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									               Reel Buckeye Productions
              At The Ohio State University


Article I: Name, Purpose, and Non-Discrimination Policy of the

Section 1) Name: Reel Buckeye Productions at The Ohio State University

Section 2) Purpose: Reel Buckeye Productions is committed to creating a unique
educational experience for Ohio State Students interested in Film and Video Production
by producing both feature-length and short format movies on an alternating biennial
schedule. We are dedicated to providing members with a cooperative and conducive
environment fit to learn and experience all aspects of filmmaking and explore the links
between the different departments at The Ohio State University that can contribute to
the production of our projects.

Section 3) Non-Discrimination Policy: Reel Buckeye Productions and its members shall
not discriminate against any individuals for reasons of age, race, sex, religion, national
origin, disability, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

Article II: Membership: Qualifications and Categories of Membership

Members of Reel Buckeye Productions must be currently enrolled as a student at The
Ohio State University and academically eligible for participation as defined by similar
minimum GPA requirements set forth for athletic participation. Anyone currently
enrolled and in good academic standing as a student at The Ohio State University who is
working with or on a current or past project is considered to be eligible as a member of
Reel Buckeye Productions and for consideration for a position on either Executive or
Production Boards.

Article III: Organization Leadership: Titles, Terms of Office, Type of
Selection, and Duties of the Leaders

Titles and Structure
Reel Buckeye Productions will be maintained under an Executive Board that handles
organizational duties, club management, and the overall structure of the organization.
Individual Projects will have a Production Boards that directly manage the all phases
of each production, and will provide regular reports to the Executive Board. The
Executive Board will always consist of a President, a Vice-President, and a Treasurer.
Each Production Board’s size and membership will vary depending on the scope of the
project being managed. During a feature-length film production, the Production Board
will consist of any three of the following: producer, co-producer, director, or unit
production manager. In addition, the Production Board shall establish and select
members to a Department Head Committee to meet with them regularly to discuss
project issues and resolutions. During the short format movie production, the
Production Board will consist of two representatives from each short (one must be
either the Director or Producer of the piece), the collective unit production manager,
and a marketing representative.

Terms of Office and Type of Selection for Executive Board
Each member on the Executive Board may hold their specific position for no more than
18 months (cumulative), provided they maintain current student status and academic
eligibility, and may step down or be considered for a different board position—following
the guidelines set forth for board member selection—at anytime up to their graduation
date. When a member decides to step down from their position or in preparation for
their graduation, the Executive Board will appoint a new member. A unanimous vote of
the board must be obtained for selection of the new appointee. Any irresolvable
disagreement—including but not limited to: approval of an appointee, removal of a
board member, removal of a club member from participation, or any organizational
matter—will be taken to the current advisor for final resolution. If a board member
steps down or leaves the group without further communication, an appointee will be
selected by the remaining two board members and the advisor. If it becomes necessary
for a Board Member to be removed from office prior to the completion of their
term/graduation from the University for reasons such as but not limited to: violating
the bi-laws, unfulfilling their duties, academic ineligibility, activities against the mission
of the organization, use of resources and/or equipment for personal use/gain, and/or
unresponsiveness, the remaining two board members shall bring their case to the
advisor. Upon review, the accused member shall be given two weeks to defend their
position, whereby a final decision shall be reached between the Advisor and remaining
board members.

   Duties of the Executive Board
      Maintain a high level of interest in filmmaking among students.
      Raise the awareness on student filmmaking and support the opportunities
        available at the University by maintaining a strong student organization
        presence through participation in the involvement fairs and marketing efforts.
      Enforce the rules and bi-laws of the constitution.
      Uphold and strengthen the relationship and lines of communication between
        Reel Buckeye Productions and The Ohio State University.
      Monitor and maintain the equipment and spending of the organization.
      Select Production Heads based on their experience and pitches; determine
        if/when a Production Head needs to step down from their position.
      Maintain a functioning Production Board to ensure the production is running
        smoothly by attending production meetings when necessary, and step in on
        serious disagreements or to spur progress.
          Determine when a production is complete, thereby disbanding the Production
           Board for that project and taking over their roles and responsibilities.
          Determine the course of the organization through mutual agreement.

