CARS Internship: Student Application Form by jgdQQ5M7


									                            Intern Application: Global Studies (GRS)
                          CARS Internship: Student Application Form
                         The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
                        Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies Department

Name: __________________________               ID Number: ______________________

E-Mail:    _____________________________________________

Overall GPA: _______                                         Expected Graduation Date: _______

Part A: Departmental Requirements
Please fill in the following information. Fill in only classes you have already taken and classes you are
currently enrolled in. Your application will be checked by departmental personnel against your transcript
for accuracy. Do not write in a grade for a course you have not completed. Departmental Requirements:
              Course                           Date Taken                     Grade Received

            CRS 211

            CRS 221

            CRS 231

            CRS 255

            CRS 321

            RCS 261

            RCS 361

           APD 242

Part B: Minor
If you are working toward a minor in another subject, please list the name of minor


Part C: Employment History
Record of Employment in the Fashion/Textile/Apparel/Retail complex. Start with your most recent position.

Employer(s)                                  Position(s)                                       Date(s)
                      (You may attach a current resume in lieu of filling in this section)

Part D: Essay
Please write a brief one page essay on why you want to do your internship at this time, why you feel you
are prepared, and what type of internship you hope to get. Essays must be word processed, using standard
1 inch margins and no larger than 12 point font.

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