                              Administration career cluster.

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