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					        Ocean Issues:
A Beltway Perspective on the
Application of Parkinson’s Law

           Rick E. Marks
   Robertson, Monagle & Eastaugh
           PSMFC 2012
PSMFC Annual Meeting 2012
•   National Ocean Policy -- where are we?
•   Magnuson-Stevens Act -- is it that time again?
•   Catch Share Programs -- still running hot!
•   Protected Species -- key updates!
•   NPDES/Ballast – the permits are coming!   Or are they?

•   New offering! A sampler of regional Tribal issues
•   Other Marine Issues…A National “Grab Bag” !
National Ocean Policy: Where Are
We Today?
• NOP DRAFT Implementation Plan released for public
  comment (2/12); FINAL Plan expected any day!
• Navy’s Ocean Research AP public mtg 8/15/12
• 9 Priority Objectives: focus on CMSP & EBM…& CLIMATE
• House: 2 Oversight + 1 Field hearing (2012)
• AK testifies at House Field hearing (4/12)
• Split constituencies, broad national opposition, Senate
  letter of concern; appropriation limitations, perception of
  uncertainty persists
9 National Ocean Policy Priority
Objectives [See 76 FR 4139 on 1/24/2011]
• Implement CMSP            • Regional Ecosystem
• Adopt Ecosystem-Based       Protection & Restoration
  Management                  Strategy
• Inform Decisions and      • Promote Water Quality &
  Improve Understanding       Sustainable Practices on
• Coordinate & Support        Land
  Integrated Management     • Address Changing
• Resiliency & Adaptation     Conditions in the Arctic
  of Climate Change &       • Ocean, Coastal & GL’s
  Ocean Acidification         Mapping & Infrastructure
Where are we headed?
• GCC filling 8 Regional Planning Bodies (RPBs) with
  agency reps: Summer/Fall 2012
• RFMCs invited to serve (1 seat: State rep)
• Gov’s invited to serve (2 seats: State employees/elected
• RPBs to draft Regional Plans w/in 1 yr; finalize 2-3 yrs;
  implementation 4-5 yrs
• NOC approves Plans consistent with National Policy
• States may elect to “opt out” of their Plan
Need More Information on the
• Alaska Region:
  Mark Robbins (Associate Director, Office of the Governor;

• West Coast Region:
  Brian Baird (Assist. Secretary for Ocean & Coastal Policy, CA
  Natural Resources Agency)
  Jacque Hostler (CEO, Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the
  Trinidad Rancheria, CA)
  Micah McCarty (Makah Tribe Chairman, Neah Bay, WA; GCC Vice
  Kevin Ranker (WA State Senator;
Magnuson-Stevens Act (MSA)
Since Reauthorization
• MSA Implementation complete; proliferation of
  LAPPs continues
• 2nd reform “MARCH ON WASHINGTON” by 1,500
  commercial/charter/sport fishermen (3/12)
• NOAA revising NSG1 (due 9/15; 77 FR 26238)
• NOAA revising data confidentiality protocols (due
  10/21; 77 FR 30486)
• NAS NRC ongoing study: “Effectiveness of Stock
  Rebuilding Plans”
MSA Activities: House
•   OLE hearing (3/10); Catch Share Oversight (3/10)
•   Hearings: NOAA Budget (3/11) & NOAA Science (7/11)
•   MSA legislative hearing on 7 bills (12/11)
•   2nd Member letter urging reform (7/12)
•   “Transparent & Science-Based Fishery Management Act
    of 2012” (H.R. 6350) sets reauthorization marker for
    113th Congress (Rep. Runyan, R-NJ, 8/12)
• Nat Res Full Com. Field Hearing “Fishing = Jobs: How
    Strengthening America’s Fisheries Strengthens Our
    Economy”; 8/25, Panama City, FL
MSA Activities: Senate
• Senate Commerce Committee: No hearings, one
  expected late 2012 (Sens. Schumer/Kerry; 6/12)

• Senate Commerce Committee to mark-up S.1916
  (FL Sens. Rubio/Nelson) “Science Improvement Act
  of 2012” (9/12)

• 1st Session Legislation: “RI Fishermen’s Fairness Act”
  (Reed; D-RI); “Asset Forfeiture Fund Responsibility
  Act” & “Fishing Impact Statement Honesty Act”
  (Sen. Brown; R-MA); “Flexibility in Rebuilding
  American Fisheries Act” (Sen. Schumer; D-NY) ;
  “Fisheries Fee Fairness Act” (Sen. Kerry; D-MA)
Protected Species Issues #1
• MMC meetings to prioritize research/management needs (in
