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					                      BSTC – Leisure, Youth & Amenities Committee – 13th February 2012

                              BRADLEY STOKE TOWN COUNCIL

                              Leisure, Youth & Amenities Committee

Minutes of the Meeting of the Leisure, Youth & Amenities Committee of Bradley Stoke Town
Council held at 19.30pm at Jubilee Centre, Bradley Stoke on 13th February 2012.

PRESENT:       Councillors:   Keir Gravil (Chair)
                              Tom Aditya
                              Elaine Hardwick
                              Charlotte Walker

                              Ben Walker (ex-officio)

                              Sharon Petela (Town Clerk)
                              John Rendell (Deputy Town Clerk)

Prior to the start of the meeting, Councillor Keir Gravil announced the results of the SGC/BSTC
Youth Survey prize draw. He then presented Anne Rose Biju with her prize of an IPod nano and
informed those present that the runner-up prize of a Cinema voucher had been won by Ross Whyte.

1      Submissions from the Public

       1.1    Mr Stephen Horton, Snowberry Close expressed his disappointment that the SGC
              Broadband survey was not included in the recent town council newsletter. He asked if it
              could be added to the town council website.

Councillor Tom Aditya arrived at this point in the meeting.

2      Apologies

       Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Kim Harris and Ed Rose, SGC
       Youth Services representative Cath Challinor.

3      Declarations by Members


4      Announcements by the Chair


5      Minutes of Previous Meetings

       Acceptance of the Minutes of the meeting of the Leisure, Youth & Amenities Committee held
       on 19th December 2011 were proposed for acceptance by Councillor Ben Walker, seconded by
       Councillor Charlotte Walker. A vote was taken, 4 in favour, 1 abstention, proposal carried.

                 BSTC – Leisure, Youth & Amenities Committee – 13th February 2012

6   Matters arising from the minutes of the meeting held on 19th December 2011

    6.1   Update on Youth provision in Bradley Stoke

          The progress report from SGC Youth Services Detached Team was circulated to


          Staffing has been consistent with staff continuing to build relationships with young
          people and make good links with School. We continue to work well with Krazy

          Mon – The Young Women’s project at Baileys Court is continuing to grow in numbers
          with regular cookery, beauty activities, discussion based workshops and computer
          games/music. The group are keen to have some dance sessions and alternative
          therapies such as reflexology, and a spa day which is in current plans.
          Mon - music project has now started at Little Stoke Youth Centre and we had between
          2 – 7 participants per week. In order to address the low numbers we have been into the
          music dept at BSCS to promote this opportunity. We will also be exploring other
          options to increase participation if unsuccessful.
          Tuesday –The football session that take place at Bradley Stoke Community School are
          going really well. We are still getting between 7 – 15 young people turning up at each
          session. To date there have been 2 inter club matches with Little Stoke (1 home and 1
          away) with Bradley Stoke wining both games.
          Our five a side tournament will be held on Saturday 17th March at Bradley Stoke
          Community School from 11.30 – 4.30pm. Both Scouts and Bradley Stoke Youth
          football teams have been invited as well as local youth provision.
          Weds- Two youth workers are out and about between 3 – 6pm visiting Bradley Stoke
          Skate Park, the Willow Brook Centre and the Jubilee Centre. We use the session to
          engage and build and develop relationships with young people and promote projects
          and activities that are taking place. The numbers of young people we meet vary
          between 5 – 20 yp depending on the weather.
          Thurs- skate park session with krazy krankz is still going well meeting 5 – 10 young
          people per week. Cath Challinor has established that due to Leisure Centre plans the
          skate park will need to be recited within the next 3 yrs, so will not be feasible to make
          improvements on current site. After exploring other options Cath Challinor is working
          with both Bradley Stoke and Stoke Gifford Councils on a joint skate park project
          which will be sited in Little Stoke.
          Fri- Friday night detached has been really successful we are meeting young people at
          the skate park Willow Brook and Jubilee Centre. We continue to engage with 15- 30
          young people per session. Offering informal chats, advice, sign posting, opportunities
          and guidance (and hot chocolate) to all young people in the area, no significant drug
          and alcohol issues have been raised.

          Most exciting link currently is between BSTC and SGPC working together on the
          Skate Park, I hope this work will be mutually beneficial to the areas and the young
          people breaking down barriers and providing excellent facilities.

                  BSTC – Leisure, Youth & Amenities Committee – 13th February 2012

          Cath Challinor to visit Bradley Stoke PCSO in the Willow Brook Centre, to make
          contact as have tried many times and have had no response to phone messages and
          The work in school during lunch breaks on Wednesdays provides opportunities to
          promote work and engage with young people.

          Joint trip to Alton Towers with young people from Little Stoke and Patchway Youth
          Centres, horse riding taster session, girls spa day and another trip to Motion skate park.

