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									Technical Assistance Office

 Erasmus Thematic Networks

      Full selection 2005 – How to apply?

                 Carla Donda

               1 February 2005
Phase 2 of the selection procedure
 Assessment of the full proposal

           Selection procedure
      Independent experts
      National Agencies
      Socrates Committee
      List of selected projects
      Notification letter
      Contractualisation
     (1/10/2005: start of the
     eligibility period)

                    Support documents when filling in the
                               application form

 Application Form for Full Proposals 2005
 Socrates Guidelines for Applicants (September 2004 version)
 Socrates – General Call for Proposals 2005
 Administrative and Financial Handbook for Applicants for
Transnational Cooperation Projects 2004

                                  Eligibility criteria

- Postmark of 1 March 2005
- Minimum n° of eligible countries (31 countries, coordinating institution
- Declaration (Section 2) signed in original by the legal representative*
        * !!! electronic,scanned or faxed signature is not accepted !!!
- Use of the 2005 application form
- Application completed in full
- Application written in one of the 20 eligible languages


   You are free to add further partners at full proposal stage
   If you delete partners, state the reasons why
   One of the universities participating in the TN has to act as coordinator

        Section 2 - The ‘Declaration’ claims

- that all your partners confirmed in writing their
agreement with the application as submitted
- these agreements should not be attached to
your application
- nevertheless, the European Commission may
request them at any time during or after the
selection process.

                                  Section 3 - Budget

          you are not tied by the budget indicated in the pre-proposal

            covers the whole project duration

            indicated in euros

Original budget
                       Proposed budget
                                                       Approved budget
   consistent with the work plan

   no calculation error

   abide by the rules on Eligibility of costs (Annex 2 of the application form)

                                 Action description – Section 4
   What is your project going to achieve?
   Target group(s)
   Methods used, activities proposed
   Concrete measures for monitoring and evaluating the project
   What are you going to do with the outputs/results of the project?
   Work plan:
     -divide in project stages
     -indicate the tasks to be assigned to the responsible partner institution
     -indicate the time input for each activity (person/days, person/months)

                      Financial Identification form

 In case your project is selected, this information will be part of the
   In case of changes, please inform TAO

                          Legal entity form

   attach it to the application

Technical Assistance Office

I wish you success in the preparation of
   your Erasmus TN / TND proposal!


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