    AK/WA/CA, fall 2012;
•   NOAA/USFWS propose ESA policy to define “significant
    portion of its range” (12/11; 76 FR 76987)
•   CA sea lion removal bill (HR 3069) moves in House Public
    Lands bill; Seattle field hearing (10/12); NOAA issues permits
    to remove CA sea lions (3/12)
•   Orcas/Salmon: NOAA/DFO evaluating effects of fishing on
    SRKW; Draft Science Panel Report 5/12; Workshops 9/11,
    3/12, 9/12 – Seattle; results will inform Final Recovery Plan
•   AK Sea Otters: SW stable (orca problems), SC+, SE+2X in
    10yrs ~ fishery conflicts; H.R.2714/S.1453 (Young &
    Murkowski) to amend MMPA to liberalize use of subsistence
    pelts; House hearing 10/11
Protected Species Issues #2
• Proposed Rule to delist SSL Eastern DPS (4/12; 77 FR
    23209; Final Rule TBD?)
•   SSL Western DPS: Court finds NOAA violated NEPA but
    BSAI fishing restrictions remain (1/12); OSU/ASLC cite orca
    predation (1/12); CIE 2010 BiOp Review mtg (8/12)
•   CA Sea Otters: stable #s (3yr avg.=2711); USFWS to
    terminate translocation program (PR 76 FR 53381); Final
    Rule 11/12
•   H.R. 4043 (Rep. Gallegly, R-CA); exemption areas for
    military & state fishery interactions; House hearing 4/12;
    passed House Defense Authorization; Senate action TBD?
•   CA-based property rights/agricultural coalition files ESA
    petition to delist PNW orcas (8/12)
Protected Species Issues #3
• ENGOs sue NOAA over Navy          • Critical Habitat designated for
    West Coast sonar (2/12)             leatherback ST covering
•   PETA killer whale 13th              108,558 nm CA/OR/WA (1/12)
    Amendment lawsuit dismissed     •   NOAA revises policy on marine
•   NOAA Draft 2012 SARs for            mammal injuries (1/12)
    AK/Pacific species (due 11/5)   •   USACE NOI for DEIS on
•   NOAA to prepare recovery            Columbia River cormorant
    plan for NP Right Whale             removal (7/12; 77 FR 42487)
    (4/12)                          •   Snowy Plover CH (WA/OR/CA;
•   Loggerhead ST 9 DPS ESA             6/12; 77 FR 36728)
    listing (9/11; 76 FR 58868)     •   2012: Record gray whales
                                        calves (330)
National Catch Share Policy
• NOAA finalizes Policy (11/10); conducts catch share
  workshop (1/11)
• Primary purpose “is to encourage well-designed catch
  share programs to help maintain or rebuild fisheries, and
  sustain fishermen, communities and vibrant working
  waterfronts, including the cultural and resource access
  traditions that have been a part of this country since its
• EDF maintains well-funded pro-catch share campaign;
  recruits fishing groups to proliferate LAPPs around the
  country; strengthening industry opposition
National Catch Share
Controversy Continues…
● IFQ programs since 2006 MSA – West Coast Groundfish; GOMEX
  Snapper-Grouper; Mid-Atlantic Tilefish; Northeast Cod “Sector”
  Management -- Litigation targets; NE appeals; CA District Court
  on whiting control date may lead to re-allocation, current ban on
  sale/transfer extended
● Numerous LAPPs under development absent referendum or
  request by industry, via EFP, in healthy fisheries, creating a “race”
  for catch history
● NOAA contracts with IATTC for “Evaluation of a Total Allowable
  Catch System for the Purse-Seine and Longline Tuna Fisheries in
  the Eastern Tropical Pacific”…contemplating the first
  “international” LAPP
● Results: Split constituencies & regions, widespread fear &
  frustration; Congressional response
Catch Share Updates
• NOAA Congressional briefing to promote 1st year success
  of West Coast Groundfish IFQ (7/12)
• GOMEX 5-yr Review of Red Snapper IFQ -- 68% of
  small/med shareholders oppose program (4/12)
• NOAA rescinds AK charter halibut IFQ proposal facing
  overwhelming opposition
• ENGO group awarded $2.7M to evaluate LAPPs (2012)
• NOAA preparing report: “Economic Performance of Catch
  Share Fisheries” (Release date TBD?)
