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INTAS Powered By Docstoc            INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

             International Association for the
             promotion of co-operation with
                    scientists from the
           New Independent States of the former
                   Soviet Union (NIS)

                             Overview by

                        Matthias Parske
                      INTAS Legal Advisor

                        Brussels, 27 April 2005    INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

                                        What is INTAS ?

  non-profit International Association (aisbl)
  under Belgian Law;
  established in 1993 by the European
  Community, the European Union Member
  States and like minded countries;
  To promote scientific cooperation between
  researchers in the New Independent States of
  the former Soviet Union (NIS) and its member
  states and;
  To help preserve the valuable scientific
  potential in the NIS through international
  cooperation         INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

European Union 25 Member States
European Community
Iceland        33 Members                        Armenia
Israel                                           Azerbaijan
Norway                                           Belarus
Turkey                                           Kazakhstan

                                        12 Partner Countries   INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005


         on Scientific Cooperation with:
    Russian Federation: Russian Foundation for Basic
    Research, Russian Foundation for the Humanities
    Uzbekistan    INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

                                        Basic principles

   Support multilateral scientific collaboration
   Cover basic research, applied research and TD
   Cover all scientific areas, but no military
    research, no commercial activities
   Search for scientific excellence
   Peer-review by Council of Scientists based on
    external independent evaluations
   Focus on young scientists
   Largest share of grants to NIS teams/scientists
   Ownership of results to teams, which generated
       them      INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

                              INTAS policy: recent trends

     The context has evolved over 1993-2004
        Uneven development of “NIS”
        Emergence of ERA concept
        Opening of FP6 to 3rd countries, scientific
         agreements EU-xx, “Neighbourhood
         policy”, “Common Spaces”, etc.
     A policy more focused and differentiated:
        in terms of thematic priorities, and
        in terms of regional needs and capacities;
     More focus on innovation/valorization of
     Encourage NIS partners to participate in FP6.         INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

                                        What does INTAS do?

 INTAS supports multilateral partnerships
  between research institutes, universities and
  industry in the New Independent States (NIS)
  and the INTAS member states for the benefit
  of all partners.

 INTAS offers grants aimed at enabling
  scientists to engage in international scientific

 Projects are submitted in the frame of regular
  calls and are selected by peer review on the
  basis of scientific quality, mutual benefit and
  socio-economic relevance.           INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

                                         Grants and Instruments

   Grants for research projects and networks
    submitted in open, thematic and collaborative calls;
   Pre-/ Post PhD fellowships for young NIS scientists
   Support to Summer Schools and other training
   Innovation grants to encourage the dissemination
    and use of results of scientific research;
   Additional support measures (Conference Grants,
    Infrastructure Actions)
   ININ (INTAS FP6 NIS Information Network) to
        Open the ERA to Russia and other NIS
        Promote NIS participation in FP6

  ON-LINE proposal submission + evaluation + management            INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

                                        Which field of research?

  INTAS funds fundamental or applied research in
  all areas of exact, natural and human sciences,

     Mathematics;
     Physical sciences;
     Chemistry;
     Life sciences and medicine;
     Earth sciences and environment;
     Economics, social & human sciences;
     Information technology, telecommunications;
     Engineering sciences, space and aeronautics
      related sciences, energy technologies, etc.      INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

                               IPR policy – basic principles

        Background knowledge: remains with
         original owner
        Foreground knowledge: ownership to
         the team(s) which generate(s) the
           Other teams receive non-exclusive,
            non-transferable access rights
           Remuneration required in case of:
                * exclusive licenses
                * commercial exploitation          INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

                                             INTAS structure

 Council of Scientists                         General Assembly
 Scientific advisory body                     Decision-making body
        NIS & MS                                       MS

                       INTAS Secretariat
                            Executive body

   Scientific communities of NIS and INTAS members           INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

                                               INTAS Budget

   Major part comes from the European Community
   through the Framework Programme
   (INternational COoperation)
   “Co-operation activities with Russia and the other NIS countries will
   be carried out in particular through the INTAS structure set up jointly
   by the Community and the Member States.” (Council decision)

                      2002 - 2006               ~70 M Euro

   In kind (staff) and financial contributions from
   some members and
   Financial contribution from co-sponsors in
   jointly funded projects
                      2002 – 2006               ~10 M Euro    INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

                                         1992 - 2004

        Impact of INTAS Funding

234 million Euro have provided funding for:

          ~ 2,800 research projects and networks
          ~15,600 teams of scientists
          > 1000 young scientists fellowships
          265 conferences and workshops
          54 summer schools
          33 infrastructure actions    INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

                                        1992 - 2004
    37 Calls for Research Projects and Networks :
 Open calls
 Thematic calls: Aral Sea Basin, Food, Inform. Tech,
  Nano-scale structures, Polluted environment, Position
  sensitive detectors, Transforming societies
 Co-operative calls with:
 Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, RFBR (1995, 1997), RFH
  (1997), Ukraine, Uzbekistan
 CERN - Geneva
  CNES - Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales, Paris
  CNRS - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique,
  DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Bonn
  GSI - Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung, Darmstadt
  ESA - European Space Agency, Paris
 Airbus Industries        INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

