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									                 Proposal for Modifications of an Existing Programme
                                        F O RM B
The following form encompasses modifications which are not covered by Form A (see Appendix 1)1.
Seek advice from the Faculty Director of Quality if you have any uncertainty about which Form to use.
Please NOTE:
         ALL modifications must be discussed and approved first by the appropriate programme
          committee (or equivalent body).
         Changes can only be made to future runs of modules. This process cannot be used for a
          retrospective change.
         ALL modifications must be endorsed by the programme external examiner. A template for
          this endorsement is attached at Appendix 2.


A1        Date of Proposal

A2        Programme Name AND Programme Code

A3        Programmes (names and codes) which will be affected by the change (eg, Programmes
          which have this module specifically listed as a core or optional module) 2

A4        Module(s) for which modification is requested (where appropriate)3
           Module Title                            Module Code     Credit     Level    Core or Option?

A5        Date from which the modification is to take effect

1   Form A covers modifications to existing module titles and/or assessments.
2   If you have any questions about this, please contact Data Management
( to confirm which programmes would be impacted.
3   For related changes to multiple modules you can still use one form. Simply insert rows to list all
the modules and attach a separate document outlining the changes.
A6     Cohort to which the modification will first apply

A7a    Description and Rationale for Proposed Change
       (IF change involves a new module or a change to a module credits, level, or core/option
       please complete Box A7b as appropriate)

A7b    Identification of New Module or Change to Existing Module (Value, Level or Core/Option)
       (Where appropriate)
        Module Title for New/Revised             Module Code   Credit    Level    Core or Option?
        Module                                                 rating

A8a    Effect of the change on the overall programme

A8b Effect of the change on the delivery of the programme and/or level stage intended learning

A9a    Resource Implications (eg, administration, computing, equipment, library, link tutoring,
       rooming, staffing, teaching hours, travel, etc.)

A9b    Resource Implications
             I confirm that these resource implications have been discussed with the relevant
           parties including the Head of Department and they can be met within the existing
        department budget.
           These resources cannot be met within the existing department budget and I have
        consulted the FQO to confirm the appropriate process to follow (eg, a new planning form).


B1     Evidence/Documentation
             I confirm that the programme committee (or equivalent body) has discussed and
             approved this proposal (minutes/correspondence available upon request)

     The following documentation is attached:

             Previous module outline AND revised module outline, appropriately labelled (where

             Evidence that any programmes affected by this change have been consulted and
             agreed to the change (eg, email)

             The revised Programme Template and Specification (where relevant)

             Evidence that university procedures have been followed if existing students are
             affected (eg, evidence of required consultation)

             I confirm that the External Examiner has been consulted regarding this change and
             has confirmed that the change is appropriate and does not affect the achievement
             of the programme or level/stage learning outcomes

B2   Programme Approval (electronic signature acceptable)
     Programme Director (or equivalent)                           Date

     Head of Department                                           Date

B3   Faculty Approval (electronic signature acceptable)
     FQO, Chair of the FQC or Faculty Dean (following FQC approval)   Date

B4   Follow Up
         This proposal should be sent electronically by the FQO to the following:
         Registry (

         QSO (
              Appendix 1 – Summary of which form/process to use
                      for modifications to a programme

Type of   Nature of Modification           Forms and Paperwork        Approval Process
Change                                     Required
Routine   For all programmes except         Modification             Approval by Programme
          taught doctoral programmes         Form A                   Committee (or equivalent
                                            Previous and revised     body) and submitted to
          Changes ONLY to:                  versions of relevant      Faculty Quality Officer.
            titles of existing modules,    module outlines
            assessments of existing
              modules (e.g. mode,
Minor     For all programmes except         Modification             Approval by Faculty
          taught doctoral programmes:       Form B (and any           Quality Committee
            All other changes to           documentation as          (NB if additional resources
              existing modules (e.g.        required on               are needed then the
              changes to module aims,       Modification Form B)      planning form will need to
              learning outcomes,                                      be submitted to
              learning and teaching         Planning Form (only if   Programme Proposals
              strategy, credits, core or    additional resources      Sub-committee before
              optional status)              are needed which          final approval of the
            Addition of new modules        cannot be                 modification)
            Changes to the                 accommodated within
              programme validation          the existing              Faculty Quality Committee
              other than those listed as    Department budget)        has the discretion to
              Major Modifications below                               require a validation event
                                                                      to be held.
Major      Changes or Additions to:       For Faculty Quality        Submit to Faculty Quality
             o programme aims              Committee and              Committee followed by
             o programme learning          Programme Proposals        Programme Proposals
                outcomes                   Sub-committee:             Sub-committee
             o programme award titles       Modification Form B
             o endorsements of              Planning Form (only      Programme Proposals
                programme award titles      needed if additional      Sub-committee
                                            resources are needed      recommends either small-
           Introduction of a new           which cannot be           scale or full validation
             pathway or route               accommodated
                                            within the existing
           Changes to taught doctoral      Department budget).       Final Approval by
             programmes                                               Validation event
                                           For the Validation:
           Changes requiring PRSB          Updated Programme
  reapproval                 template (or
                             validation document)
 Changes for which the
  Chair of APC or Chair of
  QSC deems a small-scale
  validation event
    Appendix 2 - External Examiner’s Endorsement of a Proposed Minor

Programme Title:

Titles of any modules affected

I confirm that there is an appropriate rationale for   Yes / No
the proposed change

I confirm that the proposed change will not prevent    Yes / No
the programme of study fully supporting the award
title, or the titles of any exit award

I confirm that the proposed change will not prevent    Yes / No
the programme of study meeting its stated aims

I confirm that the proposed change does not alter      Yes / No
the existing programme or level/stage learning

I confirm that the proposed change will not            Yes / No
detrimentally affect students’ ability to meet the
stated programme or level/stage learning outcomes

I support this modification to the programme.          Yes / No

Name of External Examiner:


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