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									                    Preston Domestic Violence Services (PDVS)
                   Guidance For Completing The Application Form

We would like to give you the best opportunity of being shortlisted for the job you are
applying for with PDVS. Therefore, we would like you to read the following guidelines
carefully before filling in the job application form and sending it to us.
The Job Description tells you what you will be expected to do in the day to day
operation of the job, for example, identify and assess the risks of the victim of
domestic violence, liaise with other agencies etc
The Person Specification tells you what skills, experience, qualities and
qualifications you are expected to have for the job. These are clearly set out and say
if they are essential or desirable. You need to evidence these in your application as
much as possible and we will look for the evidence of these at the interview as well.

The shortlisting panel will carefully read your application form and mark it against the
requirements set out in the Person Specification. It is therefore very important that
you read this carefully and ensure that you have given enough detail either in the
main body of the form or in the personal statement for the panel to be able to score
you against each of the Person Specification requirements. Even though we have
said we will draw evidence from the interview we would expect you to refer to it on
the application form. If you don’t do this you will not be shortlisted.

We will be looking for evidence that you can do the things you say you can, for
example, saying that you say you have a good understanding of domestic violence
does not give us enough evidence that you actual do have a good understanding of
domestic violence, we need to know what you understand about domestic violence.
We don’t want you to go into a huge amount of detail but you need to give us enough
information to work with.

Remember to read your form through before you sign it – imagine that you were
shortlisting for this job – would you be able to offer yourself an interview? Don’t
forget to complete the equal opportunities form as well. Return both to us by email –, by post to Valerie Wise, Chief Executive, PDVS, 10
Oakham Court, Preston PR1 3XP, or by fax to 01772 201701. We will only
acknowledge your application if you send us a stamped addressed envelope or an
email address.

We require you to provide us with two references, one of which must be your current
or most recent employer. We ask you to think carefully about the references you
give and to ensure that you ask their permission to be used as a reference. We will
only contact the referees of the successful candidate.

Please note we will not consider CVs or late applications.

Good luck!

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