• GOMEX “Sector Separation” now forcing charter/sport
  fishermen to actively engage & oppose
Congressional Actions Related
to Catch Share Fisheries
• FY11 “Jones Amendment” • MSA reform bill (H.R.
  passes; no new LAPPs in        6350) contains LAPP
  East & GOMEX                   definition & referendum
                                 requirement (excl. AK &
• FY12 effort not                West Coast)
  successful; battle now
  raging over FY13             • Rep. Thompson (D-CA-1)
                                 bill imminent to modify
• House passes FY13 CJS          terms of 2003 $35.7M
  with “Jones” fix (excl. AK
                                 trawl byback loan
  & West Coast); Senate
NPDES & Ballast Water…1 of 2
• Congress exempted 13M         • House passes permanent
    pleasure boats/yachts in        NPDES fix (11/11)
    2008                        •   Senate Commerce to
•   Current NPDES permit            consider S.3332 “Vessel
    moratorium expires 12/13        Incidental Discharge Act”
•   EPA proposes “sVGP” &           (Begich; D-AK; 9/12); no
    “VGP” (12/11)                   WA/OR/CA support
•   State 401 Cert deadline     • Likely scenario: House
    extended to 10/1/12             version & S.3332
•   Final permits 12/12;            differences negotiated
    effective 12/13; 5-yr       •   Final Congressional action
    permits, no changes until       in 2012 or 2013, or not at
    2018                            all…
 NPDES & Ballast Water…2 of 2
 Some Elements of S. 3332 --
• USCG (w/EPA consult) sets uniform standards for both ballast &
  incidental discharges (ballast: initial, revised 2020, 10-yr review,
  plus future revisions; incidental: “BMPs”; future revisions)
• Certify ballast treatment technology; grandfathers existing
  vessel systems, if maintained
• Incidental & localized ballast exemptions (incl. NPDES incidental
  exemption for any commercial fishing, fish processing & tender
  & charter fishing vessel; and for commercial-use vessels < 79ft)
• Preserves state rights on incidental & ballast discharges thru
  petition process with technology standard & proof of detection
  (House includes this only for ballast water)
• Alternative ballast compliance for boats with < 8 cu m capacity
Some Regional Tribal Issues
• NW Treaty Tribes           • DOC Tribal
    convene 1st climate        Consultation Policy
                               (due 10/1; 77 FR
    change conference          39464)
                             • IWC approves joint
•   New DEIS process for       Makah-Russian gray
    Makah gray whale           whale quota (6/12)
    hunt (5/12)              • Elwha Dam Removals
•   So. Cal. Ocotillo Wind     (9/11)
    Energy project           • Billy Frank Jr. book
    opposition                 “Where the Salmon
PSMFC “Grab Bag” #1
• NOAA finalizes policy on       • NOAA study of allocation
  scientific integrity (12/11)     policy nearing completion
• NOAA ocean acidification
  research program (due          • Marine Debris reauthorization
  9/10;77 FR 40860)                passes House (H.R.1171;
• ANS TF 5-yr Strategic
  Plan, comments due             • 5 of 7 new MAFAC members
  9/20; See                        from PSMFC-member States;
  Next mtg: 11/14                • NOAA R/V Reuben Lasker
                                   due in San Diego 2013
• 3 House Nat Res. Com.