          Premix music event venue booked BSCC on 9th March a steering group of young
          people have had their initial meeting to devise a schedule and complete tasks –
          organising venue, booking bands etc.

          Councillor Ben Walker proposed a vote of thanks for the hard work and high level of
          engagement with young people that has been carried out in Bradley Stoke by the SGC
          Detached Youth Work Team, seconded by Councillor Elaine Hardwick, carried

    6.2   Update on Broadband Services in Bradley Stoke

          The Town Clerk informed the meeting that she has written once again to BT to raise
          awareness of poor broadband provision within some areas of Bradley Stoke. An
          acknowledgement has been received from BT.

7   Matters within the scope of the Leisure, Youth & Amenities Committee

    7.1   SBCP – Community Development Quarterly Report – 3rd Quarter

          The quarterly report from SBCP was received by councillors (see Appendix A).

    7.2   Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Larger Grant Aid (LGA)

          7.2.1   Four Towns Playscheme – LGA (2012/13)

                  The report for Four Towns Play Scheme 2011 was presented to council. Last
                  year’s event was very successful in Bradley Stoke.

                  Following discussion, Councillor Ben Walker proposed that a Larger Grant Aid
                  contribution of £5,000 be paid towards this year’s scheme, seconded by
                  Councillor Charlotte Walker, carried unanimously.

          7.2.2   Victim Support – SLA (2011/12)

                  Annual report and financial statement received from Victim Support.

                  Following discussion, Councillor Ben Walker proposed that a Service Level
                  Agreement contribution of £848.19 for 2011/12 be paid, seconded by
                  Councillor Tom Aditya, carried unanimously.

                      BSTC – Leisure, Youth & Amenities Committee – 13th February 2012

              7.2.3   SG Chinese Association – SLA (2011/12)

                      Annual report and financial statement received from SG Chinese Association.

                      Following discussion, Councillor Ben Walker proposed that a Service
                      Level Agreement contribution of £1,764.37 for 2011/12 be paid, seconded by
                      Councillor Elaine Hardwick, carried unanimously.

              7.2.4   Four Towns Transport – SLA (2011/12)

                      Annual report and financial statement received from Four Towns Transport.

                      Following discussion, Councillor Elaine Hardwick proposed that a Service
                      Level Agreement contribution of £2,404.24 for 2011/12 be paid, seconded by
                      Councillor Tom Aditya, carried unanimously.

8      Grant Aid Applications

       The Town Clerk informed the meeting that the 2011/12 budget for Grant Aid of £6,000 has
       been spent, so there are no Grant Aid applications for this month.

9      Date of next meeting

       16th April 2012 at The Jubilee Centre, Savages Wood Road at 19.30pm.

The meeting closed at 20.15.

                                BSTC – Leisure, Youth & Amenities Committee – 13th February 2012

                                                                                                                         APPENDIX A
         Quarterly report for Community Development work in Bradley Stoke:
                       September- December 2011 (3rd quarter)
The purpose of community development work is to collectively bring about social change and justice by working with
communities to identify their community needs, opportunities, rights and responsibilities; and to plan, organise and take
action to address these; and finally to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the action taken.

    Targets                       Action and achievement this quarter.
1   To provide support to at      Trinity Tots (formally Bradley Stoke 0-5) –
    least 4 existing groups a      Group needed help to:
    year and to ensure that              access the South Gloucestershire grant fund
    all groups adopt an                  write their equal opportunities policy
    equal opportunities                  publicise the group as numbers had fallen
    policy                        Outcome of CDW intervention: group now have a template for writing grant application form and their numbers
                                  have increased to over 30 families per week.
                                  Sticky fingers toddler group- two sessions Tuesdays and Fridays
                                  New leaders have taken on the running of this group and needed help to
                                            access funding from South Gloucestershire
                                            build their leadership skills
                                            build better relationship within the group and cover rental deficits.
                                  Outcome of CDW intervention: group had carried out a members questionnaire and as a result members have
                                  agreed to increase fees
                                  The group are now more confident in their leadership role.
                                  Breast feeding support group (Bobbs):
                                  Group needed information about funding application
                                  Outcome of CDW intervention: the current leaders have applied for funding – and have the ability to source
2   To support a minimum          Bradley Stoke Community allotment
    of two new community          Residents are still making enquires on an individual basis about allotment provision.
    initiatives per year in       CDW role: inform that there are no allotment but residents could use alternative ways to grow and to form
    response to local             action group.
    community consultation        Outcome of CDW interaction: residents do not seem to have the heart to form a pressure group. So a list is
                                  being kept of those who want to be on a “waiting list”
3   To help identify &            Dreamscheme: volunteering opportunity for young people aged 8-16yrs.
    support volunteering                    CDW role: 1. organised and delivered a community planting of primroses with young people and 4
    opportunities within the                 adult volunteers at primrose bridge.
    community and to work                   2. Facilitate a reward activity and completion event with feedback on benefit of involvement in
    with the town council to                 Dreamscheme
    hold a big society day        Outcome of CDW intervention: at least 7 young people took part at each event and all have a greater
                                  appreciation of their local environment
4   To hold (or be an             International Women’s Day 2012:
    integral part of) a           CDW role: initiate a new format for IWD celebration with the aim of enabling local groups to develop new skills.
    minimum of one event          CDW role includes:-
    per year                      organising and leading the steering group meetings
                                  Co-ordinating and planning the timetable of events
                                  Publicising the event
                                  Promoting the Outstanding women’ awards
                                  Networking with statutory groups, businesses and community groups to encourage them to attend, obtain funds
                                  and publicity.