                                        INTAS calls 2003

 Open Call                                         19.2 M€
 Belarus Call                                      1 M€
 CERN Call                                         1 M€
 CNES Call                                         1 M€
 GSI Call                                          1 M€
 Young Scientist Fellowships                       2.5 M€
 Innovation Grants                                 .5 M€
 Accompanying Measures                             1M€        INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

                                        INTAS calls 2004

  Information Technology                            1 M€
  Position Sensitive Detectors                      1 M€
  “East-West” Call                                  0.8 M€
  Airbus Call                                       1 M€
  Uzbekistan Call                                   1 M€
  Kazakhstan Call                                   1.5 M€
  Young Scientist Fellowships                       2.5 M€
  Innovation Grants                                 .5 M€
  Accompanying Measures                             .4 M€          INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

                                        INTAS activities 2005

  Scientific Policy Workshops                           0.3 M€
  Open Call (2005-2006)                               12.0 M€
  Call “Genomics and proteomics”                        1.5 M€
  Call “Hydrogen and biomass for energy” 1.5 M€
  Call “Moldova ”                                       1.0 M€
  Call “CERN”                                           1.5 M€
  Young Scientist Fellowships Calls 3.1 M€
  Summer Schools support                                0.3 M€
  Innovation Grants                                     1.0 M€
  Additional Support Actions                            0.5 M€        INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

                                         Research Projects
                                           Main features

      Duration: 18, 24, 30 or 36 months
      Min. of 3 teams:
         2 different INTAS members + 1
              NIS organisation
         Co-ordinator from INTAS member
         Max. 150,000 Euro for duration of
         Min. 75% of budget to NIS teams.         INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

                                             Open Call 2005-2006

                 2005 – 2006 Budget = 12 M€

         A two-stage submission:
             Ist April 4 – June 14 (pre-proposals)
             IInd Sept. 5 – Jan. 10 (full proposals)

                      1. Research objectives (Ist+IInd stage)
to assess             2. Research programme (Ist+IInd stage)
the merit of:         3. Consortium quality (IInd stage)
                      4. Project management (IInd stage)          INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

                                                Thematic Calls 2005
                  Budget = 1,5 M€ for each call
                A two-stage submission:
                Ist May 3 – June 14 (EOI/LOI)
                IInd Sept. 5 – Oct. 17 (full proposals)

Genomics and Proteomics applied to Human Health
 Elucidate the molecular mechanisms of infectious diseases
  (tuberculosis, AIDS, malaria, etc);
 Elucidate the molecular mechanisms of cancer;
 Elucidate the genetic background of the individual immunological
  response to those diseases.

Hydrogen Technology and Biomass Conversion for Energy
 Hydrogen production technologies
 Hydrogen storage technologies
 Conversion of Biomass to Liquid Fuels (BTL) and gasification            INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

                                             Fellowships 2005
Objective   encourage young NIS scientists to remain in
            science (advance their career, research in NIS,
            establish international contacts)
Instruments 2 types of fellowships

     PhD fellowships                         Post PhD fellowships

 2 years, 2 visits (4-8                     2 years, 2 visits (6-12
 months)                         duration   months)

Basic grant up to 6,000€                    Basic grant up to 7,200€
Liv. allowance 800-                         Liv. allowance 800-
1200€/mth                                   1200€/mth
Travel costs                                Travel costs

Working towards PhD &                       Be in a full time research
continue for 2 years from          criteria position at NIS organisation
beginning of fellowship                     during the fellowship
          + 35 years, citizen and permanent resident of NIS          INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

                                    Innovation Grants 2005

                    Promote further development,
                    utilisation and marketing of INTAS
                    research results
                                        12, 18, 24 months
Minimum partnership
2 contractors 
1 from the NIS (individual or private/public organisation)
1 from INTAS members (private or public organisation)

25 000 €
Max. 25% of total to contractors of INTAS members    INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

      Summer Schools and other training activities

Stimulate a larger participation of young scientists from
the NIS in internationally acknowledged summer schools
1-4 weeks taking place any time throughout the year
Average 2,500 € per young scientist with max. 25,000 €
per year and per school.
A renewed approach
A core set of Summer Schools regularly supported by
+ Case-by-case support       INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

                                        Conference Grants

 Conference Organisation Grants (COG) support the
  organisation of international scientific events in the
  territory of NIS countries
 Conference Individual Grants (CIG) support individual
  participation from the NIS countries to international
  scientific events.
 COG: up to 20,000 € for organisational costs and travel
  support for participants.
 CIG: covers partly travel costs for individual participants
 On-line submission. Four cut-off deadlines/year.
 Selection by INTAS Council of Scientists   INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005


    INTAS FP6 NIS Information Network
   Promote the involvement of NIS scientific
   communities in the ERA and their participation in
    Information dissemination & networking
    Scientific community-targeted activities /
    Support to NIS FP6 National Information
    Points (NIPs)   INTAS-IGLO meeting – March 2005

                 CONTACTS with INTAS




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