RFQ12-1363                                                          Page 12

                                       SCHEDULE I

                           BIDDERS SUBMISSION CHECKLIST

                             REQUEST FOR QUOTATION
                          SUPPLY OF PRE AND FINAL FILTERS

                                                       Included…. Yes No

1.     Schedule II – Itemized Price List                           ____ ____

2.     Schedule III – Quotation Signature(s)                       ____ ____

The University does not require the whole document returned, only Schedules I through
III are necessary to form your bid response.
     RFQ12-1363                                                          Page 13

                                         SCHEDULE II

                                    ITEMIZED PRICE LIST

                              REQUEST FOR QUOTATION
                           SUPPLY OF PRE AND FINAL FILTERS

Quotations shall be itemized as indicated. The make of all items must be shown; failure to do so
may result in rejection of the Quotation submitted. Manufacturers' names may be abbreviated.
The University of Northern British Columbia reserves the right to increase or delete any item or
number of items shown hereunder. The unit prices remain firm should quantities be adjusted.

Please submit typewritten responses on the forms provided.

The Unit Prices below should be for the product cost only. Any other charges for packaging,
shipping, handling, etc., should be filled out on the next page as indicated.

I/We hereby list below an itemized unit breakdown of prices as follows:

NOTE 1:      Vendors are not required to quote on all of the items listed herein, but are
             encouraged to do so.

NOTE 2:      Pricing below must be submitted in Canadian Funds, landed.

NOTE 3:      Price quantities below (e.g. /ea) do not reflect quantity to be purchased, they are for
             comparison purposes only. All goods will be ordered on an as and when requested

Item                                                                          Unit
No.          Description                                                      Price

             PRE FILTERS
1            20X20X1                                                          $_________/ea
2            24X18X2                                                          $_________/ea
3            24X24X2                                                          $_________/ea
4            12X24X2                                                          $_________/ea
5            6X20X2                                                           $_________/ea
6            16X25X2                                                          $_________/ea
7            20X20X2                                                          $_________/ea
8            20X24X2                                                          $_________/ea
9            20X24X2                                                          $_________/ea
10           20X25X2                                                          $_________/ea
11           24X20X2                                                          $_________/ea
     RFQ12-1363                                                          Page 14

12            24X24X2                                                $_________/ea
13            25X20X2                                                $_________/ea
14            20X24X4                                                $_________/ea
15            24X24X4                                                $_________/ea
16            24X12X4                                                $_________/ea
17            25X20X4                                                $_________/ea
18            20X20X4                                                $_________/ea

Rated initial resistance (in. W.G.)                      ________
Final resistance (in. W.G.)                              ________
Rated CFM                                                ________
Rated dust holding capacity                              ________
Gross media area (Sq. Ft.)                               ________

              FINAL FILTERS
19            12X24X2                                                $_________/ea
20            24X24X2                                                $_________/ea
21            12X24X12                                               $_________/ea
22            24X24X12                                               $_________/ea
23            24X12X12                                               $_________/ea
24            24X20X12                                               $_________/ea

Rated initial resistance (in W.G.)                       ________
Final resistance (in W.G.)                               ________
Rated air flow in CFM                                    ________
Rated dust holding Capacity (gm) (UL Standard)           ________
Gross media area (Sq. Ft.)                               ________

Please provide an itemized price list for each filter, including order quantity that will
receive a price break.

Any other charges that may be invoiced to the University:            $____________

Delivery & Handling Charges:                                         $____________

Delivery time after an order has been placed:________________________________

F.O.B. Point: University of Northern British Columbia.
   RFQ12-1363                                                          Page 15

Quotation Expiry Date:__________________________________________________
                               (Note: Must be 60 days Minimum)

Manufacturer's Warranty/Guarantee covering materials and workmanship on products


    RFQ12-1363                                                          Page 16

                                               SCHEDULE III

                                      QUOTATION SIGNATURE(S)
                              REQUEST FOR QUOTATION
                          SUPPLY OF PRE AND FINAL FILTERS
The undersigned agrees not to withdraw or modify this Quotation for a period of sixty (60) days

NAME OF FIRM:           _________________________________________________

AUTHORIZING SIGNATURE:                  ______________________________________

                                              Print Name
Official Capacity:      _________________________________________________

Address:                _________________________________________________

City:                   _________________________________________________

Province or State:      _________________               Postal or Zip Code: ___________

Date:                   _________________________________________________

Telephone:              _________________               Fax:________________________

E-mail Address:         _________________________________________________

Duly authorized officers of the Contractor(s) shall properly execute the Proposal as follows:
If the Contractor is a corporation, the proposal shall be signed in the name and under the seal of the
corporation by a duly authorized officer of the corporation, with the designation of hislher official capacity,
and attested properly. The proposal shall show the place in which the corporation is chartered.

If the Contractor is an individual, he or she shall sign the proposal in person or by representative and be
witnessed, stating the name or style, if any, under which he or she is doing business. If the signing is by
representative, his or her power of attorney or other authorization shall be stated, and a certified copy
thereof shall be attached to the Proposal.

If the Contractor is a joint venture or partnership, the proposal shall be signed by each of the persons or
firms, which is a party to the joint venture agreement. A certified copy of the joint venture agreement shall be
attached to the Proposal. A joint venture will not be accepted unless the joint venture agreement or some
other signed and legally binding instrument is certified and attached to the proposal, containing provisions
for one of the parties to the joint venture to be in full direction of the project and to exercise this direction
through a single individual, to be appointed Manager of Operations with the consent of all parties to the joint
venture agreement.
     RFQ12-1363                                                          Page 17

                                           SCHEDULE IV

                                 PROPOSAL RESPONSE FORM

                                   REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

This proposal response form must be completed by each Vendor and forwarded to The University
of Northern British Columbia. All requirements outlined in the Request for Proposal with their
submission and any other documentation requested by UNBC, and any important information
developed by the Vendor as part of its presentation, must accompany this form.


We, ____________________________, having examined the Request for Proposal and all other
information and documents included in the Request for Proposal, do hereby offer and agree to
furnish __________________ as described.

1.     Receipt of the following addenda is acknowledged:
             Addendum No._______________             Date: __________________
             Addendum No._______________             Date: __________________
             Addendum No._______________             Date: __________________

2.     The University reserves the right to waive irregularities and informalities, to reject proposals
       from Vendors found not to be responsive according to the terms of the invitation, and the
       right to reject all proposals.

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