  hearings on impacts of         • WCGA coordination on
  ESA litigation                   tsunami debris
                                 • USCG safety interim rule
                                   expected late 2012
 PSMFC “Grab Bag” #2
• 2 hearings on San Joaquin      • Maritime Lien Reform Act to
  water issues H.R. 1837           protect fishing
  (6/12)                           permits/quota from lien
                                   exposure added to House-
• Emergency Disaster loan          passed USCG bill
  provision for fishermen in
  Senate Farm Bill               • USCG dockside examination
                                   of fishing vessels fixed in
• ENGO “forage” fish lawsuit       House USCG bill…Senate
  in SF District Court (10/12)     action TBD; deadline 10/12
• DOC IG investigating NOAA • Industry effort to reform
  rulemaking process               CCF to allow penalty-free
• H.R. 6069 to reauthorize         withdraw unsuccessful
  Anad & IJFA to 2017; 7/19 • Controversial Administration
  House hearing on H.R. 6007  initiatives to curtail H-2B &
  – Lacey Act/Zebra Mussels   J-1 Visa programs
  v. Plano, TX
  PSMFC “Grab Bag”#3
• NOAA releases regional           • Draft National Fish, Wildlife
  saltwater recreational fishing     and Plants Climate Adaptation
  plans (12/11)                      Strategy (2/12); See NOP &
• NOAA releases new MRIP             www.wildlifeadaptationstrateg
  catch estimates (1/11)   
• 3 Senate hearings: Law of        • Sens. Boxer/Kerry plan 2012
  the Sea Treaty ratification        “sweeping” reviews of oceans
  sinks…but not over                 & climate change
• S. 1851 (Sen. Merkley, D-        • Salmon anemia reported:
  OR) to restore Klamath
                                     Rivers Inlet, British Columbia;
  Basin via collaborative water
  mgmt program                       U.S. funds domestic Task
                                     Force (12/11)
• NOAA/OAR release 5-yr
  Draft Strategic Plan (9/11)
 PSMFC “Grab Bag” #4
• Administration suggests       • Nat’l Fish Habitat
  moving NOAA to DOI              Conservation Act approved
  (1/12); GAO examination         by EPW (S.1201; Lieberman
• Pacific Salmon Stronghold       CT-I)
  Conservation Act of 2011      • Nat’l Fish Habitat Board
  (Sen. Cantwell, WA-D;           meets 12/12;
• I-81 to ban gillnets in OR    • USFWS awards $3.3M for
  inland waters on the ballot     fish habitat projects in 29
• NOAA releases 1st ever          states
  National Bycatch Report       • House/Senate S-K legislation
  (9/11)                          (S.2184/H.R.4208) debate
PSMFC “Grab Bag” #5
• NOAA petitioned to           • S.2066 “Recreational
    amend civil penalty            Fishing & Hunting
    schedule (6/12)                Heritage Act” (Sens.
•   US-EU bilateral                Murkowski/Manchin)
    agreement v. IUU fishing   •   NTSB to USCG: vessel
    (H.R.4100; H.R.6200;           safety recommendations
    S.50; S.52; S.1980             (11/11)
    approved by Commerce       •   DOC/USDA draft
    Com., 8/12)                    aquaculture plan (77 FR
•   CA adds 137 nm of North        41164; due 8/27/12)
    Coast MPAs
           WE MOVED!
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