       Specific Duties of the President
              Responsible for the overall image and management of the organization
                as an entity at the University and within the community.
              Ensure the existence and involvement of an advisor.
              Establish and maintain relationships and lines of communication with
                University Departments.
              Maintain an updated inventory on all current equipment to be kept on
                file with the Video Department of the University.
              Make sure a final product is created through each production.
              Support duties of fellow Executive Board members and execute
                organizational duties.

       Specific Duties of the Vice-President
              Responsible for the overall exposure of the organization within the
                University and throughout the community.
              Responsible for member participation within the organization.
              Supervise the internal and external marketing and image of the
              Support duties of fellow Executive Board members and execute
                organizational duties.

       Specific Duties of the Treasurer
              Ensure productions are operating within their budgets.
              Manage and maintain the financial records of funds coming into and
                expending out of the organization’s bank accounts and grants.
              Supervise all funding activities including research and submission to
                grants; research and participation in fundraisers; and soliciting
                donations from local businesses and other investors.
              Support duties of fellow Executive Board members and execute
                organizational duties.

Terms of Office and Type of Selection for Production Board
Since Reel Buckeye Productions alternates each year from doing features to shorts, each
of the Production Board positions will be held for as long as the current project is in
operation. Although each project will kickoff in the fall, due to production timelines,
there will most likely be an overlap of the production boards (one starting as the other is
in post production). The Executive Board will determine when a project has been
completed, such as: the premiere, DVD release, or other significant event that wraps up
the production. At this time, the Production Board will step down from their roles,
leaving any unfinished business to the Executive Board for completion, such as:
submission to film festivals, maintenance of Reel Buckeye Archives, or copyright issues.
When necessary, the Executive Board will elect new Production Heads according to the
pitches made by interested students.

   Duties of the Production Board
      Responsible for selecting a script for production (except for in the case of the
        shorts project whereby members are chosen after script selection).
      In conjunction with the Executive Board, organize and facilitate crew/cast
        calls and additional member recruiting events in order to gather enough
        interest to create a functioning crew and cast to complete the project.
      Set up all necessary meetings, fundraising, and production plans to produce,
        design, direct, shoot, and edit a feature or short format movie project.
      Each Production Board member is responsible for researching and
        understanding their own position on the film (i.e. producer or director), and
        carry out those duties to the best of their ability.
      Appoint Department Heads.
      Responsible for carrying out their duties as described above, but understand
        the Executive Board has the right to step in on matters of money, legality, or
        that are more organizational based than specific to a movie project.

Article V: Advisor: Qualification Criteria

The Advisor for Reel Buckeye Productions is currently Janet Parrott. The Advisor must
be a full-time faculty member at The Ohio State University. The Advisor’s main duty is
to serve as a mentor to the organization and to oversee the completion of the project,
primarily through communication with the Executive Board. The Advisor will act as the
“tiebreaker” in rare instances where the Executive Board cannot come to a consensus.

Article VI: Meeting of the Organization: Required Meetings and Their

The Executive Board and Production Board(s) should meet regularly year-round,
increasing in frequency as production or other organizational events near. Because of
the nature of the organization, departments will meet at mutually agreed upon times
and according to the phase in production. The Executive Board will hold meetings no
less than twice a quarter on or before the 3rd and 8th week of the quarter, respectively.
These meetings shall serve to facilitate communication within and outside the
organization, to discuss current/future opportunities on the Executive and Production
Boards, and to give members an opportunity to discuss amendments to the constitution.

Article VII: Method of Amending Constitution: Proposals, Notice, and
Voting Requirements

If any member has a concern about the constitution and would like to propose an
amendment to it, they must submit their change in writing to the Executive Board. The
Executive Board has two weeks from the date of submittal to set up a review meeting
whereby the member(s) submitting the proposal have the right to answer questions and
speak on the proposals behalf. The Executive Board will then have one week to discuss
and vote on the proposed amendment. All three Executive Board members must vote in
favor of the amendment for it to be ratified. In cases where an Executive Board member
is submitting the proposal, the above guidelines will be followed with the exception that
they will present to their two fellow board members and the Advisor. Any disputes in
this case will be left up to the Advisor to decide.

