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       25 July 2012
1. Request for Quotation

  1.1.     Summary

           This invitation to submit a quotation issued by the Royal
           Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (the Council) on behalf of
           the Bi or Tri Borough CRB Partnership for the provision of an E-
           CRB System.

           Subject to approval, the final contract may be let directly with
           the preferred supplier from which the Council believes it will
           obtain best value.

           These documents are being made available on the condition that
           they are used solely in connection with this Request For
           Quotation (RFQ), and no other purpose.

  1.2.     Scope

           It is envisaged that the services will encompass the provision of
           an e-bulk CRB system for the Bi or Tri Borough Partnership,
           which may include the Royal Borough of Kensington and
           Chelsea, London Borough of for Hammersmith and Fulham
           (LBHF) and Westminster City Council (WCC) should these
           councils choose to participate. The contract will be for 2 years
           with the option of a further year.

  1.3.     Structure of Documents

           The Quotation documents are divided into 5 sections:

                 Instructions for Quote
                 Appendix A: Specification of Requirements
                 Appendix B: Pricing Matrix
                 Appendix C: References
                 Appendix D: Terms and Conditions


  2.1.     Conditions of Quotation

                   A supplier requiring clarification of the Quotation Request
                   must email the Council. The Primary Contact is
       The Council will use reasonable endeavours to answer all
       written enquiries prior to quotations being submitted. However,
       the Council will not be bound to respond to any request for
       clarification of the Quotation Requests which are received later
       than 2 working days prior to the quotation submission date.

       Quotation prices shall be in pounds sterling.

       Quotations for the provision of the E-CRB System shall remain
       valid for 90 calendar days and fixed for the duration of the
       contract. A quotation expressed to be valid for a shorter period
       may be rejected by the Council.

       Quotation documents should be sent to e-crb@rbkc.gov.uk.
       The quotation must be received no later than 12 noon on 14
       August 2012. Any quotation received after this time will be
       rejected by the Council.

       All information contained in the Quotation Request shall, subject
       to paragraph 2.5 below         be treated by the parties as

2.2.   Costs and Expenses

       The supplier is responsible for preparing all information
       necessary for the preparation of its quotation and all costs,
       expenses, and liabilities incurred shall be the responsibility of
       the supplier. Further, it is the responsibility of the suppliers to
       obtain for themselves, at their own expense, any additional
       information necessary for the preparation of their quotation.

2.3.   Alternative Quotations

       Should the supplier consider that it could offer any advantage to
       the Council, it may submit alternative quotations to the base
       quotation required by the quotation documents and state the
       technical and/or economic advantages of such alternative
       quotations.    Alternative quotations will not be considered,
       however, unless the base quotation is fully or substantially
       responsive to the requirements of the quotation request

2.4.   Changes to RFQ

       The Council reserves the right to make changes to the RFQ and
       issue supplementary instructions at any time. Under no
       circumstances shall the Council incur any liability in respect of
       such events.

2.5.   Freedom of Information Act

       The Council is subject to the provisions of the Freedom of
       Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information
       Regulations 2004 (FOI). If the supplier considers that any
       information supplied by him is either commercially sensitive or
       confidential in nature, this should be highlighted and the
       reasons for its sensitivity given. In such cases the relevant
       material will, in response to FOI requests, be examined in the
       light of the exemptions provided for under FOI .

       Suppliers shall treat all information supplied by the Council in
       connection with this RFQ as confidential. Information maybe
       disclosed by suppliers insofar as is necessary for the
       preparation, submission, and evaluation of quotes.

2.6.   Specification of Requirements

       The Specification describes the service or quality standards
       required to provide the E-CRB System. The Supplier should
       detail in full their proposals as to how they will provide/supply
       the service described in Appendix A. The proposal may be
       submitted in the sections provided on the specification in
       Appendix A with any additional information limited to two pages
       of text.

2.7.   Completion of the Price Schedule

       Suppliers must fully complete the pricing schedule in Appendix
       B. Any additional services the Supplier wishes to add to the
       quotation must be highlighted in a separate matrix. Where
       applicable, any maintenance or ongoing costs over the life of the
       contract should also be identified and added into the final
       contract price.

       All prices submitted shall be in pounds sterling, excluding VAT.
       Travel, delivery costs and any other expenses will also be
       included in the price.

       Unless otherwise stated, payment frequency          will   be   in
       accordance with the applicable contract terms
   2.8.     References

            Please identify three local authority reference sites and contacts
            where you have provided similar services in Appendix C.

   2.9.     Terms & Conditions

            The offer made by the supplier is intended to be made in strict
            accordance with the terms and conditions in Appendix D.

            The Council reserves the right not to accept “conditional

            The Supplier must confirm they adhere to the terms and
            conditions provided.

   2.10.    Evaluation and Comparison of Quotations

            The Council does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any

            Subject to the above the Council will award the contract to the
            supplier whose quotation has been determined by the Council to
            demonstrate the best value, on the basis of Most Economically
            Advantageous Tender.

            The Council will carry out a financial check on the shortlisted
            suppliers prior to any Contract Award.

APPENDIX A – Specification of Requirements

See attached specification – Appendix A.
     APPENDIX B – Pricing Matrix
     Please base transaction costs on 2011 volumes (para 48 Appendix A)
     Please state below whether each cost is a one-off or annual fee.

 Product/Service Requirement           RBKC           RBKC/LBHF         RBKC/LBHF/WCC
Initial Set-up
Annual fee
(System Support and
Yr 1
Yr 2
Yr 3
Training – day rate

Transaction cost per CRB
Pre- Protection of Freedom Act

Post Protection of Freedom Act

Other charges- please detail, e.g.
Interface with existing HR system
(if option taken up)

                           Yr 1                 Yr2               Yr3
     TOTAL –
     TOTAL –

     Volume thresholds and implication on CRB transaction fee
     Pre and post Protection of Freedom Act implementation

     Number of CRB s p.a          Transaction fee- pre     Transaction fee- post
                                  PFAct                    PFAct
Scoring Matrix

                   Scoring mechanism            Score

Registered         Yes/No – tenders that
CRB- e broker      do not comply will be
Ministry of        discounted

Cost               Lowest set up/annual         4 points /4 points/
                   fee/transaction fee          4 points
                   Lowest interface cost        2 points

References                                      1 point per Local
                                                authority, max 3 points
                                                Exceeds expectations –
Functionality                                   3 points
                                                Satisfactory – 1point

                                                Exceeds expectations –
Performance                                     3 points
and Reliability                                 Satisfactory – 1point

                                                Exceeds expectations –
Speed of                                        3 points
Implementation                                  Satisfactory – 1point
                                                Exceeds expectations –
Proven ability                                  3 points
to interface                                    Satisfactory – 1point
with existing
HR System

RFQ available on RBKC buyer profile    25 July 2012
Deadline for Quotations                Noon on 14 August 2012
Interviews will need to include live   12 September 2012 – all day, we may
demo                                   have another date to be advised.
Award of Contract                      Mid- October 2012
Anticipated go live date for pilots    Mid – January 2013
APPENDIX C – Reference sites



Contract Name:

Telephone No:

E-mail Address:

Approximate Value:



Contract Name:

Telephone No:

E-mail Address:

Approximate Value:



Contract Name:

Telephone No:

E-mail Address:

Approximate Value:

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