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									           State Directors

Vice Admiral Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr., U.S. Navy (Ret.)
   Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere
                                      NOAA Administrator
                                            April 13, 2005

   U.S. Ocean Action Plan update
   Ecosystem approach to management
   Fisheries management
   NOAA and the States

NOAA: State Directors Meeting         2
                           U.S. Ocean Action Plan Update

   December 17, 2004
   Executive Order: Committee on Ocean Policy
   U.S. Ocean Action Plan
   High level attention               

NOAA: State Directors Meeting                                          3
                           Ecosystem Definitions

   An ecosystem is a geographically specified
   system of organisms (including humans),
   the environment, and the processes that
   control its dynamics
   Ecosystem approach to management:
      J      Adaptive
      J      Regionally directed
      J      Takes account of ecosystem knowledge
      J      Takes account of uncertainty
      J      Considers multiple external influences
      J      Strives to balance diverse societal objectives

NOAA: State Directors Meeting                                 4
                           North Pacific Climate Regimes &
                           Ecosystem Productivity (NPCREP)

   Climate change is affecting species distribution,
   recruitment, harvests and trophic interactions
   Supported by a biophysical monitoring network
   Provides managers with qualitative and quantitative
   assessments and predictions
      J Qualitative – provides general conclusions about the status and
             trends of the ecosystem
      J Quantitative – provides specific conclusions on status and trends of

NOAA: State Directors Meeting                                                  5
                           Earth Observations & Fisheries

   Commercial & recreational
   catch statistics
   Stock assessments
   Observer program
   Standardized sampling gear
   Oceanographic & lower
   trophic level data

NOAA: State Directors Meeting                               6
                           Federal Fisheries Management

     Northwest                                                                                                               NEFMC
                                                                                                                             CT, MA, ME,
                                                                                                                             NH, RI

     Southwest                    PFMC
                                  CA, OR, WA

                                                                                                                           DE, MD, NC,
                                                                                                                           NJ, NY, PA, VA
                                AK, CA, ID, OR, WA

     Northeast                                                                                         SAFMC
                                                                                                                             CT, DE, GA,
                                                                                                                             MA, MD, ME,
                                                                                                       E. FL, GA, NC, SC     NC, NH, NJ
                                                                                                                             NY, PA, SC,

                                                                                                                             RI, VA , FL
                                                                                                   AL, LA, MS, TX, FL
                                                                              AL, FL, LA, MS, TX                               CFMC
     Pacific                                                                                                                   PR, USVI

                                 Am Samoa, Guam, HI, CNMI

                                               = Fishery Management Council             = Marine Fishery Commission
NOAA: State Directors Meeting                                                                                                               7
                           Large Marine Ecosystems

NOAA: State Directors Meeting                        8
                           Southeast Aquatic Resources
                           Partnership (SARP)
   Regional effort that moves beyond tradition of individual
   federal and state responsibilities
   13 states, NOAA, DOI, 2 commissions, 2 councils
   Six issue areas:
      J      public use
      J      fishery mitigation
      J      imperiled fish and aquatic species recovery
      J      interjurisdictional fisheries
      J      aquatic habitat conservation
      J      aquatic nuisance species

   Aquatic Nuisance Species plans and Aquatic Habitat Plan
   being developed
NOAA: State Directors Meeting                                  9
                           Recreational Licenses

   U.S. Ocean Action Plan:
      J make data collection from licenses compatible across U.S.
      J create draft proposal for completing existing network or propose

   States have extensive experience
   NOAA and States must work together on challenges
   Licenses will enhance data and improve

NOAA: State Directors Meeting                                              10
                           Recreational Fisheries
                           Strategic Plan
   February 17, 2005
   Defines a vision for the future of
   recreational fisheries
   Opportunity for States and NOAA to
   work together
      J      New management techniques
      J      Two consultations per year on data
      J      Data: computerized & comparable
      J      Coordinate joint research projects
      J      Regional implementation teams
      J      Enforcement

NOAA: State Directors Meeting                                  11

   Cooperative Enforcement Program increases federal
   patrols and strengthens state resources
   Joint Enforcement Agreements with 25 states
      J .25 M hours of federal patrols conducted by states
      J States received over $36 million for patrols, infrastructure, and
             conservation mission

   Partnership allows for coordination, communication
   and protection of living marine resources

NOAA: State Directors Meeting                                               12
                           Magnuson-Stevens Act

   Current system generally works well
   Improvements in some areas
      J      Ecosystem management
      J      Council representation
      J      Reducing overcapacity
      J      IFQs and dedicated access privileges
      J      Improved regional fisheries management

NOAA: State Directors Meeting                         13

   Opportunities: satisfy rising demand for seafood, reduce trade deficit,
   enhance food security, replenish depleted species, provide coastal jobs
   Challenges: divergent views, balancing multiple uses, lack of regulatory
   President to propose offshore aquaculture legislation
      J      Grants authority to issue offshore aquaculture permits
      J      Provides environmental and other safeguards
      J      Supports development of offshore aquaculture

   Agency will consult with states before issuing permits
   Regulatory process will include ample opportunity for participation

NOAA: State Directors Meeting                                                 14
                           Other NOAA Services

   NOAA’s Ocean Service
      J      Coastal Zone Management
      J      Marine Navigation
      J      Tides and currents
      J      Spill response
      J      Harmful algal blooms

   NOAA’s National Weather Service
      J Predictions/forecasts: hurricanes, tornadoes, floods

   NOAA Research
      J Sea Grant partnerships

   NOAA Satellites and Information Service
      J SARSAT
      J Observations

NOAA: State Directors Meeting                                  15
                           Wrap Up

   U.S. Ocean Action Plan—take advantage of high level
   Ecosystem approach to management—evolutionary
   and incremental
   Observations—science based fisheries management
   Fisheries management—State-Federal partnerships
   important to success

NOAA: State Directors Meeting                            16

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