Article VIII: Method of Dissolution of Organization

If the organization should for any reason disband for the present and/or future years,
with final approval of the Advisor, all equipment, copyrights, and remaining funds shall
be donated to the Video Department, currently housed in the Theatre Department of the
University, to continue supporting film education at The Ohio State University. No
single member, or group of members, shall rightfully have claim to any piece of
equipment owned by the organization, and any member that attempts to do so will be
subject to University and legal ramifications.

Bi-Laws for Reel Buckeye Productions:

   1) Reel Buckeye Productions is for educational purposes only and will not, in any
      way, be used as a profit generating organization.
   2) Although Reel Buckeye Productions may chose to support the efforts and mission
      of other University affiliated groups and departments, our equipment usage and
      financial expenditures are autonomous of these ties and determined by the
      Executive Board of this organization.
   3) A current inventory will be kept on file with the Video Department.
   4) Reel Buckeye Productions will operate on a biennial rotating schedule,
      alternating between producing a feature-length movie and several short-format
      movies. However, if interest is low, an alternative program schedule may be
      created to fit the goals and needs of the organization with the hopes of getting
      back on schedule the following school year.
   5) A script-writing competition will be held each fall quarter to select the script(s)
      based on the scope and objectives of that year’s project.
   6) Only those on and approved by the Executive Board & Production Board (if a
      feature competition) may read and provide input on script selection.
   7) Scripts will remain anonymous until the winner is selected.
   8) The original scriptwriter has the right to pull his/her script out of the competition
      at any time up to and including final notification of their winning script, at which
      time they will have one final chance to pull their script before fully committing to
      the project. Beyond foregoing their right to the copyright of the finished piece,
      full commitment to the project does not include any additional terms or
      conditions including but not limited to: selection of the cast/cast member,
      selection of the crew/crew members, props/locations, budgeting, or distribution.
    Scripts whereby their writer(s) require such additional considerations need not
    be pursued as such terms and conditions go against the spirit of our educational
9) The original scriptwriter may participate as a member of the revision team if
    he/she wishes, but final creative control on the piece resides with the Production
    Board. Reel Buckeye Productions, crediting the writer on the piece and in the
    credits, holds the final copyright for the piece.
10) Members of the production crew shall be selected by hosting an open crew call;
    specific positions may require an additional interview. Actors will be cast
    through an open casting call.
11) All film projects will not exceed an “R” rating following the guidelines set forth by
    the MPAA, and additionally, will not contain any graphic sexual content, graphic
    violence, profuse swearing, or possess a discriminatory message.
12) Any political, cultural, and OSU-based commentary must be done in a tasteful
    and respectable manner. Organizational film projects are not a means to channel
    ones personal beliefs.
13) Distribution and post-production festival submissions will be decided on only
    after a final product is created.
14) In an effort to increase production knowledge and to provide opportunities
    within various roles of responsibility throughout Reel Buckeye Production
        a. Feature: No member can hold more than one position on the Production
            Board/Department Head Committee for the duration of the feature.
        b. Shorts: No member can hold more than one of the following positions on
            a singular short, or hold the same position on more than one short:
            Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Art Director, and Editor.
15) Code of conduct for members (violation of which is punishable by removal from
    their position, removal from production credit, and/or permanent banning from
    the organization):
        a. No member is to knowingly participate or engage in any illegal activity in
            the name of Reel Buckeye Productions.
        b. Drinking and drug usage on set will not be tolerated.
        c. All members shall respect and properly care for the property of the
            University, Reel Buckeye Productions, and any additional property used
            for sets or props. Our goal is to leave sets and items in the condition
            comparable or better than we borrowed/used it, we’ll make every effort to
            correct/replace damaged property.
16) A current equipment list will be submitted to both the organization’s advisor and
    the Department of Theatre every quarter that the organization is in existence.

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