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									a new foundation for science in
The SFI Vision

• Topics
  • Anything that underpins Biotechnology and ICT … we are guided
    by the community
  • Fundamental research
where great science prospers…

• Ireland’s initial investment in SFI > €635m
• SFI works closely with:
   • HEA
   • IDA
   • Enterprise Ireland
The SFI Strategy

• Build a healthy ‘research eco-system’
• Support first rate research into medium- to long-term
• Meritocracy with a willingness to take risks
• Promote appropriate industry-campus partnerships
The SFI Strategy


  Dr William C Harris – Director General
  Dr John Fuller Atkins – Director Biotechnology and Biology
  Dr Alistair M Glass – Director Information & Communications Technologies

The SFI Strategy


• SFI Fellow Awards
• SFI Investigator Awards
• E.T.S. Walton Visitor Awards
• Workshop and Conference Sponsorship
• Centres for Science, Engineering, and Technology (CSET):
  Industry-Campus Partnerships
SFI Fellow Awards

• Five-year awards to support senior, distinguished researchers
   •   Grants normally ranging up to €1m per year for up to 5 years
   •   Typically support researcher salaries and research equipment
• Goal is to help research bodies recruit and retain truly
  outstanding researchers
   •   Criteria: of such calibre as to be full professor or equivalent at distinguished
       institutions (i.e., Cambridge, Oxford, Johns Hopkins, UC-Berkeley)
• These scientists then act as a magnet for other outstanding
• Deadline: open call (applications are accepted any time)
SFI Fellow Awards

• Fast-Track SFI Fellows
   • Institutes may send nominations for outstanding candidates
   • If qualifications are appropriate, SFI will establish a review process
   • Approved nominees: grants up to €500,000 p.a. for 5 years
   • Open call
   • Currently being finalized
SFI Investigator Awards

• Four-year awards to scientists with an internationally
  recognised track-record of research accomplishment
   • Grants normally ranging up to €250,000 per year for up to 4 years
   • Higher award for exceptional people
   • Support researcher salaries (but NOT the PI) and research equipment
• Focus is on great researchers in Ireland
   • > 3 year post-doctoral experience
• Deadline: 15th November 2002
   • Newly-appointed members of staff from abroad may apply at any
E.T.S. Walton Visitor Awards

• Named after Ireland’s 1951 Nobel laureate in physics
• Bring international researchers to Ireland for periods normally
  ranging up to one year
   • Grants normally ranging up to €200,000 per year
   • Support salary, laboratory, and moving expenses.
• Ultimately, we’d like these people to stay!
• Deadline: end of December
Workshops & Conference Grants
•   Focused on international scientific audience
     • International and European Conferences
         • Up to €50,000 per event
         • Registration fee is expected to cover general costs
         • Full revenue and expenditure budget to be included in proposal

     • Domestic Conferences and Workshops
         • Up to €25,000 per event
         • Overseas invited speakers
         • Best paper awards
         • (restricted) student registration

     • Strategic Workshops
         • Fully funded by SFI
         • Clear justification and output (e.g. white paper, monograph)

• Deadline: open call ( new! )
Centres for Science, Engineering,
and Technology (CSET)

• Clusters of scientists from industry and academia
   • Working together on large-scale complex problems in Ireland
   • Driven by medium- or long-term industrial needs
   • Requiring a critical mass of interdisciplinary skills
   • Potential to make a significant commercial impact
• High-risk interdisciplinary research
• Strong educational / knowledge-transfer ethos
• More than an aggregate of research projects
• SFI funding … typically €1-5m per annum
            Research Areas Currently Funded

       2 Awards
                                          and Therapeutics
 2 Awards                                 Agri-Food

5 Awards
                     16 Awards            Computational

                         Total   €44.4 million
                                 25 Awards
Biotechnology – Currently Funded Research Areas



Pharmaceuticals      Neurobiology
  Therapeutics       Antimicrobials
                     Subcellular Transport

                     Metabolic Disorders

                     Plant Genetics

  Agri-Food          Disease Resistance in Farm Animals
     (5)             Functional Genomics in Reproduction


                     Computational Biology
     (4)             Biosensors
 Before We Finish …

• Only three things matter:
  • Quality (of applicant)
  • Quality (of science)
  • Quality (of plan)
 Before We Finish …

• If you are writing a proposal,
  write it as if you were going to submit it to the top
  journal in your area
   • Assume hand-picked top-class international reviewers
   • Emphasize how your brilliant idea differs
   • Show how you plan to achieve your goal
   • Demonstrate that you are likely to achieve it (papers, equations, …)
   • Show that you can adapt (alternative routes to the goal)
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