NASA Virtual Field Trip by XUP905H4


									NASA Virtual Field Trip

        Third Grade
Shades Mountain Elementary
         April 2009
Our very engaged students learning from the
     NASA scientist in Cleveland, Ohio.
A view of the technology that made it possible
            to interact with NASA.
Fox 6 News was there to see the amazing things
           we are doing at SMES!
Mrs. Straub and Mrs. A. Johnson’s classes
          participated together.
Here is another view of the technology that we used. On the screen is a
   diagram of the layers of the atmosphere that the scientist used.
We were on the news!
I know the answer!!!
Mrs. Straub was interviewed about our
    awesome learning experience.
Channel 42 came to film us too!
This is the NASA scientist that taught us so much.
We were great at answering his questions! He
was very impressed with how much we knew!
Mrs. Straub was also on Channel 42 News.

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