                                   Where local community groups and the voluntary sector put on events and these are publicised under the IWD
                                  banner. CDW network with groups, with local businesses to mentor women in various businesses; to work with
                                  the community school and BSM magazine to deliver a celebratory magazine of local women’s interviews. To
                                  work with equalities forum to deliver a diverse celebration. To continue the Outstanding Women’s Award.
                                  Outcome of CDW intervention to date:
                                           A celebration to run over a 2 wks period from 5th -16th March with some groups leading events.
                                           Organise an event for several statutory group to inform residents of provision in south
                                           Final gala event and Outstanding Women’s Awards
                                           Bradley Stoke community school, the Willow Brook centre, Bradley Stoke Matters and Rolls Royce are
                                            support the event with gifts in kind.
                                  However many groups are reluctant to take part as the event is not directly within their groups’ interest – the
                                  groups do not all appear to be outward looking at present.
5   To work alongside local       Bradley Stoke Community radio:
    groups, churches and          2nd RSL broadcast: Group needed help to recruit community groups to appear on the radio shows.
    with resident to              Outcome of CDW intervention: several local groups were enabled to appear on the radio to reflect community
    encourage social action       involvement.
    and the development           Grant funding: the group needed help with the wording of grant application.
    and expansion of new
    groups and social             Promotion of local events: several events run by local group were promoted widely including the community
    enterprises                   showcase organised by Southwest Winterguard.

                                BSTC – Leisure, Youth & Amenities Committee – 13th February 2012

6   To take part in or                      This did not occur during this 3rd quarter
    facilitate a minimum of
    two multiagency
    network meetings a year
    providing opportunities
    for community
7   To attend at least 4 safer    Bradley Stoke Safer Stronger Community meeting are generally well attended but the demographics does not
    and stronger community        represent the whole of Bradley Stoke.
    group meetings per year       CDW role: to work with South Gloucestershire Safer Stronger Group (SSCG) to address this issue..
    and to encourage active        Aim: to promote the stronger elements in Bradley Stoke by inviting local community groups to make short
    participation of the          presentations at the meetings.
    community to give             Outcome: St John’s Ambulance group and the Scouts are two groups that engage with a significant number of
    residents more say in         young people were asked to attend the meeting and for their young people to do a presentation of their work.
    shaping the town.             The groups were also asked to do some answer some questions around the issues that the young people felt was
                                  important – The Scouts did a very nice piece of work and this was presented at the meeting.
                                  Future action: This process should be repeated for all the local community groups to build community
                                  resilience and promote civic pride in Bradley Stoke.
8   To set up ( 4 )training       CDW role: attended a 12 week PTLLS training course that SBCP has secured obtained funding
    workshops a year to           Outcome – this should enable me to deliver training to community groups to build their resilience. SBCP are
    help create a new             currently putting together suitable training courses one of which is food hygiene certificate
    generation of
    community organisers

October - December 2011                Number of Bradley         Time involved
                                       Stoke Residents           over quarter                Actual              Subtotal           Total
                                       attending/involved        hrs                         cost
Community Development Assistant                                                  104            1,188.00
Management - Kate O'Brien                                                       11.5               152.00


Core Costs                                                                                          392.50
General running costs (phone, travel
stationery etc)                                                                                     900.00

Winsome Barrett-Muir - 21 Hrs per
Toddler Group                          100-120                                   48                 583.68
Bradley Stoke Community radio
group                                                    >80                     18                 218.88
International women's day                                                        128            1,556.48
      Allotment group/enquiries                             12                   10                 121.60
Dreamscheme                                                                      35                 425.60
Exit with groups                                                                 44                 535.04
Training provision                                                               48                 583.68
South Gloucestershire Safer Stronger
Group                                  30-50                                     10                 121.60
annual leave                                                                     42                 510.72
sick leave                                                                                                   -
Total hours                                                                      383                                 4,657.28

3rd Quarter Spend -                                                                                                                    7,289.78


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