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					                                            Invent An Alien
Planet: Uranus Name: Anne Norman

The purpose of this project is to use expert knowledge of your planet to “invent” a life form that could
survive in the conditions of that world. All of the planets characteristics should be considered.

Each of the characteristics of the Alien must be compatible with the characteristics of the planet. Some
biological research of animals may be necessary. Compare animals on Earth that live in extreme
environments similar to an environment on your planet.

What does the alien eat? Since Uranus is all water, My alien eats a species called snowball fish.
Why? There are many different species under water on Uranus. My alien’s digestive system can only
handle snowball fish because they are medium sized and have the best taste.
How does the alien eat? My alien has razor sharp teeth, so in three shreds, the fish are gone.
Why? My alien has the only kind of teeth in all of Uranus, so it’s easy to catch the fish and eat many.
How does the alien see? My alien has eyes like cats. But also can sense when other things are around by
their skin.
Why? My alien is like a human but fish also, kind of like a mermaid, but different.
How does the alien hear? My alien has ears like Jar Jar Binx from Star Wars. They are very long that go
down to right above its buttocks.
Why? My alien has ears like that because it enables it to hear from long distances.
How does the alien touch? My alien has hands and feet like frogs, where they are attached.
Why? Having frog like hands and feet allows my alien to catch whatever it wants.
How does the alien smell? My alien has a snout like a dog.
Why? Dogs have amazing senses, and my alien can smell different kinds of creatures in the sea with a
How does the alien move around? Since Uranus is a big sea, my alien swims.
Why? There is no land on Uranus, so the only way to get around is by swimming in the ocean or flying.
How does the alien communicate? My alien talks with their mouth they have which is connected to the
Why? My alien can only talk to others like itself and they have a language quite like pigs latin.
How big or small is the alien? My alien is about three or four feet tall.
Why? By being this small, my alien has rapid speed.
What are the main shapes of the alien’s body? The body is like a dwarf on the planet Earth.
Why? My alien has a similar shape as the human body. All the characteristics of my alien comes from
different things that are on Earth.
How does the alien breathe? My alien can choose to either breathe through its nose, mouth or through
their skin.
Why? Humans can breathe through their mouth or their nose, my alien can do both but also breathe
through their skin like fish who breathe through their gills.
How does the gravity affect the alien? My alien doesn’t have to deal with gravity on Uranus because it’s
always underwater.
Why? Again, Uranus is a big ocean.
How does the pressure or lack thereof affect the alien? When my alien goes keep under water to hunt,
they can’t stay down there long because the pressure rises them up.
Why? My alien likes to get their snowball fish before they go down into the blackness.
How does the alien deal with the temperatures? My alien prefers to be in warmer water.
Why? To deal with the temperature, my alien doesn’t go deep down to the bottom of the ocean.
How does the alien seal with the surface or lack thereof on the planet? The surface of Uranus, is the top
of the Ocean and my alien can breathe when they pop their head up.
Why? Because of the nose like the dog, my alien can breathe air in, but prefers the water.
What is the alien’s habitat or home like? My alien’s home is the Ocean. It could survive on land, but on
Uranus there is no land.

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