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									Routed Data Infrastructure Refresh

    NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon
          December 12, 2005

               Ken White
   •       Introduction
   •       Purchase Phase
   •       Test and Validation
   •       Implementation Phase
   •       Security
   •       Risk Management
   •       Next Steps

09/12/05                 NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon   2
   • UNITeS Engineering has identified 77 tail routers and
     138 processor and interface cards that need replacement
     in the core routers
   • Additional LAN switches (27) and network management
     equipment has been identified
   • Without equipment refresh, the Agency faces obvious
           – Inability to mitigate or resolve security vulnerabilities
           – Inability to replace failed equipment
           – Inability to implement desired technology

09/12/05                         NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon        3
                                         Purchase Phase
  •        Equipment Purchased Under SEWP
            – Saves project overhead cost
            – Equipment waiver become a non-Issue with
              delegation of equipment responsibility to Marshall from HQ
            – Due to levels of NASA granularity, equipment under NASA tags will be surveyed
              every quarter for location
            – Civil Servant signed ownership for equipment over NASA guidelines
            – A Certificate of Acceptance has been verified to validate that all equipment has
              been received and In good order
                • Some issues with the SFP but they were the last pieces to be validated

  •        Equipment Transfer
            – Equipment was received by MSFC Central Receiving
            – Transferred to UNITeS Property Accountability System
            – NISN Network metrics require greater flexibility in relocating equipment based on
              real-time network conditions
            – Cannot wait on paperwork trail to catch up to real-time situations

09/12/05                             NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon                             4
                                     Test and Validation
  •        Developed Master Test Plan
            – Phase 1 to Burn and validate operational status of the equipment
            – Phase 2 to validate protocols and features implemented at a Primary Network
            – Results are documented within the Test Plan for presentation at the ORR

  •        Burn In and Configure
            – Expected Completion Date Is 12/29/05
                • All equipment will be configured and verified to be functional prior to
                • Hardware burn-in (24 hours) to ensure there are no problems with the
                • System configuration and testing to ensure all configurations perform as
                • Individual replacement line cards processor card will be installed in lab
                   equipment and tested with a baseline configuration.
                • Any defective parts will be returned to the supplier for immediate
                    – Found a VIP Inoperative
                    – Returned via the RMA Process

09/12/05                              NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon                        5
                               Implementation Phase
   •       NISN Service Request Process
            – The standard NSR process will be followed for each implementation.
                • NSR’s will be generated by UNITeS Customer Service
                • Design Cost Schedule (DCS) for each NSR will be created by UNITeS
                  Engineering and reviewed at the UNITeS Internal Design Review
                • DCS will be sent to the Service Owner for approval
                • UNITeS Engineering will develop the Engineering Implementation Package
                • UNITeS Engineering Review Board will approve EIP
                • UNITeS Operations and Configuration Management (CM) will be assigned
                  tasks for implementation

09/12/05                           NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon                        6
           • Security Checklist has been finalized
              – Based on the IONET Security Checklist
              – Going to project government points of contact and system security points
                of contact
              – Validate NISN tail site configuration

           • Two Sets of Security scans will occur
              – One scan is during the stage and burn-In phase
                 • Validate security posture of network hardware and validate access
                   control list
                 • Scan results will be added to NISN Security Plan to document results
                   prior to Center installation

              – Second scan is during the implementation phase
                 • Validate security posture of network hardware under
                   operational network configuration
                 • Scan results will be appended to NISN Security Plan to document
                   final security results

09/12/05                        NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon                           7
                                    Risk Management
   • The risks identified have been approved and have been statused in
     ePORT (
   • Updated risks shown in red

           – FY05 Funding Commitment
              • Low
              • Mitigation: $765K for FY06-FY08 is in the NISN Budget Baseline
           – Return to Flight
              • High - Schedule unknown
              • Mitigation: Track return to flight activities and adjust schedule as needed.
           – Schedule Timeline
              • High - Include WANR mesh and people resources
              • Mitigation: Actively coordinating the two project schedules
           – Project Coordination and Communication
              • Low
              • Mitigation: Reviews have been identified. Implementation will be via normal
                NISN activity notification process.

09/12/05                           NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon                            8
                                              Next Steps
   • Pack/Ship and Receive Equipment
           – Equipment will be shipped to UNITeS Gateway technicians for local installation
   • Operational Ready Review (ORR) Scheduled for January 11, 2006
           – ORR will reflect staging and burn test results
           – Remaining risk
           – Implementation schedule
   • User Coordination/Activity Scheduling
           – Each activity will be coordinated with NASA center or tail-site personnel
   • Installation Activities
           – Installation - Physical replacement of equipment and integration will be performed
             by UNITeS Operations
           – Test - Nominal network operation will be validated through test plans included in
             each EIP
           – Acceptance - NISN customers will verify return to service prior to activity closure
   • Documents will be Updated to Reflect Changes

09/12/05                            NISN Quarterly Customer Videocon                               9

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