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                    1st July 2011
                   Krabi, Thailand

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Malaysia Country Report

         SESSION 4:

              National ICT Initiatives & projects
Telecentre                               Agency                           Number
USP Phases 2-5                           Min of Info, Com, Culture         1,169
Pusat Internet Desa (PID)                Min of Info, Com, Culture          42
Medan Infodesa (MID)                     Min of Rural & Regional Dev       237
Community Broadband Centre (CBC)         Com & Multimedia Commission        70
Community Broadband Library (CBL)        Com & Multimedia Commission       105
Pusat Komuniti Usahawan Digital (PKUD)   Min of Entrepreneur & Coop Dev     30
Pusat Maklumat Rakyat (PMR)              Dept. of Information              138
Rakan Muda Cyber Centre                  Min of Youth & Sport               56
BDD KPKT                                 Min of Housing & Local Gov         12
Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti (PDKnet)        Min of Women, Family & Com Dev     17
Pusat Info STI@MOSTI                     Min of Sci, Tech & Ind             5
State Govt Telecentres                   State Governments                 274
Total                                                                      2,175
             National ICT Initiatives & projects
    Smart School
•    One of MSC flagship programmes
•    Started in 1999
•    Act as a medium to ensure all children (both urban and rural communities)
     will have an opportunity to use ICT and access to digital content and
•    The project has been developed according to milestones(1999-2020)
                                  Smart School Milestones
                                                                Making 138                                      Consolidate &
       Pilot Phase (1999 –        Post-Pilot (2002 –                                  Making All Schools
                                                            benchmarked smart                                  Stabilize (2010 –
               2002)                    2005)                                        Smart (2005 - 2010)
                                                            schools (2007-2010)                                      2020)

 88 school nationwide        Massive computerization     SSQS, on-site monitoring,  Leveraging all ICT  Innovative practices
  selected                     phase to all 10,000          coaches, professional       initiatives            using ICT enculturated
 Introduced the Smart         schools                      development programme,
  School Integrated           Smart School Roadmap         innovative teaching tools,
  Solution comprises of        2005 - 2020: An              centralise support
  teaching learning            Educational Odyssey          services and reporting
  materials, school           Evaluation of the            structure have been
  management system,           Computing Tablet Project     introduced
  technology infra, system    Refurbished PC project      Bandwidth requirement
  integration and support     Impact study on smart        for the 88 smart schools
  services                     school                      Study on 1 PC: 1 Student
 Benchmarking of the         Courseware evaluation        Model
  Smart School Integrated     Schoolnet -2004-2009        Outcome and
  Solution                                                  characteristics between
                                                            smart schools and non
                                                            smart school students-
                                                           Impact of the
                                                            implementation of the
                                                            smart school                         Smart School Roadmap : 2005 – 2020
                                                            programmes in the 15
                                                            rural schools-2009
          National ICT Initiatives & projects


• launched by the Ministry of Energy, Water and Communication (now MICC) in
  cooperation with the Ministry of Education
• to provide communication infrastructure for the Smart School program.
• involves the provision of broadband Internet access for 10,000 schools
• concentrates on the carriage and distribution of educational content and
  serves as a school-wide Intranet
• uses a variety of technologies to provide typically a minimum 1Mbps downlink
  and 128Kbps uplink to each connected school, depending upon the location.
  These technologies include Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL), very
  small aperture terminal (VSAT) satellites, and direct fiber-to-the-school
            National ICT Initiatives & projects

Digital Pekan

 •   launched on 30 January
 •   provide broadband services to the people by utilising digital technology to
     generate social and economic activities in the community.
 •   Model: Guro, South Korea; Kenniswijk, the Netherlands, and Stockholm,
 •   Among other projects outlined for Digital Pekan include:
         a) Broadband Experience Centre.
         b) Computers@Home
         c) Wireless@Pekan
         d) Virtual Pekan Memoria
         e) In Town
         f) Awareness Campaigns
         g) e-Pekan
           National ICT Initiatives & projects
Special Stimulus Package

SchoolNet Facilitator Programme
 • Aim: to expose expose students, teachers, parents and the general
   community on the advantages of broadband
 • The placement of SchoolNet Facilitators in schools nationwide
 • Primary role of the facilitators:
    • plan and conduct various activities, trainings and programmes
    • As custodians of the ICT equipment in their respective schools.
                  Rural ICT initiatives & projects
    Titian Digital Programme
-    NGO Initiative: a community Initiative by Hindu Youth Organization,
     Pelabuhan Klang
-    involves leadership camps, spiritual camps, religious classes and IT

    Kampong WiFi
- USP Initiative: The Kg WiFi is one of the initiatives identified under the
  National Broadband Initiative (NBI) that is expected to help accelerate the
  national broadband penetration target of reaching 50 per cent household
  targets by end of 2010.

    Community Internet Access Centre Masjid As-Syakirin Mata Ayer
- Collaboration between community and UUM to provide Internet
  connectivity through the use of place of worship.
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